Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Government Did it...

After watching 9/11 The Rise of the Police State by Alex Jones I have succumbed to the fact that the government, if it didn't contract the hit on the twin towers, they at least knew and didnt do anything about it.
+Marvin Bush (younger brother of George W. Bush) was in charge of security on the WTC and his two-year contract expired 9/11/2001.
+Cheney took control of NORAD on 9/11 and effectively took the power out of the hands of the Generals to act to defend the Republic. He had NORAD stand down in a "coincidental" series of exercises in the days before practicing reaction to attacks on WTC and Pentagon. When NORAD realized there was something wrong he limited the reacting jet aircraft to a flight speed of 350mph. Why would he not want them to get to the scene as fast as they could?
+The Joint Chiefs of Staff were supposed to be in New York on 9/11 but were called and told not to go by the WHITE HOUSE.
+San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown also was warned as were many other individuals, including an IM on a Jewish IM. These are not urban myths.
+No skyscraper has ever fallen from fire. If you watch the video you can see the secondary explosions, those that would be used to "pull" a building. The building just happens to fall in the same manner. Only buildings owned by Silverstein are destroyed.
There is so much more evidence you just have to watch the video to see it and how the NWO is taking over...or I guess has taken over our government.

Dismiss it as conspiracy theory...until you're living under the opressive thumb of FASCIST hegemony. Prescott Bush was a Nazi supporter and helped Hitler.

This is sick....

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