Tuesday, May 17, 2005

British "intelligence"

After two weeks the Bush Reich has come up with an attack plan for the "Downing Street Memo." Man these guys are slipping. I guess the Soc Sec Bamboozapalooza took alot of time and energy from the all spin team. The Reich is saying the memo is all wrong, and the planning for the Iraq war was completely open. OK those in power say it's wrong so it must be so. Except, when questions are raised about the "intelligence" leading to the Iraq War the Reich points their finger at the British saying hey we got our intelligence from them. So, their intelligence is good enough to start a war but not to refute it. Make up your mind Bush Reich...can we use British intelligence or not??? Can we trust them? Now you're saying they're all fucked up, but they weren't before. Well we must go with the current party line, I guess. Because dissent to 'the party' is treason, and you will be reported.
And of course every red state idiot is just going to say this is another assault on the Jesus Reich by the Liberal Media, which exists only in the paranoid mind of those who wish to control you. There is no liberal media, but that's a different topic for a different time.

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