Saturday, May 28, 2005

Having been in student council in high school, a delegate to Hoosier Boy's State, and the president of the Thespian Society I knew a little about Roberts Rules of Order but I didnt know how they pertained to the Senate. This article on does a good job of explaining those rules and how the "nuclear" or "constitutional" option is actually very despotic and tyrannical. Who would expect anything less from the party that "loves freedom," in "newspeek" anyway?

"Parliamentary procedure is the Senate’s “rule of law.” Without that, there would be a tyranny of the majority and potential chaos, much the same as we see in the societies we are now trying to “civilize” who have not had a rule of law guiding their procedures. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had laws, but he could change them whenever he wanted. That is a dictatorship."

-----Anita Rufus is a 2004 graduate of California Western School of Law, a Constitutional rights activist, and former Congressional candidate (44th C.D. 1996).-----

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