Tuesday, August 18, 2009

People who bring guns to debates are PUSSIES

Let me start this rant by saying that I am one of the few self -described liberals you'll find that is a member of the NRA and has a CHL in two states.

People who bring guns to meetings bring them for one reason: Passive-aggressive intimidation. They may not even realize why they are doing but that is why. It is their way of intimidating people who are pro-healthcare. The want to make people fearful, and stifle all debate, but because they have nothing to add but "Nuh-uh" they carry weapons.

They are saying, "Look, if you do something or say something that I don't like, I have the power to take your life." But instead of saying it outright like a real revolutionary they parade around in their mopey passive aggressive nature. These people are mental midgets. They have no way of arguing so they let the threat of force and violence argue for them. They have a very authoritarian, fascistic, if you will, mindset.

You don't intimidate me assholes and no one else should be intimidated by these dumbasses either. They are moronic, passive-aggressive, nimwits who should have their CHLs, if they are mentally stable enough to have one, revoked for public endangerment, especially if they are walking around in t public with a round chambered, as I saw on the news, in a semi-automatic rifle.

There's a way to pick the dumbest ones out ... they'll have the most and biggest guns strapped to them in the most prominent manner. A smart gun-owner knows that surprise is the biggest advantage you have and concealing is the best policy for protection; hence my CHLs. Hence the reason I know that they are not carrying them for the purpose of self-protection. The only reason you would display it publicly is for INTIMIDATION!

It is just a matter of common decency that you don't display your weapons in public. And going to a large public area where the President is going to be with a loaded gun is disrespectful to the Law Enforcement Officers that have to protect him, the people in the crowd, and the President himself. I would never go to a large venue like that strapped, open-carry or concealed. Again the only reason to display it is to intimidate people.

The reason this pisses me off more than anything is that I hate this passive-aggresive bullshit. Really, that's what's making me angry.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Political Party Assessment

Libertarians and Ron-heads

Are selfish and mentally lazy. It’s just easier to say leave each to their own. The work that would go into fixing society’s problems is just easier to ignore and leave to each individual hiding behind the patriotic veil of individual liberty. These problems are a result of living in a modern world of which they are a part. If you don’t like the modern world then please go to the woods and live in your bunker. Please don’t use the clean water that society with its evil taxes and collectivism provides you. But even then you can’t own land because ownership is a function of government bureaucracy and if you fall into using that part of the bureaucracy the next thing you know the President will be knocking on the door to take your guns, euthanize your mother, and give your wife an abortion.


Republicans are great obstructionists. I mean great. They are able to obstruct while in the majority and the minority. Anytime there is an attempt to modernize, revolutionize, or fix any societal system they just stand up and say no. However, unlike their libertarian cousins they don’t hide behind a moral philosophy. They hide behind money. Everything is always too expensive, except for when the DOD wants to strap laser beams to sharks, we’ve always got money for that. Or when the Air Force wants to buy billions of dollars in jets and aircraft we don’t need, we always have money for that. Or corporate welfare combined with tax cuts for billionaires and corporations. Or invading and occupying a sovereign nation for years on end with no end in site, we’ve got unlimited money for that apparently. But we don’t have the money to provide US citizens protection from health insurance con-men who have no desire to provide the service people are paying for.

Republicans are saying, yes, we need healthcare reform. They had both houses of the legislature and the Presidency for eight years and did nothing about healthcare. The instant Democrats get a bill going all they can say is no. Where were you the past eight years with your great ideas? They obstruct with money. Wait a second is this the party under which deficit ballooned from a surplus to nearly $4 trillion in debt? Yes, yes it is. Then they obstruct with the libertarian argument of a growing government. Wait a second, is the same party under whose control the government bureaucracy grew exponentially? Yes, yes it is.

And if the government is a failure at everything it does why are they so afraid of it being so successful at providing a HEALTH INSURANCE OPTION and argue that it will be a burden on the corporations? Survival of the fittest, right.

I know, I know, if there was no collusion between the companies, which is ILLEGAL, and we actually enforced Sherman Antitrust laws, then insurance CEOs wouldn’t be able to make $105,000 per hour. Then people might actually be able to use their insurance, and here’s a novel idea, to actually receive health care. And if CEOs aren’t making $105,000 per hour they aren’t going to spend that money, and all the GOLD TOILET SEAT making factories and money-pool making factories will have to close and all of those workers will be laid off.

Republicans are people who like living in the good ol’ days. They reminisce of the days gone by and long for the 1950s and ‘60s. You know the good ol’ days when the US was great when we had Jim Crow Laws, McCartyism, prevalent societal sexism and racism. A great democracy that relegated blacks and women as second class citizens. I don’t know what was so great about that time.

I pick on the republicans because they have a certain level of xenophobia, paranoia, schizophrenia, and anti-social behavior that is usually only found in the mentally insane.


My favorite bunch of spineless politicians. Usually, on the side of the majority of the United States but too afraid to voice the facts at the risk of looking partisan. They are so afraid of being called Socialist. My Advice: Democrats rename your party and beat them to the punch we are the Socialist Democratic Party. Go ugly early. You get that out of the way you can stop defending and start going on the offensive. You are on the side of the majority of the people, who cares what you call yourself. Part of the Democratic platform is, by fact, Socialist. Say, so what, and move on. Nearly every modern democracy has a Socialist Democratic party, there is nothing wrong with that. Most countries have communist members of their parliamentary bodies. So what, it adds to the debate.

Don’t get me wrong I am absolutely a Darwinist. If I were a politician my ticket would definitely be pro death. I am PRO death-penalty, pro abortion, pro necessary war, pro guns, and pro euthanasia. If you want to die, that should be your choice. If you want to kill a parasite that is living inside your body that is your choice. I would not like for my significant other to have an abortion but if that is the decision she comes to, which I doubt she would, I have no right to stop her. She is not my property and not a cow for producing young.