Saturday, August 27, 2005

What about the oath???

The link above goes to an article explaining that a senator in California wants an investigation of the National Guard for spying on its own citizens released to the public. If this isn't proof of the encroaching police state I dont know what is. Citizens of the state, funded by the state, spying on their own fellow citizens.
This is a symptom of a larger problem. You see, there are people following these orders that took an oath to protect and defend the constitution of their states, and if they are in the Reserves or Active duty, the constitution of the US. Every constitution either has implicit or implied rights to assemble for a redress of grievances and privacy. By these Citizen Soldiers following orders to spy on their own citizenry, the citizenry that foots their bills, they have violated that oath to protect and defend. They have become the domestic enemy that our freedoms must be protected from. I take the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S. against all enemies foreign and domestic very seriously and very literally. Enemies of the Constitution are not the people that attack us with bombs and guns, but the people that attack our freedoms by usurption, these people are more dangerous by far, because what are we in America if we don't live by the ideas we were founded to uphold.

These people are trying to blur the line of the rational, so that we just assume posse commitatus doesn't matter. They keep trying to stretch the law and blur the line so we just assume it's normal to have the military used as the nations or states police force. And people will just keep accepting this as long as they are scared of the encroaching outside "threat." Fear is creating the justification in the minds of the people to propel this agenda from the top down. Working off of their premise, every American citizen is the enemy, everyone is a terrorist or a suspect. Why else would they send OUR OWN army against us? Eventually someone from the inside is going to grow the fucking balls to stand up and say that is an UNLAWFUL order according to their oath and they will not follow it. You cannot get in trouble for refusing an UNLAWFUL ORDER.

AMERICAN CITIZENS are not the enemy and until the US Government declares, officially and for legitimate reasons, martial law I dont want to see member of the US Army used as a police force. Thats not our job. We are trained to kill and break things, we should not be used against our fellow citizens for any reason.

The problem is the ordinary man doesnt care because he thinks this is keeping him safe from terrorists. As he stands next to his SUV with the Yellow ribbon magnets wearing a "These Colors Dont Run" t-shirt, he will say, "I dont care what the government does, so long as the terrorists dont get us." Not realizing while he's looking outside for something coming in, the real threat is already inside, destroying everything America once stood for. Freedom to assemble, protest, and protection of the private citizens life from encroachment by a Big Brother system run amok.

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