Monday, December 12, 2005

Same story as before

Alright, first of all I dont trust the story of any government official any further than I can throw them, especially over the past 5 years. Well, it turns out there is a fraud being perpetrated by the mainstream media(No, say it isnt so!)...Alpizar in Miami never said he had a bomb, at least not while on the plane. I think two different sources do a good job of 1) debukning the official STORY and 2) drawing paralells to the de Menezes shooting in London.
Remember the original official story was that he was running from police in the London underground before they tackled him and shot him in the head 8 times..when it turns out he was already in a subcar seated???? Hmmmm a bit suspicious.
Well dont take my word for it.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy lunch for you.

Well, the Republicons have made the payback for all the money that got them elected. In usual form Republicons in a money laundering scheme on the highest order have shuffled money from those who need it to those who dont. They were able to pass 4 tax cuts worth $100 billion dollars, which will primarily go to the top 0.5% of all people in the nation. No free or reduced lunches, which I used growing up. Cutting of federal loans and grants for higher education, which I used to get through college. Cutting of programs like WIC and welfare programs that help feed kids, and my parents used sparingly when I was a child.
These fucking CRIMINALS are stealing food from the mouths of babes in their very literal FAUSTIAN bargain with the rich that got them elected. FUCK YOU ALL. Conservative, Republican, NeoCon, TheoCon, ChristoFascists whatever you call yourself, you're fucking criminals.
For all of you Christians, that for some odd reason, in fit of hypocrisy, maybe, agree with this administration stealing from the poor to give to the rich. What the fuck are you thinking? You are a disgrace to your religion, and Jesus will most certainly send you to your Hell. You are not Chrisitians...if that is the bargain you want your religious leaders to make to institute a theocracy in America. You'll let them make the bargain that goes against all of Jesus' teachings. Did Jesus say to forsake the lepers and kill the beggars? "As I have loved you love one another." I'm confused you must be following the other Jesus' teachings. Admit it your not Christians, your fascsists using religion as a diguise for your digusting antiAmerican antiChristian agenda. You may win the fight to keep gays from getting married, but, by your own beliefs, you will lose the war to save your own souls. Any time a child goes hungry while a CEO uses a tax cut to buy a $16,000 umbrella stand, you people who support this robbery should feel disgusted and ashamed.
You "Christians" want to stop all these abortions, but you'll let the children starve after you force women to have children they cant afford.
On a more cynical note, we are the only country or civilization EVER to cut taxes in a time of war. How is it the Army and Marines have equipment that is pushed to the breaking point, but the "pro-military" Republicons vote to cut taxes before they fix our equipment. Republicons arent pro military they're pro war there is a difference.

Happy Holidays

Watching Fox News recently I discovered that the biggest news was not the debate over the beginning or the end of the war in Iraq, or the fact that the VP's chief of staff is indicted for a treasonous act, but that "Christmas is under attack." I wouldn't have known this if not for the crack teams at Fox News. Apparently there is war on christmas? I dont know. This war is being fought by "secularists"? Are they like the people that we fought in Panama, like separatists? I dont know. I thought secularism was a good thing but I could be wrong. E pluribus Unum. I only took six years of Latin I'm pretty sure that translates into "Out of many, one." There are more than just Christians in this country, I'm getting fucking sick and tired of hearing about Christian Persecution.

I dont think 90% of the Christian Population was wiped out by "secularist missionaries" between 1492 and 1896, as was the Native population of the US.

I dont think there was a problem with Christians in the US Military getting religious support until 1999, as it was with Wicca. I dont think the current Leader, and I use the term lightly, of the free world has ever said your religion should not be recognized. I dont think there was ever a bill put twice before the Senate to ban Christians from joining the military.

I dont think Christians, although appartently the most violent of all the religions, are stopped and searched every time they take a flight.

And the list goes on and on and on...Christians are the persecutors. Everyday you prosecute the war on the separtion of church and state and religious freedom. You have a religion that is apparently very intolerant and exclusive, which goes against the very ideas upon which America was founded. Whatever happened to "give me your tired your poor?" I guess it's alright as long as they're Chrisitan and their skin tone matches.

The Bush's sent "Happy Holiday" cards, and this gives them one point in my book, so they are now at -1,368,478.36, because they wanted to be "considerate and inclusive." I have to say, I was mighty impressed at this show of respect for other religions and cultures. I began to think, maybe I had this guy all wrong afterall. Then came the ChristoFascists with their bellicose statements of why the cards didnt say Christmas, except this attack on Christmas was coming from "Great and Glorious Leader" so they dare not question. Or did they? So, needless to say there is a big shit storm brewing over what we call this time of year. Why dont we just call it what it has always been called, and was called way before the time of the Chrisitans and Jews...Yule. Since Jesus was actually born in April I think this takes contention down to Hannukah and Yule, and since Yule is older it wins. Why do the "Elitist Exclusivist Christians" want to change the name of my Holiday? Why are they attacking Yule? I've said it more than once and I'll say it again...I HATE PSUEDO-CHRISTIANITY.

Hillary Clinton

First let me state that I am a progressive. I dont think I'm Republican Lite, or Libertarian with half the calories of Republican, I consider myself a Liberal and Progressive. I will not support any candidate that does not run on the platform of progress. That's right, the "extreme" left needs to take control of this donkey and ride it into Washington so we can accomplish something. Just because Hilary puts the big D after her name doesnt mean you have to vote for her. Hilary, just like Bill, is Republican lite. It's been so long that we cant remember, but that is what a moderate Republican looks like. It's been so long that we haven't seen one that doesnt look like a NeoCon, TheoCon, or ChristoFascist, that they're going to lull us into voting for them on a lesser scale. Dont fall for the trick. If you want progress, vote for the progressives, if you want the same old Republican or Republican Lite (D).


I hate it when I hear theright spewing filth about people who dissent being traitors, when, if they want to see the real traitors, all they have to do is look at the company they keep. Rush Limbaugh is the biggest culprit of calling people traitors for their dissent, I would just like to restate that Rush Limbaugh denied service to his country by having a family friend sign a statement saying he had a boil on his ass. I've have done a lot of things in the military and a boil on my ass has never stopped me from doing any of them.
But lets get to the real traitor here...the one I've been pointing at all along.

Former Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R) California has admitted guilt to taking bribes from a defense contractor MZM. Well, just this past week the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force issued a recall for 18,000 IBA's, or in civilian lingo, bullet proof vests. Apparently MZM is somehow connected with the shoddy vests. I say let the Dukestir test all 18000 vests out himself by walking IED Alley next to BIAP.
How much more fucking treasonous do you get Republicons? It is not treasonous to dissent, I do, however, feel it is treasonous to sell out the people who are fighting the war most you wouldn't. I feel it is treasonous to sell out your own soldiers to make a few bucks. This is treason and conspiring against the government...where is the outrage and calls for this man to be hanged by the Republicans. Last time I checked nothing Howard Dean said actually killed anyone, but FUCKED UP VESTS HAVE. You dumb fucking inbred, dumbass, hillbilly, hypocrite, xenophobes. People have been executed for less. So Randy Duke Cunningham if this is indeed true...FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. YOU FAT TREASONOUS SACK OF SNAKE SHIT. I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL. (I dont belive in Hell, but I know you do, and guess where you're going). And this is were I part from my liberal friends, because I believe in the death penalty for only the most lude and vile of criminals, this would include people such as yourself Dukestir. People that sell out their country to the highest bidder. You and every politician Democrats included that puts the dollar ahead of the ideas and values that made this country great. But it seems to be festering in the Repulican party right now. Where is the outrage Rush??? This guy sold out the troops and his country. Where you fat, drug pushing, hypocrite?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Melancholly Joy

I cant help but be happy as every republican goes down in a blazing ball of fire and the "minority" of the US pounces on them to attack the wounded animal. I mean who in their right mind still believes these subhuman vermin. These people that lie, cheat, and steal at every turn. Put their own personal interests before the welfare of the country, or fellow countrymen.

It's happiness followed by sadness as I think they damage they've done in 6 years to our Republic may be irrepairable.

People touting the power of the "free market" as GM and Ford lay of thousands of workers in order to pad the pockets of already too wealthy CEO's. The final steps in the institution of a fascist, corporate-friendly economy devoid of worker's rights taking us back to the "Gilded Age" of the 1890's when robber-barons ruled the US and were given a free pass.

We should be ashamed as we are the only industrialized nation that doesnt GUARANTEE healthcare to the our citizens. Noone's going to last forever, but this is a benchmark to measure the evolution of a society or culture, how well they treat their own.

What is it these people have against progress? Why do they want to take us back to the dark annals of American history when women were second class citizens and workers slaves to the owners of corporations? Only fascists would wish to enslave their own people.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'm Baaaaack...

First of all let me start off saying I have been in the field since Sept 11th (let me tell you not the best date to go) but I had fun training. I love the training. It's when you find the weak links and can work on fixing them. But I guess alot has happened in the political world since I've been gone. I've only been able to keep track through the slightly skewed view of Stars and Stripes. Stars and Stripes doesnt do a bad job, but let's face it their audience isnt exactly the Garofalo and Franken loving types.

So we had a couple of victories for governships, and the Terminators proposals got terminated. The presidents approval rating continues to fall as he just keeps twising himself in the barbed wire that is anything his administration tries to do. This administration has just turned into a blazing ball of fire ready to implode at any moment. It isn't even just the Administration it's the entire fucking political party. Oh I think Johnny Cash said it best, "I fell into a burning ring of fire..." You know how it goes.

My internet is out at home because I havent been home to pay the bill, no telling how long that will take to fix in this country. But my wife left to go to the states to pick up my son and bring him back to us. It's only been two months but it feels like a lifetime since I've seen him. Four to 6 months they sure do grow up alot. I'm dreading neither one of us being around to watch him grow up for one whole year.
Cant wait to see the little man...only two more days...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Yeah its 9/11

OK so today is September the 11th 2005 and this inept, incompetent administration has failed to do what it set out to do after 9/11 2001...capture Osama Bin Laden "dead or alive."
Maybe its not from not having the ability but not having the desire because they contracted the hit on the WTC??? I believe at the very least the government was complicit in letting 9/11 happen. For about 6 months afterwards, I was walking around yelling fuck, go fucking kill all the towelheads. Excuse the racial epithet, remember it is just to make a point. And then shit started to not add up, and not add up, and all the sudden I had heard every part of the official story contradicted by EVIDENCE, just by paying attention to the news.

To make a long story short there are a couple of documentaries that I found a few months ago that pretty much sum everything up. First is Alex Jones' Martial Law:9/11 and the Rise of the Police State gives the motives, and presents some evidence showing why it had to be a setup; and a documentary called Loose Change which can be found somewhere on his website but his produced by someone else gives all the physical evidence that completely discredits the official story of what happened 4 years ago, ON GEORGE W. BUSH'S WATCH!!!!

If you enjoy being oblivious, and you enjoy nationalist fascism then these videos and sites arent for you.

See you in a couple of months bloggers,

In honor of Chickenhawks everywhere Operation Yellow Elephant planted this sign outside the Chickenhawk in chiefs roosting area... Posted by Picasa

"Ha, Ha, this poor people. I'm on vacation..." Posted by Picasa

In honor of the white man's fear of terrorists, that was falsely created this day 2001... Posted by Picasa

I think the caption pretty much sums it up... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Jabbor Gibson...Medal of Freedom? Presidential Pardon?

Jabbor Gibson...Hero.
He was in the middle of a crisis faced with a moral dilemma. He chose the path of saving lives, even if it was to his own demise. I dont know anything else about this 18 year old, but I know he's a stand-up man. He stole a bus that was sitting in New Orleans and picked up 100 people along the way and drove 7 hours to the Astrodome.
Hey Kanye West, buy this kid a lawyer so he can beat this wrap. I guess he's going to be arrested for stealing the bus. I think he'll beat it.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Why doesnt he care?

People keep saying we can do so much in Iraq why cant we do it here?

Because they dont fucking care...
None of their buddies are getting rich from them taking care of the American people.

Money is their God.



Tired of Hearing about New Orleans Yet...

...Not as tired as Bush is going to be, come the impeachment hearings for gross and embarrassing incompetence.

So, all you red state fucktards this is the guy that's going to protect you from a terrorist attack? Can't even put food and water into the mouths of Americans on American soil. It's fucking pathetic. Consider this rescue effort a dry run for what's going to happen when a bomb goes off in an American city, especially one containing any sort of BioChem weapons. This is something I dont actually consider a threat beacuse "we're fighting them over there." But just something for all you xenophobic, dillusional, fear-mongers to snack on. Any sort of BioChem would delay aid even longer and result in even more casualties. Only people in proper equipment would be able to go in to rescue survivors.

Every report I hear just makes me sadder and sicker. Here I am in Germany and I cant do anything. People getting shot, dying from lack of food, water, and medication. The diseases havent even begun to spread yet. We still have Hepatitis and other outbreaks that could occur due to people walking through sewage. Standing water creating hatching pools for mosqitoes spreading disease. This disaster is just beginning. The elderly, children, and babies just sitting out in the heat and dying. It's very very sad.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Did the Government of Free Market Fail???

Who is to blame for the decrepit levees that have led to the disaster in New Orleans? They say it's too early to "play politics" or the "blame game." The politics have already been played and its cost many people including, small children and babies, their lives.
Bush has paraded people out, who, knowing their careers on the line, are covering for the Bush Cartel by saying that the funding cuts did not have any effect on the safety of the levees that broke. So, under duress, these "experts" are "testifying" on the news media to the same.
There is only one problem with this argument for the Bush-Cheney-Straussian-Free Market-Neo-Con Death Cult. If the government didn't do the repairs or pay for them, then it was left to the free market system the Neo Cons pledge allegiance to. So, the Neo Con Death Cult government failed to react in a timely manner to a crisis created by their passing the buck to the free market system.
So which failed the government they control or the system of government the swear to???

Sunday, August 28, 2005

I wish I could go on vacation.

What is with the King Georges and their vacations? In the '90's when we told the people of Iraq that we would help them fight if they rose up against Saddam guess where King George I was, that's right he was on vacation. And then during another supposed "major turning point" in the Iraqmire that he lied us into, King George II goes on vacation.
He spent 60% of his first term on vacation, and I think he's going to fall into the same category again. I wish I could take a vacation. Or how about those 130,000 or so troops fighiting his war in Iraq doesnt he owe it to them to not take a vacation until he has a solid plan for getting them the fuck out of there. Maybe we should be thankful he goes on vacation so much, that's just less time he's around to fuck shit up. Or maybe it's just better if junior is out of the way so the people actually in charge can run shit.
All the Bush lovers yelling at Cindy Sheehan for being in Crawford maybe they should yell at the guy that is the reason for her being there. Dont you think it's a bit odd and a bit disrespectful to those fighting his war that he's on vacation every other fucking month.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

American Legion Post Removed

After receiving information on the Hypocrisy of the AL, and also reading an article on how they are following the Repug party line and declaring war on war protesers, I have decided to remove the post heaping praise upon the organization. I am now have a stated policy of indifference and nearly apathy towards their organization. I will not pay any more dues to the AL, not because they dont agree with war protestors, but because they equate protestors to being the enemy, and I will not support such actions as equating American Citizens engaged in legal and rightful protest for redress to being the enemy.

What about the oath???

The link above goes to an article explaining that a senator in California wants an investigation of the National Guard for spying on its own citizens released to the public. If this isn't proof of the encroaching police state I dont know what is. Citizens of the state, funded by the state, spying on their own fellow citizens.
This is a symptom of a larger problem. You see, there are people following these orders that took an oath to protect and defend the constitution of their states, and if they are in the Reserves or Active duty, the constitution of the US. Every constitution either has implicit or implied rights to assemble for a redress of grievances and privacy. By these Citizen Soldiers following orders to spy on their own citizenry, the citizenry that foots their bills, they have violated that oath to protect and defend. They have become the domestic enemy that our freedoms must be protected from. I take the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S. against all enemies foreign and domestic very seriously and very literally. Enemies of the Constitution are not the people that attack us with bombs and guns, but the people that attack our freedoms by usurption, these people are more dangerous by far, because what are we in America if we don't live by the ideas we were founded to uphold.

These people are trying to blur the line of the rational, so that we just assume posse commitatus doesn't matter. They keep trying to stretch the law and blur the line so we just assume it's normal to have the military used as the nations or states police force. And people will just keep accepting this as long as they are scared of the encroaching outside "threat." Fear is creating the justification in the minds of the people to propel this agenda from the top down. Working off of their premise, every American citizen is the enemy, everyone is a terrorist or a suspect. Why else would they send OUR OWN army against us? Eventually someone from the inside is going to grow the fucking balls to stand up and say that is an UNLAWFUL order according to their oath and they will not follow it. You cannot get in trouble for refusing an UNLAWFUL ORDER.

AMERICAN CITIZENS are not the enemy and until the US Government declares, officially and for legitimate reasons, martial law I dont want to see member of the US Army used as a police force. Thats not our job. We are trained to kill and break things, we should not be used against our fellow citizens for any reason.

The problem is the ordinary man doesnt care because he thinks this is keeping him safe from terrorists. As he stands next to his SUV with the Yellow ribbon magnets wearing a "These Colors Dont Run" t-shirt, he will say, "I dont care what the government does, so long as the terrorists dont get us." Not realizing while he's looking outside for something coming in, the real threat is already inside, destroying everything America once stood for. Freedom to assemble, protest, and protection of the private citizens life from encroachment by a Big Brother system run amok.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Help the Terrorists...Take Our Freedoms

New York has now instituted a public policy of random bag checks at the subways. They say the bag checks are random, based on a number system. Now, we all know this is just a way of making all the brown people feel better about getting their bags checked, just to make it seem like a random occurrence that everyone of Arab or South Asian background is stopped and searched while every tenth white guy is stopped. I guess it's fair enough seeing that Arab Muslim extremists are doing the bombing and killing. The fact that they are searching Arabs is not the problem, the fact that they are searching AMERICANS IS. Supposedly these checks are random and optional but we'll see what happens when a "brown person" refuses the search, will they be tazered into submission, then sent to the secret FISA court and locked away without representation??? What's going to happen when someone refuses the search on the grounds that they will not submit to the terrorists and will live by the American credo of the right to privacy and being free of searches of their person without probable cause?

We are told the terroists attack us because they "hate our freedoms." Then by what logic is it, that we win by giving up our freedoms out of fear of being attacked. If the terrorists terrorize us into giving up our freedoms then they win. As we steadily slip farther and farther into a self induced police state out a fear that may or may not be real we destroy our credibility as a "freedom loving people."

If the terrorists hate us because of our freedoms then I propose that anyone who supports or advocates giving up said freedoms, by their own logic, is responsible for the demise of our country is aiding and abetting the terrorists' cause. Why are these people not questioned and arrested as enemies of freedom?

That includes anyone who supports the PATRIOT ACT, random bag searches, or any tactic that goes against the idea of personal freedom and liberty. These people are the greater enemies of freedom, and they arent brown, and they arent abroad, and they arent Muslim, they are here in our country, and members of our govenment, the people who are members of the New American Despotic Fascism, bringing in the American Police State, and ringing out our freedoms, little by little, hoping we won't notice until they control or monitor every piece of everyones' lives.

Benjamin Franklin said it best:
"Those who would give up essential liberty for a little safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Let me tell ya, I happen to agree. We should make no concessions of liberty for safety, every concession we make is a point for the enemies of freedom, terrorists or otherwise, and demeans our credibility on the topic of liberty and freedom.

Britain Says Man Police Killed Had NO TIES to Bombings:

His only crime was that he was slightly brown, a Brazillian electrician on his way to work. Yes, go forward and kill all the brown people. Fuck the brown, browner, and black people, they are all terrorists. Jesus Christ, where is the fucking outrage. The article from the NY Times is sort of, "Oh well, he shouldnt have been brown...wrong place, wrong time."
When the man got shot it was all the media could talk about, now that the story turns into an actual controversy of out-of-control trigger happy police officers gunning down innocent people in an ever increasing STAZI POLICE STATE the media is AWOL. Why? I'm sure its for the same reason I had to hear about a white girl missing on VACATION on a TROPICAL ISLAND for 3 weeks straight, while hundreds of black women go missing every year without a mention from the media, he was brown so it doesn't matter. If it was a white guy that was innocently gunned down we would hear about it for days, or even weeks.

Monday, July 04, 2005

When in the course of human events...

Could you imagine the courage these men had??? The ideas...much less the courage to tell the largest empire in the world because of their disrespect for these ideas they are no longer worthy to rule you...just unfathomable courage, genius, and insanity.

The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies
Presented by the Indiana University School of Law—Bloomington

The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies
In CONGRESS, July 4, 1776

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. —Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain [George III] is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

Fuck KKKarl Rove

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Damned Media

It's all the media's fault that we cant get anyone to go sign up to fight a war that isnt ours to fight. If they wouldnt do such a half assed job of showing what war was like maybe we could just keep people completely in the dark so they would have no idea what they were getting into by joining the Armed Forces. I dont know who it was in the Senate or Congress that made that comment, but I think he's damn lucky that he still has enough brain function to continue breathing. War is negative dumbass. War is the greatest failure of leadership and diplomacy. Little kids, men, women, and babies dying in a fight they didnt pick or want. What do you want the media to show. Maybe they should just show the footage of us finding the WMD's, or maybe they should show the footage of Saddam meeting with OBL to plan 9/11, or maybe they should show us being greeted as "liberators" with "flowers and sweets," or maybe they should show the President, VP, and SOD planning for the post invasion. Oh wait none of that happened did it. So, all that's left to show is the end result of the botched planning based on false pretenses and fairy tales believed only by the few who ran this show.

I dont think the media shows enough. Like the pictures I've seen where children have been decapitated by bullets, or the days rotted corpses of men and teenagers, or American soldiers laying in pools of their own blood while their buddies fight a battle around them. I think the media should show more of these images, not as a deterrent to service, but as a deterrent to those populists who think war is glorious and armchair quarterback and cheerlead for war at the drop of a hat, especially while never having FOUGHT in one. I think the media has covered the nitty gritty just enough to dissuade people from going to fight.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Government Did it...

After watching 9/11 The Rise of the Police State by Alex Jones I have succumbed to the fact that the government, if it didn't contract the hit on the twin towers, they at least knew and didnt do anything about it.
+Marvin Bush (younger brother of George W. Bush) was in charge of security on the WTC and his two-year contract expired 9/11/2001.
+Cheney took control of NORAD on 9/11 and effectively took the power out of the hands of the Generals to act to defend the Republic. He had NORAD stand down in a "coincidental" series of exercises in the days before practicing reaction to attacks on WTC and Pentagon. When NORAD realized there was something wrong he limited the reacting jet aircraft to a flight speed of 350mph. Why would he not want them to get to the scene as fast as they could?
+The Joint Chiefs of Staff were supposed to be in New York on 9/11 but were called and told not to go by the WHITE HOUSE.
+San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown also was warned as were many other individuals, including an IM on a Jewish IM. These are not urban myths.
+No skyscraper has ever fallen from fire. If you watch the video you can see the secondary explosions, those that would be used to "pull" a building. The building just happens to fall in the same manner. Only buildings owned by Silverstein are destroyed.
There is so much more evidence you just have to watch the video to see it and how the NWO is taking over...or I guess has taken over our government.

Dismiss it as conspiracy theory...until you're living under the opressive thumb of FASCIST hegemony. Prescott Bush was a Nazi supporter and helped Hitler.

This is sick....

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

As you travel overseas you find that people generally dislike U.S. policy, its leaders, and have lost respect for the U.S. Some would argue that the loss of respect stems from our policy of preventative war, but I think that is just a symptom of a larger reason why we have lost our standing in the eye's of the world.

For more than two centuries America has been a beacon of hope for countries living in tyranny at the rule of despots around the world. People living under opressive regimes looked up the U.S. Why did they look at us as a sign of hope? They did not look for us to free them but we provided them the example of what could be done.

More than two hundred years ago we did somthing that had not been done up to the point of the American Revolution. All over the world people were living under the opressive thumb of despots who ruled Empires from many thousands of miles away. Americans finally took a stand against imperialism and displaced despotism, stood their ground, and chased the evil Empire from there shores. We then instituted a government ruled by the farmers, bankers, lawyers, and blacksmiths, because they suffer the plight of everyday existance, they would know the better policies by which to govern. The rest of the world looked to us as we expelled evil from our soil and claimed it as our own. The empirial slaves of Spain, England, and France looked to us as a big brother, and hoped one day for their own uprising that would cleanse the despot from their shores; allow them to live their life as they wanted, not as slaves to an unfeeling beast on a distant shore, but with every man as equals.

So, back to the question of why we have lost our standing. We are once again threatened by a new imperial menace and a new despotism. We have lost our standing in the eyes of the world because they watched us succeed and they are now watching our experiment fail to the fear that they will succumb the same fate. As the liberties we established are washed away one by one by the new despots who are above our own laws. The ruling elite have returned in the form of corporations, their owners, and rich heirs who have the money to purchase legislation in their favor. The ruling elite have also formed a new despotism through their purchasing of "elected" officials. The new despots rule in secret, and are usually members of the same secret elitist organizations. The Bush's, for example, are all members of Skull and Bones which was created in 1832 to overthrow the rightful government of the U.S. and replace in with a dictatorship, and they and their members of the new despotism have been doing it gradually and subversively.

So, instead of being slaves a king that rules by divine right, America is fast becoming and is the slave of, king money which rules by fear, greed, lies. The same nations that watched us conquer the demon of despotism two hundred years ago, now watch us succumb to its rule, in a different fashion but on all the same, gradually and unconsciously. That is why they dont respect us, because we have lost the will to fight. We are not we once stood for, and we do not stand up for what we once stood up for. Our own freedom.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Right to life???

I love the hypocrites encircled on the right to life side. These people are saving embryos by adopting them. Well, the only way to "save" these embryos is to plant them in a woman and then perform in vitro fertilization to make them a viable being, which the Catholic church is still anti-invitro fertilization. The ChristoFascists are saving the embryos because they dont want them destroyed by "crazy scientists" who want to find cures for diseases like Alzheimers, MS, and paralysis. You know, diseases if they were cured, would improve and save many lives, including the lives of those vets that these CHICKENHAWKS sent to war. Seeing how embryos, used in stem cell research are blastocysts, a group of cells, and are not viable beings. But I guess the problem is they could have been babies. Which makes no sense.

Of course, if these people spent more time reading Biology text books instead of banning them they might know that. Well back to in vitro fertilization, in order for this process to work normally many embryos have to be SACRIFICED, I heard one of these Christ-Fascist Zombies on the radio talking about she had 13 tries. Well, by your logic, you moron, that's 13 deaths all in an EXPERIMENTAL attempt at a unnatural way of having a child. You will certainly burn in HELL. Where is the outrage from the Zombie Brigade?

I am for individual rights so, I'm in no way against in vitro fertilization, or abortion, or stem cell research, the problem is these people run around yelling and screaming and spitting and wailing, "Save the Embryos," and by their own admission and complicit to their own logic are no better than abortionists. It is certainly no better to sacrifice an embryo, or 13, in an experiment, for the selfish purpose of having a child out of righteous indignation than it is to sacrifice and embryonic blastocyst, for the common good in having researchers find cures for diseases the kill LIVE people and destroy their lives.

These same people are they same anti-science, anti-academic, meat heads running around turning America piece by piece into a THEOCRACY. This was the idea of the Pilgrims. They didnt leave England to escape persecuction, the lie perpetrated by historians to give WASP's this identification with being a victim, they left England so they could persecute people as they pleased (witch burnings, the Natives). You see the Pilgrims were too uptight for the English. The forefathers thought that they had reversed this evil trap by guaranteeing the separation of church and state, little did they know that the power hungry CHRISTO FASCISTS would always find a way to usurp freedom to press their agenda upon a population in the form of THEOCRACY.

Then "President" Bush said he wouldn't use tax dollars to fund the taking of life. Well, even though I agree with the death penalty, it is the use of tax dollars to kill people. I know the argument for this one is that, "well embryos are innocent lives." First, embryos are eggs and are not a form of life technically until they become a FETUS medically at eight weeks and really not until they are born.
Well, if he is against taking innocent life then why did he lie to get us into a war where an estimated 100,000 innocent people have died. Not only at the hands of crazy IslamoFascist (the cousin of the Christo-Fascist), but also at the hands of American Soldiers put in a chaotic situtation similar to Vietnam. INNOCENT CHILDREN are dying everyday over there. Where is the outrage CHRISTO FASCIST ZOMBIE BRIGADE???

These people parade on a platform of pro-life, they want to save all the embryos, fetuses, blastocysts, tumors, and ovarian cysts, so they can make babies out of them. Well, what about the Bush twins they are of child bearing age why dont they adopt a couple of those embryos since this apparently so important. So, the wacky "flying-monkey" right wants all these babies, but they dont want to fund the SOCIAL programs to deal with all the babies that will be around when we force women in already decrepit situations, financially and socially, to have children they cant afford. Especially since they havent been taught SAFE SEX in school but been told to not have sex because the devil will make them barren or whatever right wing bull shit is being taught.

They want to save the embryos and fetuses but forsake the children that are the end result.

If these people are so anti-science, and dont want to be complicit in any RESEARCH that has taken human life, I dont expect to see them taking any prescription medications or using any medical advancement that has come as a result of human experimentation, or cellualar experimentation. After all, what's fair is fair. It's bad enough that it took their Ronald Regan having Alzheimer's to turn some of them onto the benefit of stem cell research. Yeah you know that LIVING BEINGS had to die to test that VIAGRA and VIOXX and LIPITOR and LITHIUM.

I think the only thing in real danger of dying is science. With the CHRISTO FASCIST ZOMBIE BRIGADE'S completely anti-science platform of no research and no teaching BIOLOGY, but instead teaching intelligent design, a PHILOSOPHY NOT a SCIENTIFIC theory, the only real thing that is dying is the spirit of research and experimentation. Once we fall prey to the realm of anti-progress we will slip too far behind to catch up. Because I don't think intelligent design is going to lead to as many MEDICAL and SCIENTIFIC breakthroughs as BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, and PHYSICS.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Jes-had (gees-had)

The term jihad is well known as the Arab term for war, when it actually means struggles more of a spiritual nature. It has been misconstrued by Radical Muslims and ignorant Americans to mean war or a fight against something physical. What's not a well known term is a Jeshad, or the Christian Jihad. The Christian struggle against outside influences to stay true for their religion. Because these are people so doubtful and insecure of their own religious beliefs that they have to create a world in which it is safe for them to live without any temptation.
An example of a Jeshad would be the boycott of Disney by those kooky Christians because of their Gay Day. Jeshads are meant to bring to bear the full might of the radical wing of Christianity to bring war, usually economical, to any business that does things like support equal rights. Another example, and very recent, is the American Family Associations boycott of Ford for donating 1000 dollars to Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination for every Jaguar or Land Rover purchased by a homosexual. These people boycott on the premise that these corporations are destroying "traditional" American values. I hate to say this, but I think I agree with them, these corporations like Ford are destroying a traditional American value like DISCRIMINATION. I mean we always have to someone to ostracize and discriminate against in America. I mean what would America have been without the Natives, the slaves, the Irish immigrants, the Japanese, the Chinese, again the Blacks, Mexicans, and now Arabs and Homosexuals for the White Anglo Saxon Protestant right wing fascist xenophobes to stir irrational fear around.
Jeshads also work in politics. It's sort of the combination of the Muslim Jihad and Fatwah all in one.
The leaders of the "Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade" will occasionally give out the orders for a Jeshad and usually have a new one every week. Now when I think about the people who sign these petitions I think of two types of people 1) really old people who lose all their money to tele evangelists to heal people by slapping them on the forehead, and 2) And weird redneck dumbasses insecure with their own sexuality who also lose all their money to tele evangelists and have a great number of weapons and guns to make up for shortcomings in certain nether regions, and are usually guys who claim to be talking to Jesus on their 15th child's baby monitor.

Jeshads have been put on politicians. For instance, after the recent Senate "compromise" that allowed three ACTIVIST hack judges into the federal court system, Dr. James "I Love Fascist Theocracy" Dobson was telling the Repugs to kiss their bids for office in the future goodbye. Because "they," the Christo Fascist Zombie Brigade, were disappointed that they did not have total control of everything. Their ultimate goal through use of the Jeshad is to turn America into a Corporate Fascist Theocracy based on the misguided "followers" interpretations of the King James or NIV Books of Fables and Fairy Tales.

They are the same exact thing as the Jihadists in the Muslim world except in America they are "Christian" so they should be called Jeshadists.

Monday, May 30, 2005

One of 4 letters I received anonymously on my car. I liked this one because it was handwritten and signed "concerned officerS" Posted by Hello

My "numerous" bumper stickers; these are mild compared to the ones I had on in college. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Having been in student council in high school, a delegate to Hoosier Boy's State, and the president of the Thespian Society I knew a little about Roberts Rules of Order but I didnt know how they pertained to the Senate. This article on does a good job of explaining those rules and how the "nuclear" or "constitutional" option is actually very despotic and tyrannical. Who would expect anything less from the party that "loves freedom," in "newspeek" anyway?

"Parliamentary procedure is the Senate’s “rule of law.” Without that, there would be a tyranny of the majority and potential chaos, much the same as we see in the societies we are now trying to “civilize” who have not had a rule of law guiding their procedures. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had laws, but he could change them whenever he wanted. That is a dictatorship."

-----Anita Rufus is a 2004 graduate of California Western School of Law, a Constitutional rights activist, and former Congressional candidate (44th C.D. 1996).-----

Friday, May 27, 2005

As if there isn't enough to worry about...

So, I've got friends in Iraq, buddies that have been, and I am going in the near future. As if there arent enough troubles and concerns in the middle of this chaotic war now soldiers are being charged with MURDER in the middle of a WAR zone. We have people outraged that Muslims are being unjustly put in prison, but nothing is said about soldiers and Marines being put on trial for doing the job they are trained to do.
I am not saying Iraq should be a free-for-all for American soldiers, which by all accounts it is as wel as the corporations, but now before I save my life or the life of my soldier by flipping my selector switch from safe to semi I am actually making the decision between living and going to prison or dying. I actually think that it is a shame that we have pulled out of all the World Courts because they wouldnt waste their time arguing the legality of every Iraqi shot by an American, but the legality of PREVENTIVE war in general.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Castle on the Rhein River. There's about 2 or 3 dozen of them. Posted by Hello

The Best Wine Ever. Ressling Eiswine from Stefans Wine Shop in St. Goar Germany. Won the Rheinland-Pfalz and German Gold Ribbons. Runs about $80 for .375 Litres. But excellent stuff. It's as sweet as a piece of pie. People actually use it as a drinkable dessert. Posted by Hello

My always Beautiful wife and Son Hunter Paine Byrne at a Restaurant in Rudesheim Germany on the Rhein River. Completely by accident is where the Asbach Uralt store is. Posted by Hello

Vomitoriums and orgies???

I guess ideals are really just things to think about. You dont really have to have any intention of acting on them or inacting them, you just have to say you have the ideas and that's good enough.
I have recently been reading my favorite author and propagandist Thomas Paine, and it just really upsets me. That our country, a country built on so many lofty ideals, promises, and creeds will never be able to live up to them. At least not anytime in the near future. As our civil liberties are carefully eroded, and the rights of the minorities squashed for the stampeding agenda of the vulgar bully false majority we move farther away from the dreams of freedom. I would hate to have to look Paine, Jefferson, Washington, or Adams in the eye to describe what is going on today. How we did not heed their wisdom, how their ideas are butchered, misintrpeted, or ignored to suit the needs of the power hungry ruling elite. How they fought to toss the despot from this land, only for despots and dynasties to return in the form of rich well connected corporations and families. I do not have the courage they had. I do not posess their intelligence, but I do posess their love of freedom, enlightenment, and love of the ideals my country represents, and the love of my country. No people ever to live again will create anything as moving, motivating, or important as what those brave men sacrificed to create. Bless the Founding Fathers. Every man who signed the Declaration of Independence and ratified the Constitution. It almost makes me believe there had to be a higher being to create something so great as those documents and this country...ALMOST.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Onward Christian soldier...

CNN) -- Police have arrested the pastor of a defunct church in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, his wife and six former congregants in a sexual abuse case involving as many as 24 children, authorities said.e case may involve 24 children.
What is with the right wing? Maybe if they didnt repress their sexuality like they lived in the Victorian Era this wouldnt be a problem. But no, we must live by the King JameS Book of Heresay Fairy Tales and Fables.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Oh no they didnt!!!

From the administration that brought you a war built "on a pack of lies," comes Newsweek-gate. We have Scott McClelland, the mouthpiece for the administration that's "Worse than Watergate" (according to ex-Nixon officials) lecturing reporters on good journalism. All this stems from a supposed lapse of source from Newsweek on their Koran toilet story that has been reported since 2003, but supposedly caused riots in Afghanistan that killed 15 people, but according to the top brass ON THE GROUND was caused by the political turmoil and had nothing to do with it.
The administration that used secret source "Curveball" and convicted criminal Chalabi to collect lies to FEAR people into a war is now lecturing the press on using secret sources. This is all a diversion tactic. Maybe the fact that we've invaded two muslim coutries has something to do with why the Muslim world is mad at us. But no everything is newsweeks fault. And now another diversion the grenade in Tbilsi was live what is this the third change to the story and just when the world is about to come falling down around this administration. I dont think Rove has enough diversionary stories to cover all their lies that are coming to bare right now.

Ha Ha suckers....the Bush CHeney NeoCon death Cult and their Christo fascist zombi brigade is about to fall and hard...

Damn you NewsWeek

In the mid-nineties, NEWSWEEK formed the Project for a New American Century that formulated a policy of U.S. global dominance based on an American invasion of Iraq.
Once in power, NEWSWEEK failed to pick up on the intelligence that warned of the 9-11 attacks. Subsequent to 9-11, NEWSWEEK cooked the intelligence on Iraq that linked it to 9-11 and falsely verified its active weapons of mass destruction.
NEWSWEEK ignored the advice of senior military advisers who warned that more troops would be needed to curb a post-hostilities insurgency, and denied that an major insurgency was in progress when it was clear that one already was.
NEWSWEEK was singularly responsible for the lack of sufficient body and vehicle armor in the Iraq war, and for the pathetically slow response in supplying it once the shortfall was identified.
NEWSWEEK wrote the Justice Department memorandums that led to the prisoner abuses at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, and led to the practice of "extraordinary rendition."
Exhibiting shameless hubris throughout its tenure, NEWSWEEK claimed that it never made a mistake because God was telling it what to do.
Courtesy Jeff Huber, at Pen and Sword.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

British "intelligence"

After two weeks the Bush Reich has come up with an attack plan for the "Downing Street Memo." Man these guys are slipping. I guess the Soc Sec Bamboozapalooza took alot of time and energy from the all spin team. The Reich is saying the memo is all wrong, and the planning for the Iraq war was completely open. OK those in power say it's wrong so it must be so. Except, when questions are raised about the "intelligence" leading to the Iraq War the Reich points their finger at the British saying hey we got our intelligence from them. So, their intelligence is good enough to start a war but not to refute it. Make up your mind Bush Reich...can we use British intelligence or not??? Can we trust them? Now you're saying they're all fucked up, but they weren't before. Well we must go with the current party line, I guess. Because dissent to 'the party' is treason, and you will be reported.
And of course every red state idiot is just going to say this is another assault on the Jesus Reich by the Liberal Media, which exists only in the paranoid mind of those who wish to control you. There is no liberal media, but that's a different topic for a different time.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Pictures Because I dont feel like writing...I just had a baby...well not me my wife had it. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 06, 2005

Fuck!!! "You wont like me when I'm angry."

Okay so now we have a memo demonstrating the FACT that Bush and Blair plotted to fix the facts to create a war with Iraq. Where is the fucking outrage? This is at the least conspiracy worthy of impeachment and maybe even conspiracy worthy of TREASON!!! He was cooperating with other intelligence agencies to fix the facts to create a war. Why? Who the fuck really knows? I sure as hell dont. Jesus Christ would you braindead, red state, party line, fascist, fucktards (my new favorite word) wake up long enough to realize you have been fucking duped by a man that has his own agenda and will do whatever it takes to insure its implementation. He lied, he lied, he lied and people died, and died, and are still dying and you dont care. You are apathetic and ignorant and you are stupid enough to believe everything the people in power tell you to believe, when this country was CREATED on the back of DISSENT. Dissent that I might add is squashed at every turn and event by this administration and party. I guess it's not your fault I mean afterall how many major news outlets have covered this story. It's not even a story it's a GODDAMN indictment of this administrations sleazy slimy ways and it is IGNORED. I guess since he didnt get a goddamn blowjob, or headjob while he was LYING it really isnt that big of a deal to the moral authority republicans.
This is enough for a revolution. Our forefathers would ask us what the hell we are doing sitting on our duffs while these people, hungry with power, continue to destroy and undermine our democracy? Well how fucking long? Do we still have to the RIGHT to protest and and ask for a redress of grievances? This is a huge fucking grievance...and someone better get on it.
Anger building...rage is growing...

Fucking Retards or Cheerio Fucktards!!!

Labour Party Reelected...
This just goes to show the British are just as big fucktards as the US. Now you have absolutely nothing to hold over us. And it's not a fucking Mandate you lying snakeshit eating foreskin on the prick of a toad.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Obnoxious Evangelical Christians???

Air Force Academy Rocked by Religious Scandal.
Apparently a bunch of Evangelical Christians at the AF Academy have been intolerant towards other religions. Noooo, certainly not level headed Evangelical Christians that we all know and love. They certainly wouldnt violate the Constitution to suit their agenda, we dont see that happening everyday.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Seig Heil...Gerald Allen Rep. and dumbass," PT II

You want to go around banning smutty books why dont you ban the bible. I mean after all I can't think of any other book that has more smut and crap in it. As a matter of fact I cant think of any other book that has caused more death and destruction upon humanity. The Bible has scenes of rape, incest, stoning people to death, and murderous butchering. I think this book of fairy tales could seriously screw someone up, more than reading Vidal, Williams, or Capote. I mean the bible has to be one of the goriest most sex laden books ever written. Go ahead ban the Bible...the most disguting book ever written. You dumb hillbilly, Nazi fuck...

Are we oppressed?

Hugo Chavez Will Not Visit U.S. Until Liberation
I really dont know how to feel about this. I mean afterall who would know better about oppression than someone who runs a rich South American country. I mean if we have someone on the outside looking in saying we are oppressed, we might want to at least take it under advisement.
Well you may say that's insane we're not oppressed. We are America the greatest, most free nation on Earth. Are we? Let's look at some examples of how oppressed have become without knowing it thanks to a "regime" that is becoming ever more fascist as it tries to play more to the Religious right aka the American Taliban.
1. We have people getting kicked out of taxpayer sponsored, public events because the people that run the events (REPUBLICANS) think their OPPOSING viewpoint will disrupt the event. What, the "boy king" cant think for himself to take on a lowly, supposedly brainless, liberal peon UNSCRIPTED in the open.
2. We have American citizens sitting in prison since 2001 without access to legal representation or any description of their charges.
3. I dont know if 2 is a result of the Patriot Act, but either way we no longer have a complete Bill of Rights. The 4th and 6th Amendments to the constitution are null and void under the guise of protecting the "motherland" from terrorists.
4. We have a power hungry majority in congress, senate, and executive wanting to abolish the checks and balances put forth by men much wiser than them. Not only that, but they are consistently passing legislation that the American public is against or works against the American public to suit THEIR own best interests.
So how are we oppressed by the media???
We have a media that, at the threat of being labeled unpatriotic or the enemy (thanks Goebbels), has rolled teets up to this administration. The Fourth Estate is consistently failing. Because all media is owned by large corporations which benefit from the current agenda, at the cost of the PEOPLE, they are playing the lackey and doing the job of convincing the public to vote against their own best interest. That is how we are oppressed by our media. There is no liberal MEDIA there is no independent media, there is no check on the government. They are doing whatever they want, with no recourse for their action. We dont even know what the fuck they're doing because we have noone watching them.

But no we're not oppressed. No not at all.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

"Seig Heil...Gerald Allen Rep. and dumbass"

To the member of the Christo Fascist Zombie Brigada Gerald Allen of the Alabama State Legislator:
Whatever your illiterate backward ass state decides to do I guess is good for your state. It's not like you or anyone who would legislate BANNING BOOKS like the Nazi you are would have the ability to Read and comprehend authors like Truman Capote or Tennesee Williams. It's not like your state consistently rates at the bottom of every list as far as poverty and education and maybe you could be doing something about that. No you're too worried about the Queer agenda. YOUR PEOPLE HAVE TO HAVE THE ABILITY TO READ THE FUCKING BOOKS BEFORE YOU SHOULD WORRY ABOUT BANNING OR BURNING THEM, you ignorant, backward ass, Nazi, Fascist. You apparently had time to read Mein Kampf and not 1984. Since when does the sexual preference have anything to do with validity of the text. How did you get your Bachelors Degree? I guess in Alabama all you have to do is show up and you get your fucking degree. No reading required huh. You fat, inbred, dumbass. Here's a hint for you and your family tree line spread the genes apart. In that case, and you and the fellow member of the Christo Fascist Zombie Brigade would probably like this, we should probably also ignore the teachings of Greek philosophers.

Is adultery as big a sin as being a queer? I cant remember I haven't read the King Jame's Book of Fairy Tales in awhile. Then maybe we should ban books by adulterers also. So, we would have to throw out the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence, all written in part by Thomas Jefferson the adulterer. I dont think it's good for the people of Alabama to read the works of an adulterer either. On that note noone should ever read My Life by Bill Clinton or The retarded Contract with America written by adulterous republicans like Newt Gingrich. You dumb, hillbilly, xenophobic, fuck.

And the Republican constituency doesnt like to believe they have become FASCIST. WAKE UP DUMBASSES!!!!! This is how it started in the 1920's in Germany then by 1940 the Germans were asking how the fuck did this happen. This is how, one step at a time. Keep electing these people and see where your country will be in 10 years.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nuh uh I support our troops more than you do...FUCKERS!!!!!!

I just felt I needed to write that...

Monday, April 25, 2005

Hate a Liberal...

For all of you vitrolic, Limbaugh listening, Coulter reading, CHICKENHAWK, "Bush-Cheney Death Cult Neo-Cons," especially of the "Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade," type I have something for you.

You bitch and complain all the time about liberals bitching and complaining, about how liberals have accomplished nothing in our history, how they are useless.
If Liberals are useless give back your health insurance and tell your employer you want to opt out of minimum wage. If you're in a Labor union quit the union and give up all of your benefits and great pay. Believe me I know how much people make union versus nonunion and it's a bit disgusting.
Start allowing the government and corporations to dump their pollutants in your backyard. Resegregate your schools, of course you would probably like that. Open up all your records, because you have no privacy; which means you also Rush. Take the seatbelts and airbags out of your car, and put the gas tank right behind the rear bumper. OSHA let's get rid of that, along with Worker's Compensation. Lets do away with welfare also. That way we just have a bunch of homeless people running around like a bad scene from Beyond the Thunderdome raiding your homes for goods to sell.
Social security we dont need that either. Women dont need the right to vote, they should be in the kitchen anyway. We should all be ashamed that it has only been since 1964 that people of a different skin tone have had officially had equal rights of the "paler race."
As a matter of fact let's do away with the teachings of a really famous liberal, Jesus. Lets go back to the beginning and do away with the constitution because it was pretty radical and liberal to break away from the Monarchy that owns you and to dissent. After all dissent is bad isn't it.
So go ahead a hate the liberals because they havent done anything good in the history of this nation, or the world.

Republican Party Oath

Taken from

The Republican Party Loyalty Oath, Courtesy of Kim Jong Il of North Korea
April 25, 2005A BuzzFlash EditorialBuzzFlash recently came upon what appears to be the Bushevik Republican Party loyalty oath in the most unlikely of places (but we'll get to that in a minute).Here is what BuzzFlash believes Republicans at the highest levels must swear to:"All Republican Party members have to:
1. Dedicate ourselves to struggle to arouse the whole society in pursuing the theocracy implemented by the great President chosen by God, George W. Bush.
2. To offer our highest loyalty to the anointed President, George W. Bush.
3. To make absolute the authority of the wartime leader, George W. Bush.
4. To believe in the Biblical one-party state thought of the great President, George W. Bush, and to maintain the uniformity of the messages of the President.Each Republican Party member must also observe the following principles:
5. A Party member only recognizes the authority of President George W. Bush and the Republican Congress -- and Judicial appointees handpicked to carry out the orders of the great President.
6. A Party member accepts unconditionally the teachings of the President and regards them as a yardstick for making all decisions.
7. When making reports, discussing a topic, giving a lecture, or quoting from documents, one has to refer to the President's message of the day and Biblical worldview and never speak or write about something inconsistent with the President's views."Sounds pretty accurate to us, doesn't it to you?Well, we have a confession to make. We were reading a Neo-Connish account of North Korea that we received from a publisher who obviously doesn't read BuzzFlash. (You know the book's got a Neo-Con orientation when the first book jacket quotation of praise is from the American Enterprise Institute and the second from an organization whose board of directors includes the former Executive Director of GOPAC, Newt Gingrich's controversial political fund.) The information in the book is actually interesting, because Kim Jong Il is kind of like George W. Bush without voting booths. They both inherited power -- and they both think that they are in their positions because of higher forces.We admit Kim Jong II has had more time to wreak havoc in North Korea, including an estimated 3 million people starved to death, and is almost a cartoonish villain out of "Austin Powers." Jong really is a bad boy and threat to the world. He lives in a bubble, you know, like some other people we know -- and always thinks he's right. Civil rights have been permanently suspended in North Korea because of threats to the "homeland," but George is working on catching up.Well, you get the picture. Sometimes it doesn't seem too far from here to there.And this is one reason why. The Bushevik Republican Party loyalty oath BuzzFlash posted above is actually adapted (by BuzzFlash) from the loyalty oath to Kim Jong Il (originally written for his father, Kim Il Sung) as excerpted on pages 70-71 of "Rogue Regime: Kim Jong Il and the Looming Threat of North Korea," by Jasper Becker:All [North Korean Communist] party members have to: "
1. Dedicate ourselves to struggle to arouse the whole society in pursuing the revolutionary thought of the great Chairman, Comrade Kim Il Sung.
2. To offer our highest loyalty to the great Chairman, Comrade Kim Il Sung.
3. To make absolute the authority of the great Chairman, Comrade Kim Il Sung.
4. To believe in the revolutionary thought of the great Chairman, Comrade Kim Il Sung and to maintain the uniformity of the teachings of the Chairman.And so forth. Each [North Korean Communist] member must also observe the following principles:
5. A Party member only recognizes the authority of Comrade Kim Il Sung.
6. A Party member accepts unconditionally the teachings of the Chairman and regards them as a yardstick for making all decisions.
7. When making reports, discussing a topic, giving a lecture, or quoting from documents, one has to refer to the Chairman's teachings and never speak or write about something inconsistent with the Chairman's views."This ironic similarity in loyalty oaths between a nascent totalitarian regime (Bush's) with a member of the "Axis of Evil" (Kim Jong Il of North Korea) takes on more ominous -- and less laughable -- implications, when you consider that the American national government is now a one-party state. In this one-party state, everyone from Tom DeLay, to Karl Rove, to George W. Bush, to Dick Cheney, have instituted processes and placed people in positions (e.g., Alberto Gonzales) where they will not be prosecuted or seriously investigated for violations of American law.Furthermore, we are about to embark on the final stage of Bush's "Biblicalization" of the Federal Courts through the appointment of incompetent hacks, whose only loyalty is to the oath of "Bushism" cited above. They will be consistently and unhesitatingly loyal to Bush because they would have never merited the honor of being on the Federal bench except that they are lackies for the Busheviks. Putting incompetents on the Federal courts will buy you a lot of loyalty in the effort to turn America into a Biblically run nation.As the "Lexington Herald-Leader" of Kentucky noted on Sunday, April 24, 2005:
Today, if all goes as planned, Kentucky will play host to a well-scripted immorality play in which political and religious extremists pummel truth beyond recognition and twist Christianity into an ugly caricature of itself in their crusade to give Dubya the opportunity to perform an extreme makeover on the federal courts, packing their benches with enough "faith first, law last" judges to tilt our legal system dangerously toward the model of the Spanish Inquisition.….But one defining trait of the political and religious extremists who lead the radical right is an arrogance so strong that it does not allow for the possibility that their current reign will ever end. It is this arrogance that leads them to ignore negative poll numbers and continue their quest to eliminate the filibuster for judicial nominations so that Dubya will be free to do his extreme makeover of the federal judiciary.[LINK]We have gone through a period of weeks when judges have been verbally assaulted and physically threatened by the likes of Tom DeLay and religious extremists who form the base of Bush's Party (with the corporate prostitutes providing the seed money to spread the faith in return for contracts and tax deductions). Everything that the Busheviks have treasonously uttered could have been said about purging the ranks of dissenters from the "pure" Communist ideology of Bush's evil "mini-me," Kim Jong II. One recent Bushevik fundamentalist with criminal intent said that non-Christian thinking judges should be put to death as Stalin dealt with his foes: "He had a slogan, and it worked very well for him, whenever he ran into difficulty: 'no man, no problem.' " Shouldn't the Secret Service or FBI have had a little conversation with this Bushevik implying that judges should be killed if they don't follow "orders"? [LINK]Totalitarian regimes aren't built overnight. The Busheviks are still putting their people in place.But know this, these appointees may swear allegiance to the Constitution -- and lie their way through confirmation hearings -- but their only loyalty is to the phone call from the White House when a crucial decision comes up.Kim Jong Il knows the routine.A BuzzFlash EditorialBuzzFlash Afternote: In the front leaf of "Rogue Regime," it notes "North Korea's Kim Jong Il made himself into a living god, surrounded by lies, flattery and beyond criticism." Imagine that happening to someone in the United States! Hey, George, we are talking about you, listen up.
According to sources, Bell will announce his resignation tonight (Friday) and will officially leave the air next Wednesday. The announcement is bound to throw the radio industry upside down, Bell is heard in over 400 markets.
"Family Concerns" have convinced Bell to leave radio. PREMIERE is considering Ian Punnett of Atlanta as a replacement host to Bell, According to insiders.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Party Whores

You would think I'm talking about loose women at alocohol induced social gatherings. I am, however, talking about the Republican Party. In the vote for roll call 108 for the passage of Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act in the House.
73 Democrats saw fit to vote for the Act while a majority of Democrats, 125, voted against it.
However not one Republican saw fit to weigh the merits of this bill and vote against it, all 229 who voted, voted for the bill. Is it because they all read and liked what the bill had to offer their constituents. I'm guessing out of 229 Republicans, you know the laissez faire party, at least 1 had to disagree with the bill and it's provisions. But Republicans are whores to their party. Party first constituents dont matter. This vote only proves it. Those who vote for them a merely a formality. "Those who vote decide nothing, the man who counts the votes decides everything." ---STALIN.
I mean even some of the Democrats at least had the balls to go against their party line and vote for the act whether I disagree with them or not. The Repugs however need the blessing from the "Bug-Killing-Dwarf-King of the Bush Cheney NeoCon Death Cult's Legislative Pig Pack." (Marc Maron AAR's "Morning Sedition") It's sickening when politics befrore people is this blatant and noone cares, and someone is going to find a way to defend it or praise it.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

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Test Picture...Trying to make this stupid thing my blog photo. Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Why do they fight?

As a perceived despot encroaches on your homeland you would fight the same way we did during the Revolution. Perceived imperialism is just as dangerous as the actual imperial ownership of a region. This is especially true in a place where the only way the know how to make a statement is with a bomb and not through the freedom of expression provided by "democracy." So, we have brought them "freedom" why dont they use it to express how they feel? Because they dont know how and they dont trust that it will work. The President says that we have brought them freedom and democracy and it will be a beacon of light shining into the rest of the Middle East. Well the light has started to shine in Egypt and now people are getting bombed. If the US is the example of freedom for others to follow then we should be just that the example, not freedoms discriminate handy man, fixing only the problems we want to fix and leaving all the other to build until they explode. As our despotic beacon encroaches on foreign shores they will fight to keep it at bay.
We have spent all of our "political capital" in the worlds systems. The world has discovered the dirty secret of our democracy, it can be hijacked easily and the people once complacent can be easily manipulated to support any cause with shoddy evidence, and out of fear for their own safety can be made hypocrites.
Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety. Ben Franklin
Out of false paranoia, ignorance, aarogance, and FEAR we can be made to choose the way of the coward instead of taking the path of bravery.
More to come...

Friday, April 08, 2005

Greetings from Hohenfels, GE

It's been over a month since my last post because I have been "deployed" for a month to Hohenfels coming back for a weeks R and R then out to Grafenwohr. We put the field in Field Artillery.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Friends of the Average Man...

The Repugs are the friends of the average everyday guy just working to get by. They are such friends of the working man that they are willing to protect you from yourself by not giving you more money by raising minimum wage. The Republican congress voted not once but twice to NOT give minimum raise a hike for the first time in 8 years. This is a party that yells and screams that people need to have responsiblity of their own money. I guess that is only when it suits them and their big business friends not when it will actually benefit the person working hard at a minimum wage job. To this effect the addage the poor get poorer is only ever so much more true. Since inflation is a fact and minimum wage workers are working for the same wage they were 8 years ago they are only getting poorer...YOu do the math.

Fuck you republican scumbags...I hope when you get to your Jesus he plants his foot square in your ass and sends you straight to your hell. Repubs are nothing but closet queens hanging out with the bullies as cover for their homosexual tendencies.

The NRA, another bastion of conservative thought, decides that lax gun laws that allow their underly endowed members to pick up assault weapons to make up for their genetic deficiency is good law even though it allows terrorists to pick up the same weapons at the same shows. Even though these weapons are proclaimed "cop killers" and kill those who protect us more than they protect those who own them. When are the fat Americans going to wake up and get a fucking clue? Can someone fucking tell me? Jesus H. Christ!!!! Fucking goddamn morons.

God forbid you motherfuckers think about something. I tell you our country is heading the way of the dinosaur and the longer we have brain dead, money grubbing, cynical, xenophopic, assholes running this country and setting its agenda the faster we head down the slope. Read some goddamn history will you. We are the Romans on the down hill slope of our existence I hope you enjoyed the ride because unless we do something to take our country back America is going to be referred to in the past sense. Just because you wave a flag and have a 1 dollar bumper sticker that says "America Rules Fuck Yeah" doesnt mean it's true. It's called nationalist propaganda you fat, ignorant slobs.

"Ooohhhh shut up you elitist liberal." Yes I am an elitist liberal. Raised in a 2 bedroom house with 9 people. My parents are divorced and I was raised on the pretty low end of the economic spectrum. I worked my way through college and my parents did without at points so me and my brothers and sister could have. If I'm elitist because I can read a book and have the ability to THINK then I guess I am. And the fact that being able to read and reason is persistently viewed as negative by the other side of the political spectrum is pretty fucking telling. What kind of system wouldnt want you to read? In the dark ages it was the priests who robbed the people, that didnt want the people to be able to read so they could keep robbing and raping. You notice this kept happening until the Renaissance and Enlightenment Eras. You know the eras when more of the lay people were becoming more educated and developed the ability to reason and READ.

Thats all I could think of...for now...

Sunday, March 06, 2005


What would we do without the hypocrite majority around? A Gay Escort Pretend Reporter reporting for a fake news organization get's daily by name access to the White House to lob softball questions to bail Scotty boy or the Boy King out anytime they get hit with a tough question from the already broken White House Press Corps. This is after three people have come out admitting they were paid to spread propaganda.

Now how does a guy that was a gay escort get connections to get into the White House daily with fake name? Kinda brings new meaning to the phrase "Whose ass do you have to kiss?" huh? Let's just say someone in the great bastion of Religious Zealotry Conservativism probably isnt being true to their oath to hate queers and pray to George Bush every night before they go to bed. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. FOX news seemed to avoid this story like the plague. You would think the "I hate queers" network would have some snide political comment disguised as benign commentary to make on this. You know they wouldnt leave it alone for years if this was a democrat administration. FOX as fair and balanced as the right can be.

AAAArrrrrrrrrrrGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.*&%$$# $^&&^ %###$%^&*.

Friday, March 04, 2005

A message from the German castle in Marburg... Posted by Hello

A motivational poster perhaps???? Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 03, 2005

I think I'm going to move to Austrailia...

Ever had one of those days were you cant win for losing? Well it seems like I have one every week that just lasts for seven days. Let's just go with today's 'Series of Unfortunate Events' and let me tell you 'Alexander' would be very proud of my 'terrible horrible no good very bad day.'

I woke up and missed physical training, which is not a big deal because I was told that we didnt have it this morning because we usually dont on fridays. Well some officer got the gumption to hold "Officer" PT and I was left out. Then I get out to my car, in front of my house, to find it ransacked and $500-600 worth of gear stolen from it. So, that's always a great way to start the day. Then I learned today that the army has the most assinine support system in the world. If you want to take advantage of a situtation to get your soldiers some training on a weeks notice forget it. The beauacracy will beat you down with a vengeance. All I needed was a military vehicle to transport me, 3 soldiers and 4 weapons 40km to a firing range. This proved to be an impossibility in a 7 day work week in the GUNNER Battalion (yes the same one from the movie). Apparently for petty reasons we couldnt get a TMP and then you have to have a years notice, a note from your parents, the Holy Grail, an autographed picture of David Hasselhoff, and executive authorization to fucking dispatch a goddamn HMMV. AAAGGGGGHHHHHH.

That's alright they won this battle but the fucking pencil pushers and pogues wont win the war. To paraphrase McArthur I will crush them.
If you have any questions read the title of the blog...

So how do you deal with failures like this...You get really angry and you just say fuck it, I'm just going to be one of those guys that checks the boxes and doesnt think outside of them or try to take advantage of a good opportunity. I'll only stick to the plan...Then the overachiever takes over and youre fine again.

Some Great Music

I'm not one to usually reccomend music but I just found this great artist I saw on Letterman today. His name is Amos Lee. Some great soulful music. If you like James Taylor, Bill Withers (Aint no sunshine when she's gone), blues, or Five for Fighting you'll like this guy. The best music purchase I've made in a year. I just wish it was a longer EP. Made me feel better after a rough day let me tell ya...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Post the Wiccan Rede Monument

"An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will."

If there's one thing I like doing it's pissing off Religious people especially Christians. Let me tell you every time I make a Christian cry when I tell them there is no God or no Heaven, it just makes my week. Well the Christian Plurality is at it again, trying to post the Ten Commandments on public property. The decision is in the Supreme Court this week. You see we "secularists" are fighting this the wrong way. First we let them post their little ten commandments then we fight them at their own game. Then right next to THEIR ten commandments in OUR public buildings we post the Wiccan Rede. If they do let us post it without a fight it will show just how fair they're trying to be, and it will be right next to their precious commandments every time they look at them, but if they fight posting the Wiccan Rede it will show how much of a hypocrites they are. How close-minded, ignorant, xenophobic, and prejudice the US populous in general is.

I chose Wicca because, first it's my wife's religion, and second, to the average ignorant Christian American they consider it an evil religion so how better to get back at them. So, if you think it's a good idea email me and let me know. If you think it's a bad idea email me and let me know, because I really dont give a shit what you think anyway. Just kidding...

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday Prayer

Religion is the most vile dispicable trick ever played upon humanity. AAAAAMMMEEENNN.

For instance all of these Repugs and neocons preach the importance of going to church. Just today a church leader and Boy Scout Leader, you know the "Great All American" guy according the powers that be was arrested for torturous murders comitted since 1974. I'm referring to the BTK killer. HA HA. Good thing we have those good ol' Christians Around.


Friday, February 25, 2005

The Pope

The Pope has been sick off and on over the past 6 months creating concern over whether or not he will be able to finish his job here on Earth. Every time he goes to the hospital the Catholics start praying for the Pope to live, I however think they should pray for him to die. Why? Maybe it's because I want the leader of my organiztion to be able to feed, clothe, and dress himself. It dont want him to drool all over his gown while he's giving a speech. I think I would want to be able to understand what the fuck he's saying in some language. I'm sorry but I think it's time for the Pope to let go. This guy is going to be the leader of the largest sect of Christianity with a tubes coming in and out of him just to keep him alive...
This is ridiculous....let go people come on...After all according to you nothing but great things await him...Right?
And another thing if he truly believed it was up to God whether he lived or died he wouldnt go to the hospital every time he coughed he would wait it out and pray like a true believer.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Redcoats are coming...

The President of the United States/Commander in Chief/Boy king in a bubble comes to my area of Germany today and tomorrow. Ooohhhhh Yeay. :}' That's all I'm going to say...because anything more would be uncivilized.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? OVER.

What the Hell is wrong with my country? How can people in America stand by while their government propagandizes them? What ignorant brain dead white trash can stand by while the civil liberties we boast, the civil liberties we want to spread all over the world by force if neccessary, are stripped away? Maybe if you Americans would stay out of Wal-Mart, turn off the Fear Factor, and drop the cheeseburgers long enough to read a book or a newspaper they would see what is going on in our country. What fucking hippocrites (sp?) we are? We desert our own liberties for a false sense of comfort and safety. I only hope the maybe the false security blanket will wear off and we will see the actual shape we are in. We are not a beacon hope and freedom we are a beacon of an ignorant easily persuaded public that does whatever and believes whatever, and buys whatever, those people payed for by the government that is working against them wants them to. This isn't the end of this rant this all I could think of right now more to come...


Saturday, February 19, 2005

Victory for Halliburton

Another victory for large corporations and largers setbacks for the average joe thanks to the Bush Cheney Evil Death Cult also known as the Republican party. The vote passed and the Congressman had barely lowered their arms before the ink was dry on Bush's signature on the bill making it law. I have one question who the fuck voted for this guy? Bush signed the bill as Cheney hid in the background smirking and laughing and checking his bank account for all the cash that should come his way for saving his old company so much money. After all the whole point of the bill was to limit asbestos lawsuits that are popping up all over the country, and guess who the main defendant is in most of those cases, since this corporation bought out the main asbestos manufacturing company, you guessed it none other than Halliburton. This is bullshit...Where the fuck is the outrage people? Please tell me. Where is the outrage? Of course all the sheep known as Republicans, who apparently share a single brain since none of them can think for themselves, and since none of them have come to the realization this guy who ran up the biggest deficits in history is not a conservative, of course went right along with the party line without discussion or debate. The Republican party has all the ringings of the Nazi party in 1930's Germany.

Friday, February 18, 2005

The Germans

Of course living in Germany as an American is a strange situation. It was just 60 years ago that my grandfather was trying to kill their Grandfathers in an all out struggle against the evil fascist nationalists that had brainwashed the German masses. I thought it would be hard to talk to Germans about this period or they might not even want to talk about it at all. I have found, however, the contrary is true. Germans will usually bring the topic up in conversation and they are unusually humble and apologetic when speaking of that era. And the conversation will usually end with a thank you from the German. It's very strange that even to this day, people of my age are still thanking me as a soldier for the sacrifices made by the men and women of my grandfathers era. I think it is a true testament to the good that was done by that generation, and the impact freedom can have for generations by those who truly yearn for it.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Let the Therapy Begin...

When I say recently paying attention to politics I mean since December of 2003 when I had my political awakening. This is where my therapy will begin...

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Why Anger Management?

I only recently, started paying attention to politics, seeing how as a soldier the decisions they make directly affect my life. Seeing the way this administration is running things I needed someplace deep under the many threads of the web where I could vent my frustrations.

A Message from the Germans. Found this on a castle in Marburg, Germany. Posted by Hello