Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Holidays

Watching Fox News recently I discovered that the biggest news was not the debate over the beginning or the end of the war in Iraq, or the fact that the VP's chief of staff is indicted for a treasonous act, but that "Christmas is under attack." I wouldn't have known this if not for the crack teams at Fox News. Apparently there is war on christmas? I dont know. This war is being fought by "secularists"? Are they like the people that we fought in Panama, like separatists? I dont know. I thought secularism was a good thing but I could be wrong. E pluribus Unum. I only took six years of Latin I'm pretty sure that translates into "Out of many, one." There are more than just Christians in this country, I'm getting fucking sick and tired of hearing about Christian Persecution.

I dont think 90% of the Christian Population was wiped out by "secularist missionaries" between 1492 and 1896, as was the Native population of the US.

I dont think there was a problem with Christians in the US Military getting religious support until 1999, as it was with Wicca. I dont think the current Leader, and I use the term lightly, of the free world has ever said your religion should not be recognized. I dont think there was ever a bill put twice before the Senate to ban Christians from joining the military.

I dont think Christians, although appartently the most violent of all the religions, are stopped and searched every time they take a flight.

And the list goes on and on and on...Christians are the persecutors. Everyday you prosecute the war on the separtion of church and state and religious freedom. You have a religion that is apparently very intolerant and exclusive, which goes against the very ideas upon which America was founded. Whatever happened to "give me your tired your poor?" I guess it's alright as long as they're Chrisitan and their skin tone matches.

The Bush's sent "Happy Holiday" cards, and this gives them one point in my book, so they are now at -1,368,478.36, because they wanted to be "considerate and inclusive." I have to say, I was mighty impressed at this show of respect for other religions and cultures. I began to think, maybe I had this guy all wrong afterall. Then came the ChristoFascists with their bellicose statements of why the cards didnt say Christmas, except this attack on Christmas was coming from "Great and Glorious Leader" so they dare not question. Or did they? So, needless to say there is a big shit storm brewing over what we call this time of year. Why dont we just call it what it has always been called, and was called way before the time of the Chrisitans and Jews...Yule. Since Jesus was actually born in April I think this takes contention down to Hannukah and Yule, and since Yule is older it wins. Why do the "Elitist Exclusivist Christians" want to change the name of my Holiday? Why are they attacking Yule? I've said it more than once and I'll say it again...I HATE PSUEDO-CHRISTIANITY.

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Human said...

A good post. Christians like myself don't get the air-time that the pseudo-Christians do. There are many Christians who are working for a more peaceful world and they were well represented at all the Anti War Demo's I have been to.
Like the Flag, Constitution, Our Troops, Treasurary and everthing else that should belong to the people, religion is used to divide and promote anger in a direction that the Fascists want.