Monday, December 12, 2005

Same story as before

Alright, first of all I dont trust the story of any government official any further than I can throw them, especially over the past 5 years. Well, it turns out there is a fraud being perpetrated by the mainstream media(No, say it isnt so!)...Alpizar in Miami never said he had a bomb, at least not while on the plane. I think two different sources do a good job of 1) debukning the official STORY and 2) drawing paralells to the de Menezes shooting in London.
Remember the original official story was that he was running from police in the London underground before they tackled him and shot him in the head 8 times..when it turns out he was already in a subcar seated???? Hmmmm a bit suspicious.
Well dont take my word for it.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy lunch for you.

Well, the Republicons have made the payback for all the money that got them elected. In usual form Republicons in a money laundering scheme on the highest order have shuffled money from those who need it to those who dont. They were able to pass 4 tax cuts worth $100 billion dollars, which will primarily go to the top 0.5% of all people in the nation. No free or reduced lunches, which I used growing up. Cutting of federal loans and grants for higher education, which I used to get through college. Cutting of programs like WIC and welfare programs that help feed kids, and my parents used sparingly when I was a child.
These fucking CRIMINALS are stealing food from the mouths of babes in their very literal FAUSTIAN bargain with the rich that got them elected. FUCK YOU ALL. Conservative, Republican, NeoCon, TheoCon, ChristoFascists whatever you call yourself, you're fucking criminals.
For all of you Christians, that for some odd reason, in fit of hypocrisy, maybe, agree with this administration stealing from the poor to give to the rich. What the fuck are you thinking? You are a disgrace to your religion, and Jesus will most certainly send you to your Hell. You are not Chrisitians...if that is the bargain you want your religious leaders to make to institute a theocracy in America. You'll let them make the bargain that goes against all of Jesus' teachings. Did Jesus say to forsake the lepers and kill the beggars? "As I have loved you love one another." I'm confused you must be following the other Jesus' teachings. Admit it your not Christians, your fascsists using religion as a diguise for your digusting antiAmerican antiChristian agenda. You may win the fight to keep gays from getting married, but, by your own beliefs, you will lose the war to save your own souls. Any time a child goes hungry while a CEO uses a tax cut to buy a $16,000 umbrella stand, you people who support this robbery should feel disgusted and ashamed.
You "Christians" want to stop all these abortions, but you'll let the children starve after you force women to have children they cant afford.
On a more cynical note, we are the only country or civilization EVER to cut taxes in a time of war. How is it the Army and Marines have equipment that is pushed to the breaking point, but the "pro-military" Republicons vote to cut taxes before they fix our equipment. Republicons arent pro military they're pro war there is a difference.

Happy Holidays

Watching Fox News recently I discovered that the biggest news was not the debate over the beginning or the end of the war in Iraq, or the fact that the VP's chief of staff is indicted for a treasonous act, but that "Christmas is under attack." I wouldn't have known this if not for the crack teams at Fox News. Apparently there is war on christmas? I dont know. This war is being fought by "secularists"? Are they like the people that we fought in Panama, like separatists? I dont know. I thought secularism was a good thing but I could be wrong. E pluribus Unum. I only took six years of Latin I'm pretty sure that translates into "Out of many, one." There are more than just Christians in this country, I'm getting fucking sick and tired of hearing about Christian Persecution.

I dont think 90% of the Christian Population was wiped out by "secularist missionaries" between 1492 and 1896, as was the Native population of the US.

I dont think there was a problem with Christians in the US Military getting religious support until 1999, as it was with Wicca. I dont think the current Leader, and I use the term lightly, of the free world has ever said your religion should not be recognized. I dont think there was ever a bill put twice before the Senate to ban Christians from joining the military.

I dont think Christians, although appartently the most violent of all the religions, are stopped and searched every time they take a flight.

And the list goes on and on and on...Christians are the persecutors. Everyday you prosecute the war on the separtion of church and state and religious freedom. You have a religion that is apparently very intolerant and exclusive, which goes against the very ideas upon which America was founded. Whatever happened to "give me your tired your poor?" I guess it's alright as long as they're Chrisitan and their skin tone matches.

The Bush's sent "Happy Holiday" cards, and this gives them one point in my book, so they are now at -1,368,478.36, because they wanted to be "considerate and inclusive." I have to say, I was mighty impressed at this show of respect for other religions and cultures. I began to think, maybe I had this guy all wrong afterall. Then came the ChristoFascists with their bellicose statements of why the cards didnt say Christmas, except this attack on Christmas was coming from "Great and Glorious Leader" so they dare not question. Or did they? So, needless to say there is a big shit storm brewing over what we call this time of year. Why dont we just call it what it has always been called, and was called way before the time of the Chrisitans and Jews...Yule. Since Jesus was actually born in April I think this takes contention down to Hannukah and Yule, and since Yule is older it wins. Why do the "Elitist Exclusivist Christians" want to change the name of my Holiday? Why are they attacking Yule? I've said it more than once and I'll say it again...I HATE PSUEDO-CHRISTIANITY.

Hillary Clinton

First let me state that I am a progressive. I dont think I'm Republican Lite, or Libertarian with half the calories of Republican, I consider myself a Liberal and Progressive. I will not support any candidate that does not run on the platform of progress. That's right, the "extreme" left needs to take control of this donkey and ride it into Washington so we can accomplish something. Just because Hilary puts the big D after her name doesnt mean you have to vote for her. Hilary, just like Bill, is Republican lite. It's been so long that we cant remember, but that is what a moderate Republican looks like. It's been so long that we haven't seen one that doesnt look like a NeoCon, TheoCon, or ChristoFascist, that they're going to lull us into voting for them on a lesser scale. Dont fall for the trick. If you want progress, vote for the progressives, if you want the same old Republican or Republican Lite (D).


I hate it when I hear theright spewing filth about people who dissent being traitors, when, if they want to see the real traitors, all they have to do is look at the company they keep. Rush Limbaugh is the biggest culprit of calling people traitors for their dissent, I would just like to restate that Rush Limbaugh denied service to his country by having a family friend sign a statement saying he had a boil on his ass. I've have done a lot of things in the military and a boil on my ass has never stopped me from doing any of them.
But lets get to the real traitor here...the one I've been pointing at all along.

Former Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R) California has admitted guilt to taking bribes from a defense contractor MZM. Well, just this past week the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force issued a recall for 18,000 IBA's, or in civilian lingo, bullet proof vests. Apparently MZM is somehow connected with the shoddy vests. I say let the Dukestir test all 18000 vests out himself by walking IED Alley next to BIAP.
How much more fucking treasonous do you get Republicons? It is not treasonous to dissent, I do, however, feel it is treasonous to sell out the people who are fighting the war most you wouldn't. I feel it is treasonous to sell out your own soldiers to make a few bucks. This is treason and conspiring against the government...where is the outrage and calls for this man to be hanged by the Republicans. Last time I checked nothing Howard Dean said actually killed anyone, but FUCKED UP VESTS HAVE. You dumb fucking inbred, dumbass, hillbilly, hypocrite, xenophobes. People have been executed for less. So Randy Duke Cunningham if this is indeed true...FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. YOU FAT TREASONOUS SACK OF SNAKE SHIT. I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL. (I dont belive in Hell, but I know you do, and guess where you're going). And this is were I part from my liberal friends, because I believe in the death penalty for only the most lude and vile of criminals, this would include people such as yourself Dukestir. People that sell out their country to the highest bidder. You and every politician Democrats included that puts the dollar ahead of the ideas and values that made this country great. But it seems to be festering in the Repulican party right now. Where is the outrage Rush??? This guy sold out the troops and his country. Where you fat, drug pushing, hypocrite?