Sunday, September 04, 2005

Jabbor Gibson...Medal of Freedom? Presidential Pardon?

Jabbor Gibson...Hero.
He was in the middle of a crisis faced with a moral dilemma. He chose the path of saving lives, even if it was to his own demise. I dont know anything else about this 18 year old, but I know he's a stand-up man. He stole a bus that was sitting in New Orleans and picked up 100 people along the way and drove 7 hours to the Astrodome.
Hey Kanye West, buy this kid a lawyer so he can beat this wrap. I guess he's going to be arrested for stealing the bus. I think he'll beat it.


Pixie said...

He's absolutely a Hero.

Morally, he made the BEST decision.

I cannot believe anyone will entertain any thought of prosecution.

...then again... I can't believe most of what I am seeing...


Pixie said...

Ya know... who needs Barnum and Bailey? Huh?