Sunday, July 24, 2005

Help the Terrorists...Take Our Freedoms

New York has now instituted a public policy of random bag checks at the subways. They say the bag checks are random, based on a number system. Now, we all know this is just a way of making all the brown people feel better about getting their bags checked, just to make it seem like a random occurrence that everyone of Arab or South Asian background is stopped and searched while every tenth white guy is stopped. I guess it's fair enough seeing that Arab Muslim extremists are doing the bombing and killing. The fact that they are searching Arabs is not the problem, the fact that they are searching AMERICANS IS. Supposedly these checks are random and optional but we'll see what happens when a "brown person" refuses the search, will they be tazered into submission, then sent to the secret FISA court and locked away without representation??? What's going to happen when someone refuses the search on the grounds that they will not submit to the terrorists and will live by the American credo of the right to privacy and being free of searches of their person without probable cause?

We are told the terroists attack us because they "hate our freedoms." Then by what logic is it, that we win by giving up our freedoms out of fear of being attacked. If the terrorists terrorize us into giving up our freedoms then they win. As we steadily slip farther and farther into a self induced police state out a fear that may or may not be real we destroy our credibility as a "freedom loving people."

If the terrorists hate us because of our freedoms then I propose that anyone who supports or advocates giving up said freedoms, by their own logic, is responsible for the demise of our country is aiding and abetting the terrorists' cause. Why are these people not questioned and arrested as enemies of freedom?

That includes anyone who supports the PATRIOT ACT, random bag searches, or any tactic that goes against the idea of personal freedom and liberty. These people are the greater enemies of freedom, and they arent brown, and they arent abroad, and they arent Muslim, they are here in our country, and members of our govenment, the people who are members of the New American Despotic Fascism, bringing in the American Police State, and ringing out our freedoms, little by little, hoping we won't notice until they control or monitor every piece of everyones' lives.

Benjamin Franklin said it best:
"Those who would give up essential liberty for a little safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Let me tell ya, I happen to agree. We should make no concessions of liberty for safety, every concession we make is a point for the enemies of freedom, terrorists or otherwise, and demeans our credibility on the topic of liberty and freedom.


Anonymous said...

boo hoo hoo. Ha i can laught at liberal BS like this you people post because i am a conservative. and i happen to enjoy my freedoms. and i'm not dead. its you white liberals that are racist. always pointing the finger. get real.

Anonymous said...

oh yes and i AM brown. stop pretending to care about us. if its really as bad as YOU say it is i'd be outraged. but i've gone for 20+ years with no problems. youre just a dumb white guy. stop pretending to speak for us. we dont want you to.

TomPaine said...

I'm just pointing out the obvious nuances you are afraid to acknowledge. I know that part of being conservative is sticking your finger in your ears and humming, you just keep doing that, it's obviously kept you alive thus far.
It's nice that you can attack me and the generality of my politic but you cannont attack my arguments.

Pixie said...