Friday, December 09, 2005


I hate it when I hear theright spewing filth about people who dissent being traitors, when, if they want to see the real traitors, all they have to do is look at the company they keep. Rush Limbaugh is the biggest culprit of calling people traitors for their dissent, I would just like to restate that Rush Limbaugh denied service to his country by having a family friend sign a statement saying he had a boil on his ass. I've have done a lot of things in the military and a boil on my ass has never stopped me from doing any of them.
But lets get to the real traitor here...the one I've been pointing at all along.

Former Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R) California has admitted guilt to taking bribes from a defense contractor MZM. Well, just this past week the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force issued a recall for 18,000 IBA's, or in civilian lingo, bullet proof vests. Apparently MZM is somehow connected with the shoddy vests. I say let the Dukestir test all 18000 vests out himself by walking IED Alley next to BIAP.
How much more fucking treasonous do you get Republicons? It is not treasonous to dissent, I do, however, feel it is treasonous to sell out the people who are fighting the war most you wouldn't. I feel it is treasonous to sell out your own soldiers to make a few bucks. This is treason and conspiring against the government...where is the outrage and calls for this man to be hanged by the Republicans. Last time I checked nothing Howard Dean said actually killed anyone, but FUCKED UP VESTS HAVE. You dumb fucking inbred, dumbass, hillbilly, hypocrite, xenophobes. People have been executed for less. So Randy Duke Cunningham if this is indeed true...FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. YOU FAT TREASONOUS SACK OF SNAKE SHIT. I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL. (I dont belive in Hell, but I know you do, and guess where you're going). And this is were I part from my liberal friends, because I believe in the death penalty for only the most lude and vile of criminals, this would include people such as yourself Dukestir. People that sell out their country to the highest bidder. You and every politician Democrats included that puts the dollar ahead of the ideas and values that made this country great. But it seems to be festering in the Repulican party right now. Where is the outrage Rush??? This guy sold out the troops and his country. Where you fat, drug pushing, hypocrite?

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Human said...

Yeah it pissed me off too. I posted it under "Who needs bullet-proof vests when we will be greeted as liberators any way?"
I did not at that time catch the connection between Cunnungham and the contractor. Thanks. Good catch.