Sunday, October 14, 2007


I wrote....ummm I mean I found a Bible that says the Holy Land of Jerusalem was promised by God to my family. I therefore now have a legitimate claim to land in the Holy Territory of Jerusalem.

The passge reads:
"...and this guy begat and so on and so forth. Daniel beget Marcus, Marcus beget Hunter and this land of promise shall hitherforth belong to those, whom I, God, demand are the descendants of Carl, Daniel, and Marcus Byrne."

So, you see because I wrote...I mean found a book of my religion, which I have just made up, I now have legitimate claim to anything this religious text says. Just as the Jews proclaim in their genocide and apartheid of the Palestinian people.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Few Things I've learned...

This is a short list of the things that have angered me since May:

First of all there are the usual: people who are slow, old, stupid, ignorant, and/or any combination of those things.

Closeted homosexual escapades of Republicans as they try to treat the LGBT community as second class citizens.

People who blame Clinton for anything that has happened after January 19th 2000. 9-11, the failed ventures in a Afghanistan and Iraq, the spiraling deficit, the busted economy, the bungling of the cleanup in NOLA after Katrina, and the squashing of civil liberties all happened on George W. Bush's watch. He's been in office for seven years. Get over it. Just because you say it's Clinton's fault, doesnt make it so. On the Clinton note, Bush is a far worse president than Bill Clinton could have ever thought about being. Anytime I bring up one of the thousand things that this administration has done to destroy our country the only retort I get is something to the effect of "Well, Clinton killed Vince Foster." First of all, no he didnt. Secondly if the only defense you have for your great and glorious leader is a dreamed up right wing conspiracy theory about how the president killed a guy, you might as well say he was the gunman on the grassy knoll because it would make just as much sense and you would sound just as sane.

Fucking Columbus Day. What the fuck for? All the Italians were out in full regalia. Guess what morons, Italy didn't fund his trip, Spain did. He was only Italian by birth. And he didn't "discover" anything. In case you didnt get it in your history class, here's a little secret for you: THERE WERE PEOPLE ALREADY HERE!!! Hello McFly! You cant discover something that's already been found. I'm sorry I forgot the major tenet of revisionist history, those people that were already there don't count because they were tannish brown.

Republicans have battered wife or Stockholm syndrome, I can't decide which it is.

There are still people with Bush/Cheney 04 stickers on their car and they display them proudly. It's a badge of honor for them. What honor? Who are these people? What the fuck are they proud of? What? Give me one goddamn thing these guys have done in 7 years of rule that has been good for America as a whole. Not the oligarchy. These people should be run off the road at every available opportunity. These people are dragging our collective IQ down and ruining our country. It's time to get rid of the caveman knuckle dragging, FAUX News watching shitheads who want to sell our civil liberties so they can live out their dream of all the tan people in the US being terrorized by law enforcement agencies in the name of Christ.

Fred Thompson is a MORON. The people with the Bush/Cheney bumper stickers are the people that are supporting this guy. Need I say more. Jesus Christ on a Crutch!!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!

Democrats=Collapsocrats but they are all we've got.

If I ever run into Rush Limbaugh at any point in the rest of my life, I'm going to punch him in the face. I was so angry when I heard his recent comment about "phony soldiers," such as myself, that I was pacing in my living room. Punching him was in between ripping his heart out with my bare hands and doing nothing at all. I find it's a good compromise.

Getting punched repeatedly in the face hurts. No, I'm not getting into bar fights its part of my military martial arts qualification.

Remember this is just the short list, I'm sure there are more things to come that I wont remember until I try to go to sleep.