Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To dumb gun-ignorant liberals: Magazine size

 This is a Springfield XDM Subcompact (smaller than small) 9mm handgun. Full size then compact then sub compact is the general hierarchy from largest to smallest varieties of handguns. This is the primary gun my wife carries for personal protection and uses to protect herself and our home. I've laid it on a Blu-Ray case so you can see that it's not really a very large gun.

Here it is closed and unloaded. Really it's not very large at all. It fits almost entirely in my hand. It's one of the smallest handguns you can purchase that doesn't go into the micro variety of handguns.
 Now how many rounds do you think are in the standard capacity magazine for this handgun? 5 or 6? Remember it's a subcompact 9mm. Now look below. The standard capacity magazine for this subcompact is 13 rounds. 13. That means the standard capacity magazine for this small firearm would make this gun as illegal as an assault rifle if the new assault weapons ban and magazine regulation are put into place. This is the problem I have with these new laws. It makes no sense that you would label this gun as dangerous and deadly as a semi-automatic AR with a 30 round magazine. The 10 round magazine limit makes absolutely no sense. One day I'm a law abiding citizen, next I'm a felon because I own a magazine for a small gun that has the potential to hold 3 more rounds than the arbitrary number set by people that know nothing about guns.

Honestly we never keep all the rounds in there. Right now there aren't even 10 rounds in the magazine for two reasons 1) it makes the gun heavier when you concealed carry and 2) it stresses the spring.
 Here's the gun with the magazine inserted so you can see that this magazine fits completely inside the gun and does not hang down 10 inches below because this is the standard capacity, not high capacity, magazine for a gun this size and caliber.
So, when you talk about this 10 round magazine limit, it actually effects more than those scary assault style rifles. It effects the weapons people depend on every day for personal and home defense. It will make these people criminals simply for possessing these magazines. You don't even have to have rounds in them ask the soldier from New York that was arrested for having 30 round magazines in his trunk.

UPDATE: So, stop asking me why I need a 30 round magazine clip you goddamned fucktards. It's a magazine unless you have a WWII machine gun. I would like to have a 30 round magazine for my AR as that is the standard capacity magazine for that weapon, but I would most like to be able to use the magazine designed for my goddamned personal protection handguns without the threat of federal prison. And if you think that's wrong, then you can go fucking hang yourself because I don't give a shit what you think.