Friday, December 09, 2005

Hillary Clinton

First let me state that I am a progressive. I dont think I'm Republican Lite, or Libertarian with half the calories of Republican, I consider myself a Liberal and Progressive. I will not support any candidate that does not run on the platform of progress. That's right, the "extreme" left needs to take control of this donkey and ride it into Washington so we can accomplish something. Just because Hilary puts the big D after her name doesnt mean you have to vote for her. Hilary, just like Bill, is Republican lite. It's been so long that we cant remember, but that is what a moderate Republican looks like. It's been so long that we haven't seen one that doesnt look like a NeoCon, TheoCon, or ChristoFascist, that they're going to lull us into voting for them on a lesser scale. Dont fall for the trick. If you want progress, vote for the progressives, if you want the same old Republican or Republican Lite (D).

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Human said...

Too true man. I recently received my new voter registration card. I' am now a confirmed Independant.
Many people on the left do not see any alternative. I for one will work whole heartily against Sen. Clinton.
This guy
posted some alternatives under his "help save what's left of our democracy" post on Dec 3rd.
Either I get my vote verified or I'll just stay home and continue saving for Canada.