Saturday, September 03, 2005

Why doesnt he care?

People keep saying we can do so much in Iraq why cant we do it here?

Because they dont fucking care...
None of their buddies are getting rich from them taking care of the American people.

Money is their God.




Christian Zenis said...

Ese es un problema de todos lados... De todos lados que se sienten bien, aunque no sea asi.

Claro, en USA siempre estan bien.

Frank Nygard said...
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Pixie said...

I am afraid.

If this complete and total cluster-fuck is any indication of what we have to rely upon in terms of leadership and assistance in the event of "terrorist attack"...

I'll just open my veins now.

Pixie said...

PS: If I hear another person say, "they had warning, why didn't they leave?" I'm going to jail for assault.

TomPaine said...

I talk to my parents very rarely and she made the comment that they had plenty of time to get out. I guess she's forgotten what it's like to have no way out, or nowhere to go. I grew up pretty poor and I can remember times when we couldnt have gotten out of the city.

I guess you are no friend of Fox News then. It seems that's all they are playing on AFN. They have all this coverage and all of the anchors seem to be playing the devil's henchman, and have this air that the great white man savior has come to rescue the people of New Orleans.

And dont get me started on the way Fox reacted to Kanye West...ok so you did post forthcoming.