Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tread Surely but Lightly

I'm certainly surprised by the Democratic victory in the Legislature as I was fully expecting this election to be stolen through electronic voting apparati. Now, what? With the extreme situations America faces both domestically, and internationally, that is the main question. Dems say we are not out for revenge, which I say, Of course not. We are out for accountability and oversight. If you think investigating the Executive is just nasty partisan politics then you dont understand the mission of the "People's House." If you believe that then you have fallen for the NeoCon Reichwing fantasy of a unitary executive and hopefully you will never again hold a place in the Senate or House. If you had an employee who still worked for your company and you found in the past that they had stolen or used suspect techniques in the execution of your business you would certainly have every right to investigate and punish them as neccessary. It is no different than the relationship between the Executive and Legislative. It is their job to keep the executive in CHECK, through whatever Parliamentary means they have available. Including investigations and drawing up Articles of Impeachment.

To Democrats: If America wanted two more years of abuse they wouldnt have elected you. If America wanted to stay the course in Iraq, on Paris Hilton tax cuts, on minimum wage, on healthcare, on stem cell research, on foreign policy, they would have stayed the course in the Senate and Congress. Dont squander that hope for change on doing nothing, hoping to save it for two years and magically open it up and use it in 2008. The President and the Republicans may balk, veto, and filibuster but this will only point them out for the whiny hypocrites they are. Hence the fight for 2008 begins with the 110th Congress of the United States with a Democrat majority and two Independents who caucus with Dems in th Senate. Show the American people now, the next two years, what accountability means, and what a compassionte government can do. Because if there is one thing Americans appreciate it's justice, not revenge.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reality's a Bitch

Nov 7th 2006 was my early Christmas present. Thank you America. I knew you had it in you.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Brownshirts are coming!!!!!

So, a man walks up to a political candidate and asks that candidate question. The man is immediately pounced by supporters of the candidate acting like bouncers at a downtown bar. He is put in a headlock and dragged away from the candidate. Did the scene I describe occur A) 1930's Germany during the Rise of Hitler, Fascism, and the Nazis or B) Yesterday, in Virginia USA? If you picked either answer you are correct.

When a member of our democracy is physically attacked by supporters of a political candidate with no provocation, but to ask a question, however inappropriate, what would you call that? I call it FASCISM. All these people are missing are the Brownshirts, jackboots, and swasitkas. While their agenda might be slightly nativist in nature, their real hatred is for freedom. They abhor Freedom of dissent, free speech, free thought, and freedom of and from religion. Everyone should be and think like them, and if you dont prepare for the beating of your life.

Dont believe they hate freedom and they arent the Jeffersonian Conservatives yet? Did you know the President now has the power to control the National Guard of your state without you or your governors consent?