Saturday, April 30, 2005

Are we oppressed?

Hugo Chavez Will Not Visit U.S. Until Liberation
I really dont know how to feel about this. I mean afterall who would know better about oppression than someone who runs a rich South American country. I mean if we have someone on the outside looking in saying we are oppressed, we might want to at least take it under advisement.
Well you may say that's insane we're not oppressed. We are America the greatest, most free nation on Earth. Are we? Let's look at some examples of how oppressed have become without knowing it thanks to a "regime" that is becoming ever more fascist as it tries to play more to the Religious right aka the American Taliban.
1. We have people getting kicked out of taxpayer sponsored, public events because the people that run the events (REPUBLICANS) think their OPPOSING viewpoint will disrupt the event. What, the "boy king" cant think for himself to take on a lowly, supposedly brainless, liberal peon UNSCRIPTED in the open.
2. We have American citizens sitting in prison since 2001 without access to legal representation or any description of their charges.
3. I dont know if 2 is a result of the Patriot Act, but either way we no longer have a complete Bill of Rights. The 4th and 6th Amendments to the constitution are null and void under the guise of protecting the "motherland" from terrorists.
4. We have a power hungry majority in congress, senate, and executive wanting to abolish the checks and balances put forth by men much wiser than them. Not only that, but they are consistently passing legislation that the American public is against or works against the American public to suit THEIR own best interests.
So how are we oppressed by the media???
We have a media that, at the threat of being labeled unpatriotic or the enemy (thanks Goebbels), has rolled teets up to this administration. The Fourth Estate is consistently failing. Because all media is owned by large corporations which benefit from the current agenda, at the cost of the PEOPLE, they are playing the lackey and doing the job of convincing the public to vote against their own best interest. That is how we are oppressed by our media. There is no liberal MEDIA there is no independent media, there is no check on the government. They are doing whatever they want, with no recourse for their action. We dont even know what the fuck they're doing because we have noone watching them.

But no we're not oppressed. No not at all.

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