Sunday, July 24, 2005

Britain Says Man Police Killed Had NO TIES to Bombings:

His only crime was that he was slightly brown, a Brazillian electrician on his way to work. Yes, go forward and kill all the brown people. Fuck the brown, browner, and black people, they are all terrorists. Jesus Christ, where is the fucking outrage. The article from the NY Times is sort of, "Oh well, he shouldnt have been brown...wrong place, wrong time."
When the man got shot it was all the media could talk about, now that the story turns into an actual controversy of out-of-control trigger happy police officers gunning down innocent people in an ever increasing STAZI POLICE STATE the media is AWOL. Why? I'm sure its for the same reason I had to hear about a white girl missing on VACATION on a TROPICAL ISLAND for 3 weeks straight, while hundreds of black women go missing every year without a mention from the media, he was brown so it doesn't matter. If it was a white guy that was innocently gunned down we would hear about it for days, or even weeks.

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