Monday, December 12, 2005

Same story as before

Alright, first of all I dont trust the story of any government official any further than I can throw them, especially over the past 5 years. Well, it turns out there is a fraud being perpetrated by the mainstream media(No, say it isnt so!)...Alpizar in Miami never said he had a bomb, at least not while on the plane. I think two different sources do a good job of 1) debukning the official STORY and 2) drawing paralells to the de Menezes shooting in London.
Remember the original official story was that he was running from police in the London underground before they tackled him and shot him in the head 8 times..when it turns out he was already in a subcar seated???? Hmmmm a bit suspicious.
Well dont take my word for it.


Human said...

Yeah I find any official version hard to take. It does sound that it was a case of mental illness. Too often the Police are called to such incidents. If Mental Health was properly funded than the Police would have much more time to go after the criminals that threaten us all.

Human said...

Oh and BTW - glad to see ya blogging again. :)

Pixie said...

Glad you're back - thanks for the tip-off C (Human and I have our 'own' covert communication missions going. LOL).

Yes. Mental Illness. Like the man that lives ourside the pharmacy and says the CIA is monitoring his every move through a filling in his mouth.

Mental Illness?

Who knows... he could be freakin' on to something.

green libertarian said...

Alpizar was murdered by the state, plain and simple.

We practice state sponsored terrorism, this is no surprise, Brave New World.