Wednesday, March 08, 2006

That is Democracy

People keep asking when will democracy take over in Iraq? When will the big plan of the 5th reaon for invasion come to fruition, when will all the war stop? Fact is democracy has been implaced in Iraq, and the minority doesn't like it. Because what have we as Americans taught the Iraqis about Democracy, if not that, democracy is the tyrrany of the majority. We are trying to avoid handing the Iraqi government over to religious fundementalists who think everyone should be and do as they, but we allow the same type of people with fairer skin, no facial hair, and a different moniker (Pastor, Reverend, Born-Again Christian) to take over the American government. We allow the religious majority to dictate what people can and cant do with their own bodies, and in their own bedrooms because they see it as immoral. Robertson, Falwell, and that group from Missouri aren't any different ideologically than the ayatollahs, imams, and clerics on Al Jazeera. Sure they look more like "us" so we give them the pass, but their message is still one of intolerance and the institution of a theocracy. They have created a tyrannical religious majority that does not want to live and let live, but wants to order and command everyone to live as they wish to live.
I have one question for all the theocrats out there. Supposing that there is a God: Did he not give us the ability to make our own decisions? Or are you saying he made a mistake and that ability should be taken from us based on your lowly interpretation of God's word? So, I guess you work directly for God and know exactly what he wants, and he wants to you to take all free will and all temptation away, so that everyone will live by his word; or at least your interpretation of it. So does God talk to you on a two-way radio, cell phone, or do you have a direct line?
Democracy has taken hold in Iraq the same way it has in the US, the tyrannical majority has taken over. The only difference is the minority in Iraq is not going to stand aside while they are pushed around and subjugated to be second class citizens. Democracy should be majority rule with deference to the minority's opinions and beliefs. This wont happen in Iraq, and it certainly is becoming less and less likely to happen in America, the supposed land of the free, and for some odd reason the plague of religion seems to be the infection that keeps people from being able to live free and work together. Here in Iraq it's Sunni vs. Shi'a in the states it's tyrannical Chritian Aytollahs vs. open minded freedom loving Americans (many regular Christians included). Coinicidence...I think not.