Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday Prayer

Religion is the most vile dispicable trick ever played upon humanity. AAAAAMMMEEENNN.

For instance all of these Repugs and neocons preach the importance of going to church. Just today a church leader and Boy Scout Leader, you know the "Great All American" guy according the powers that be was arrested for torturous murders comitted since 1974. I'm referring to the BTK killer. HA HA. Good thing we have those good ol' Christians Around.



Anonymous said...

wow. i cant believe how simplistic your conclusions are. hmm lets see, after i kill a couple of people, what would be the best way to hide so that no one would bust me... oh ya! maybe if i become a christian church pastor... you idiot, this was his disguise, not his identity, and look, it worked, because you STILL couldnt figure it out after it was right in front of your face.

TomPaine said...

Simplistic conclustions are all people understand. Anything too nuanced is is considered garbage by the American public.