Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Friends of the Average Man...

The Repugs are the friends of the average everyday guy just working to get by. They are such friends of the working man that they are willing to protect you from yourself by not giving you more money by raising minimum wage. The Republican congress voted not once but twice to NOT give minimum raise a hike for the first time in 8 years. This is a party that yells and screams that people need to have responsiblity of their own money. I guess that is only when it suits them and their big business friends not when it will actually benefit the person working hard at a minimum wage job. To this effect the addage the poor get poorer is only ever so much more true. Since inflation is a fact and minimum wage workers are working for the same wage they were 8 years ago they are only getting poorer...YOu do the math.

Fuck you republican scumbags...I hope when you get to your Jesus he plants his foot square in your ass and sends you straight to your hell. Repubs are nothing but closet queens hanging out with the bullies as cover for their homosexual tendencies.

The NRA, another bastion of conservative thought, decides that lax gun laws that allow their underly endowed members to pick up assault weapons to make up for their genetic deficiency is good law even though it allows terrorists to pick up the same weapons at the same shows. Even though these weapons are proclaimed "cop killers" and kill those who protect us more than they protect those who own them. When are the fat Americans going to wake up and get a fucking clue? Can someone fucking tell me? Jesus H. Christ!!!! Fucking goddamn morons.

God forbid you motherfuckers think about something. I tell you our country is heading the way of the dinosaur and the longer we have brain dead, money grubbing, cynical, xenophopic, assholes running this country and setting its agenda the faster we head down the slope. Read some goddamn history will you. We are the Romans on the down hill slope of our existence I hope you enjoyed the ride because unless we do something to take our country back America is going to be referred to in the past sense. Just because you wave a flag and have a 1 dollar bumper sticker that says "America Rules Fuck Yeah" doesnt mean it's true. It's called nationalist propaganda you fat, ignorant slobs.

"Ooohhhh shut up you elitist liberal." Yes I am an elitist liberal. Raised in a 2 bedroom house with 9 people. My parents are divorced and I was raised on the pretty low end of the economic spectrum. I worked my way through college and my parents did without at points so me and my brothers and sister could have. If I'm elitist because I can read a book and have the ability to THINK then I guess I am. And the fact that being able to read and reason is persistently viewed as negative by the other side of the political spectrum is pretty fucking telling. What kind of system wouldnt want you to read? In the dark ages it was the priests who robbed the people, that didnt want the people to be able to read so they could keep robbing and raping. You notice this kept happening until the Renaissance and Enlightenment Eras. You know the eras when more of the lay people were becoming more educated and developed the ability to reason and READ.

Thats all I could think of...for now...


Anonymous said...

thats it... thats all you can think of?? what waste of brain... its quite ironic that you condemn the responsible working spirit of the right when you admit to working yourself to where you are at. so because you had irresponsible parents (which i must conclude, because even YOU succeeded when the man, GWB, is keeping you down and doesnt raise minimum wage) and the world is populated by fat lazy mucks just like them, you rant against republicans... liberal intelligentsia...HA! a hike on minimum wage? what is that gonna do? with your expensive college education arent you the least bit knowledgeable that pay, cost, and profit are only relative? raise minimum wage and what happens to cost? a basic lesson in economics. since your elitist brain cannot compute for itself, i will TELL you what socialism you really wish for.. to cap salaries for business owners.. to put a ceiling on everything EXCEPT payment to the lower class. to stifle the market in such a nation where climbing the prosperous ladder is clearly too easy. and how ironic it is that you attack gun owners when you yourself wield an assault rifle working for the very man that you expect us to hate and distrust. you cant even see the flaws in your logic. thats what is really sickening. how is it that a person who owns a bumper sticker that compliments his nation called "nationalist propaganda?" if that is your definition of propaganda, then so are all of the "feed the children" and "help the sick in africa" pamphlets. because propaganda is only the the spread of information to promote a cause right? kind of like this blog?? oh wait, did i go so far as to make you look like an idiot because you cant even see how hypocritical you are. the liberal intelligentsia... its no wonder the right consider you no threat.

TomPaine said...

My point was that there are people on the left who have a "responsible working spirit." Liberals are likely to be coined as Rich Do-Gooders who have never had to work a day in their life because they have had everything bought for them by their rich parents. How many jobs have you worked for minimum wage. I have worked two or three jobs at or right above 5.15/hr or 10,700/yr working 40hr/wk, 52 wks/yr. I know the people who work those jobs and trust me it is not enough to get by, not at all. These people are working to stay broke. I'm not saying make min wage 10.75/hr but give these people something. There has to be a happy median. Like say 6.75 to 7.00/hr. I realize pay cost and profit are relative but why are CEO's that do nothing paid 400 times more than their employees. If cost and profit are relative why are the costs not relative to the profits these corporations are making. These Corporations have money...they are more profitable now than ever and supposedly the economy is doing fine the only problem is they are also more greedy. These people have proven their worth over the past few years. I tell you people like those in charge of Enron, Tyco, Adelphia, WorldCom, etc. really want to make me work hard for them. They really bought my trust.
As far as arms control...Let's think of a reason that I might need an automatic assault rifle and maybe Jim Bob from Trafalgar Indiana might not. Well for instance maybe because I get shot at by assault rifles as part of my job...protecting freedom and spreading democracy around the world and all that happy horseshit. Guess what Jim Bob doesnt. Jim Bob who wants an assualt rifle is probably one of those chickenhawks that never joined the armed services because he was afraid or too weak so he is just living out his boyhood fantasy of being a soldier vicariously or by buying and assualt rifle to feel better about his manhood. Because chances are if Jim Bob ever saw what an assault rifle does to the human body he would never want to own one.
I dont trust "the man" as you call him as far as I can throw him. But I didnt take an oath to protect and defend "the man" I took an oath to "protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic." Which I think you and I will both agree is more important than any "man."
I do not wish for socialism, I wish for corporate resposibility. You know a part of leadership is taking responsibility for your people. If these CEO's are the leaders of their corporations why dont they sacrifice a little for the common good. Like giving up a $16,000 umbrella stand or another $250,000 car. Why dont they pay for health and child care so their employees dont have to worry about missing work? Why dont they invest in the schools in their communities with no strings attatched? Why dont they invest in the education of the employees and their employees children? Because they dont give a damn about anything but profit. Conservatives preach responsiblility but when it comes to themselves or their corporate dragoons having to tow the line they wont hear of it. You dont want the government to pay for anything then push onto the people responsible for creating the working poor.

Anonymous said...

uhh do the states washington, vermont, oregon, rhode island, connecticut, california, etc. mean anything to you?? all of those states have a minimum wage of AT LEAST 6.75 and their liberals still complain like you do. the point is, minimum wage is such a non-issue. its nothing but air from liberal talking heads to make people like you think there is some issue there.
oh great. so now only government-sponsored militias should have the right to arm themselves. tell that to the native americans, the blacks, the jews, the soviets, the millions murdered at the hands of soldiers. HAHA look at us! we have assault rifles, we can kill you easier! holocaust, anyone?
i see, its okay for YOU to distrust the government, but those rights arent extended to the common folk.
now youre going to preach to me about morality in business? okay, let me get this straight, a government should be allowed to retrict arms from its citizens, AND tell prosperous citizens what they can and cant do with their money?!? wow, and this is all based on equal rights? sounds a little bit more like 1984.
i have a suggestion! if you dont like your employer, GET A DIFFERENT JOB. GOD. is it that hard? obviously youre satisfied with your employer, and i dont think the military was at the top of the list for most competitive employer... you've got to be kidding me. a guy who has supposedly worked his way to success lecturing me on how the poor CAN'T work their way to success. im not rich and im not complaining, so why should i have to pay for other peoples responsibilities??! because liberals love the lazy population, thats why.

TomPaine said...

Minimum wage is a non-issue huh. You have never answered the question as to whether or not you have had to live off of minimum wage. Obviously you havent or you would realize minimum wage is an issue. The nations largest employer is WalMart, whom I have worked for so this is experience, which I mostly speak from not propaganda. So, Wal Mart employs all these people which they pay 6.75/ hr (In 2001 I was paid 6.00/hr). These people have children I'm sure, to support, rent, automobile insurance, utilities etc. Where is the room for health insurance after all WalMart is going to make sure they dont get on the company plan by insuring they work 35-38hrs/wk so they do not qualify. So, now try to pay for health insurance for your family on MIN Wage or slightly above, all living expenses, and also try to save for your child's future education.
No way you're going to make it. So explain to me, "man" why welfare and Medicaid are unneccessary? So, they can change jobs but who's going to hire them? After all they cant afford a babysitter while they go to school to help advance themselves and chances are they make just enough money they will qualify for barely any Financial Aid to further their education even if they had the desire to. It's a little bit of a long rant here but I think you can see where I'm going. This is an honest question, absolutely sarcasm free, what is your solution? As the divide between the rich and the poor grows farther and more of the wealth is dispensed torward the top of the economic spectrum. What is the solution? We cant pay the working poor more because then the CEO's might not be able to buy $16,000 umbrella stands, they cant get an education to move onto a better job because they dont have the time, help or the money, because each is being taken away little by little. I understand, esp since I am in the military, the need to shrink beauracraies and streamline, but completely cutting peoples' legs out from underneath them isn't right. If we are the "Christian Country" of so much then why cant we help the working poor and the poor. That's the hypocrisy I'm talking about. For an ideology that's hijacked God and Jesus they sure dont follow many of his teachings. I was taught growing up that Christianity was about caring for those who are less fortunate. "As I have loved you, love one another." I guess Jesus was a socialist liberal huh. I guess if he was a conservative for the sake of saving the greater good money he would have just let the lepers and beggers die without any mention at all.

What the fuck does morality in business have to do with small arms control? That one went way off in right field somewhere. If they can legislate what people do in their bedrooms they may as well keep the crazy people from having dangerous weapons. That's not my hypocrisy in action that is theirs, maybe yours but I dont want to jump to conclusions about your political leanings. And the people that want these weapons aren't the people that are going to fight the government if it gets the fuck out of control. These are the same people who fall right in line behind all of their right wing Christo-Fascist Brigade bretheren.
Supposedly the Repubs are the purveyors of a small government that stays out of peoples' private lives. Any chance they get to keep people from doing something privately they, the American Taliban, dont approve of, they jump all over the chance to make that non issue an issue. ie. Sciavo, Gay marriage, gun control. The Republican party is the party of the NON ISSUE, especially over the last 5 years. These shills in Washington, the memebers of the Bush-Cheney Neo-Con Death Cult, who fall to the whims of the Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade are not FISCAL conservatives they arent conservative or compassionate at all. They are some strange fascist entity consisting of no soul or heart whose ambition is hegemony and war before democracy and peace.