Thursday, August 31, 2006

On a More Somber Note

We like to think and say we are making progress over here, but there is one thing I notice as I drive down Iraqi streets. Men wandering aimlessly, staring out at my convoy with a listless, hopeless stare that seems to ask why have we done this to them. These men have nothing to do. Go out at all hours that it is not curfew and you will see all the men just standing outside their homes, or markets staring off into the distance. We want to know why they join the insurgency, its because they have nothing better to do, and no other way to make money. Let's see I can stand here and do nothing to support my family all day, or I can go plant this bomb and make $100. I mean really what would you do? I know the US is doing the best they can, but so are the insurgents (Iraqi and Foreign) at thwarting our every attempt to improve life for these miserable bastards. It just doesnt seem like there is any progress as month after month I see the same dudes starting at me from the same place everytime I roll out the gate. I guess the one bonus is that this means more IA/IP recruits which means more of a chance of the entire military pulling out sooner.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Northwest Union CANT STRIKE

Apparently workers in this country no longer have the right to assemble to redress grievances against their employer. One of the top things that have made America what it is today and give people the opportunity for success are labor unions and their ability to use their mass as a bargaining chip for job improvement. I didnt know that a judge could order people not to strike...not to speak out against their employer. This judge is taking the only bartering chip they have away from them and it cant be constitutional or fair.
FUCK IT. GO ON STRIKE ANYWAY show this government run amok who this country actually belongs to. This is a country of, for, and by the people no the corporation. STRIKE. This, I think is pivotal, to the future of unions and the future of worker rights in this country. I dont care if they're striking because they want caviar and limos, it's a workers right and not a judges business. One judge cant stop all of them.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

American Idiots

  • Let's start talking about things in the context of reality. Americans are dumb, ignorant, and practically illiterate. You know, most polls are stupid and some just show how stupid we're getting as a country. More people can name the winner of American Idol than can name a Justice of the Supreme Court. Nothing against these idol winners but I think it's fitting that the only talent our American "Idol" has is the ability to sing karaoke. I've seen guys so drunk they can't remember their name, but they can still sing karaoke with the best of them. It's pretty bad because my wife who absolutely hates politics and pays absolutely no attention to it could tell me about Justice Alito and the controversy surrounding his appointment. I love my wife and she's a smart woman, but she pays absolutely no attention to this crap (seems strange huh, considering how impassioned I am about it) and she could tell me about two of the Supreme Court Justices (Justice Bader-Ginsberg and Justice Alito). My point is what kind of vaccuum do you have to be living in to know absolutely nothing about what is happening to your own country. I understand people are probably distracted by Iraq, but 60% of high school graduates couldn't point to it on a world map. Most Americans only read and comprehend at a seventh grade level. What the hell? Americans like to tout that people come from all over the world to attend our universities and colleges. Yeah, that's right they do. But they go to our colleges and they attend a class taught by a professor, more than likely, not from this country either, especially in the sciences and math. I guess the magical being theory just doesn't hold up in college level chemistry and biology, now does it Kansas Board of Education. That's because these foreigners come from education systems where they teach you things like math and science in math and science class, and not fables like creationism. Why dont we just start teaching history from the Bible also?
You know, I'm very libertarian, you Christo-Fascists can have your own schools where you teach your future idiot Bush supporting children that a big bearded man in the sky made the earth magically appear 4,000 years ago, just don't take my country down with you. We want to accomplish things and progress, not retard, our society.
  • Another thing. No more medical treatment for anyone pro-lifer or Chirsto-fascists. Because every medicine and procedure probably had people die in the course of its development. I dont want that hanging on your conscience as you take the viagara before slipping into your gimp outfits. That means no more surgeries, no more prescriptions. All you get to do is pray. And if 50% of the country is pro-life then that's 150 million people that we wont have to put on the national health care plan which would really make it cost productive. From now on medicine is only for people who believe in science. You can believe in God and still believe in science, and when you come to that realization then you can have the medicine and the doctors.
  • I'm tired of hearing about Islamo-Fascists in the news and never hearing about the Christo-Nazis who want to dismantle our country from the inside out. The real threat is the people who want to turn America into a theocracy and force their beliefs onto everyone because they are so insecure in their own faith they can't live and let live. The American Taliban is no different than the Afghan Taliban other than the fact they don't wear burkahs and the men are a little more clean shaven. But we give them a pass because they look like us.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel Wasn't All Wrong...

But how can an unabashed liberal say such a thing. Let me tell you why. Just as our government was hijacked by a group of hawks, mostly of the chicken variety, so has the Israeli government been. The NeoCons of the US, I am positive, collaborated with the Likkuds in Israel to start this war. To say Israel does anything over there without our consent is insane. When they are the #1 purchaser of weapons from the #1 arms dealer in the world (US) with the 4th largest army in the world they sort of dance to our tune.
For whatever crazy reason the NeoCon movement has always had a vested interest in the returning of all Semitic lands to Israel. I dont know why. NeoCons by their doctrine are not religious people, but think religion is something that should be used to con people into putting you into power. (Don't believe me then read Leo Strauss). So its not because of faith or belief. I dont know if the Neo Cons were conned into this policy belief, or what, but it is their driving doctrine. It seems as though they are controlled completely by this policy and will spend whatever American capitial to ensure it happens. But I see no reason why we should have anything to do with Israel's mess. Sure we created Israel with the help of the UN, but if they want to continue to live in a place where they constantly get bombed and killed, NOT OUR PROBLEM. If they want to go on a rampage and try and kill all the Arabs around them NOT OUR PROBLEM. We have bigger problems that directly affect the U.S. to worry about than a safe secure Israel. How about a safe and secure U.S.? or a Safe and secure IRAQ?
And dont give me that tired ass line of well we're fighting them over there so we dont have to fight them here. Uhhh they weren't over here (Iraq) until we made it possible for them to get here. Dont confuse the war on terror with this mistake. Hezbollah. Not our problem. They want to kill Israelis fine let them do it or let Israel kill all of them. I really dont give a shit. I'm just tired of seeing whiny fucking -Bergs and -Steins on television crying about how they are always the fucking victim when the have the complete support of the US government and have all the weapons we have in our aresenal and an army that is better trained but falls a little short on the numbers. You are responsible for the wars there. Quit acting like the victim. Attacking sovereign nations and killing innocent people doesn't exactly make you look innocent and doing it with the equipment provided by the US doesnt make us look any better and doesnt help win the hearts and minds of Arabs and Muslims here in Iraq. So, you are in fact making the situation in Iraq here worse. Example as we have for the past two years been able to quell the Mahdi Militia of Al Sadr they are making a comeback so they can go fight Israelis in Lebanon. If these two fucking bullshit religions want to slug it out for shitty piece of property where some fucking stories from their books of fables took place, fuck it, let them.
The other argument I dont want to hear is, "We cant allow countries to harbor terrorists, and any country that harbors them should be attacked." Well, in that case you are insinuating that America should be attacked as we harbor terrorists here. Or do you just me Muslim terrorists? Example Posada Carilles, who, after nearly annual attempts at extradition by the Venezuelan, Cuban, and Nicaraguan governments for terrorist acts committed in or against those countries still lives the good life in the US under US protection. He was the main conspirator in the bombing of a Cubana Airliner killing 73 INNOCENT people and was also one of the main leaders of the Contras terrorist acts in Nicaragua. So, those who live in glass houses. But I forgot that over the past 5 years we only make rules we dont have to follow them, and the rules we abided by before we dont have to follow if those in power now consider them quaint or contrary to our goals. Like a schoolyard bully we use our brutishness to change the rules so that we can win.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

NeoConservative Middle East Peace Plan:
Step 1. Incite as many Arabs in fighting in Israel and Lebanon as possible.
Setp 2. Get involved in as many wars as possible with those Arab countries.
Step 3. Kill all the Arabs and take all their oil.
Step 4. Return all of Israel and ME over to the Israelis
Step 5. Wait for the second coming of Jesus.
Step 6. Use oil for war with China and Iran.

The Angry Middle East Peace Plan
Step 1. Kill all the Arabs/Palestinians
Step 2. Kill all the Israelis
Step 3. Claim all the land in the ME in the name of the US
Step 4. Kill anyone who has a problem with that.
Step 5. Wait for the second coming of Jesus (or first coming of Jesus if you're Jewish).

The Common Sense ME Peace Plan
There isn't one. You might as well face it these people will be fighting until one side or the other is completely annhilated. Hahahahaha. And we can't tell Israel to stop a preventative war because we have no moral ground to stand on in that arena as we are embroiled in the aftermath of a preventative war in Iraq. So all we can say is..."Well, uhhhh be nice and try not to kill innocent people." We've lost our moral standing. We have created a new monster in foreign policy that we can't control. The preventative war. I just wonder when the first preventative war is going to be launched on the U.S.?

In all seriousness I see no peaceful conclusion to this mess I'm in or that one over there and they are both connected.