Monday, May 30, 2005

One of 4 letters I received anonymously on my car. I liked this one because it was handwritten and signed "concerned officerS" Posted by Hello

My "numerous" bumper stickers; these are mild compared to the ones I had on in college. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Having been in student council in high school, a delegate to Hoosier Boy's State, and the president of the Thespian Society I knew a little about Roberts Rules of Order but I didnt know how they pertained to the Senate. This article on does a good job of explaining those rules and how the "nuclear" or "constitutional" option is actually very despotic and tyrannical. Who would expect anything less from the party that "loves freedom," in "newspeek" anyway?

"Parliamentary procedure is the Senate’s “rule of law.” Without that, there would be a tyranny of the majority and potential chaos, much the same as we see in the societies we are now trying to “civilize” who have not had a rule of law guiding their procedures. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had laws, but he could change them whenever he wanted. That is a dictatorship."

-----Anita Rufus is a 2004 graduate of California Western School of Law, a Constitutional rights activist, and former Congressional candidate (44th C.D. 1996).-----

Friday, May 27, 2005

As if there isn't enough to worry about...

So, I've got friends in Iraq, buddies that have been, and I am going in the near future. As if there arent enough troubles and concerns in the middle of this chaotic war now soldiers are being charged with MURDER in the middle of a WAR zone. We have people outraged that Muslims are being unjustly put in prison, but nothing is said about soldiers and Marines being put on trial for doing the job they are trained to do.
I am not saying Iraq should be a free-for-all for American soldiers, which by all accounts it is as wel as the corporations, but now before I save my life or the life of my soldier by flipping my selector switch from safe to semi I am actually making the decision between living and going to prison or dying. I actually think that it is a shame that we have pulled out of all the World Courts because they wouldnt waste their time arguing the legality of every Iraqi shot by an American, but the legality of PREVENTIVE war in general.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Castle on the Rhein River. There's about 2 or 3 dozen of them. Posted by Hello

The Best Wine Ever. Ressling Eiswine from Stefans Wine Shop in St. Goar Germany. Won the Rheinland-Pfalz and German Gold Ribbons. Runs about $80 for .375 Litres. But excellent stuff. It's as sweet as a piece of pie. People actually use it as a drinkable dessert. Posted by Hello

My always Beautiful wife and Son Hunter Paine Byrne at a Restaurant in Rudesheim Germany on the Rhein River. Completely by accident is where the Asbach Uralt store is. Posted by Hello

Vomitoriums and orgies???

I guess ideals are really just things to think about. You dont really have to have any intention of acting on them or inacting them, you just have to say you have the ideas and that's good enough.
I have recently been reading my favorite author and propagandist Thomas Paine, and it just really upsets me. That our country, a country built on so many lofty ideals, promises, and creeds will never be able to live up to them. At least not anytime in the near future. As our civil liberties are carefully eroded, and the rights of the minorities squashed for the stampeding agenda of the vulgar bully false majority we move farther away from the dreams of freedom. I would hate to have to look Paine, Jefferson, Washington, or Adams in the eye to describe what is going on today. How we did not heed their wisdom, how their ideas are butchered, misintrpeted, or ignored to suit the needs of the power hungry ruling elite. How they fought to toss the despot from this land, only for despots and dynasties to return in the form of rich well connected corporations and families. I do not have the courage they had. I do not posess their intelligence, but I do posess their love of freedom, enlightenment, and love of the ideals my country represents, and the love of my country. No people ever to live again will create anything as moving, motivating, or important as what those brave men sacrificed to create. Bless the Founding Fathers. Every man who signed the Declaration of Independence and ratified the Constitution. It almost makes me believe there had to be a higher being to create something so great as those documents and this country...ALMOST.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Onward Christian soldier...

CNN) -- Police have arrested the pastor of a defunct church in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, his wife and six former congregants in a sexual abuse case involving as many as 24 children, authorities said.e case may involve 24 children.
What is with the right wing? Maybe if they didnt repress their sexuality like they lived in the Victorian Era this wouldnt be a problem. But no, we must live by the King JameS Book of Heresay Fairy Tales and Fables.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Oh no they didnt!!!

From the administration that brought you a war built "on a pack of lies," comes Newsweek-gate. We have Scott McClelland, the mouthpiece for the administration that's "Worse than Watergate" (according to ex-Nixon officials) lecturing reporters on good journalism. All this stems from a supposed lapse of source from Newsweek on their Koran toilet story that has been reported since 2003, but supposedly caused riots in Afghanistan that killed 15 people, but according to the top brass ON THE GROUND was caused by the political turmoil and had nothing to do with it.
The administration that used secret source "Curveball" and convicted criminal Chalabi to collect lies to FEAR people into a war is now lecturing the press on using secret sources. This is all a diversion tactic. Maybe the fact that we've invaded two muslim coutries has something to do with why the Muslim world is mad at us. But no everything is newsweeks fault. And now another diversion the grenade in Tbilsi was live what is this the third change to the story and just when the world is about to come falling down around this administration. I dont think Rove has enough diversionary stories to cover all their lies that are coming to bare right now.

Ha Ha suckers....the Bush CHeney NeoCon death Cult and their Christo fascist zombi brigade is about to fall and hard...

Damn you NewsWeek

In the mid-nineties, NEWSWEEK formed the Project for a New American Century that formulated a policy of U.S. global dominance based on an American invasion of Iraq.
Once in power, NEWSWEEK failed to pick up on the intelligence that warned of the 9-11 attacks. Subsequent to 9-11, NEWSWEEK cooked the intelligence on Iraq that linked it to 9-11 and falsely verified its active weapons of mass destruction.
NEWSWEEK ignored the advice of senior military advisers who warned that more troops would be needed to curb a post-hostilities insurgency, and denied that an major insurgency was in progress when it was clear that one already was.
NEWSWEEK was singularly responsible for the lack of sufficient body and vehicle armor in the Iraq war, and for the pathetically slow response in supplying it once the shortfall was identified.
NEWSWEEK wrote the Justice Department memorandums that led to the prisoner abuses at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, and led to the practice of "extraordinary rendition."
Exhibiting shameless hubris throughout its tenure, NEWSWEEK claimed that it never made a mistake because God was telling it what to do.
Courtesy Jeff Huber, at Pen and Sword.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

British "intelligence"

After two weeks the Bush Reich has come up with an attack plan for the "Downing Street Memo." Man these guys are slipping. I guess the Soc Sec Bamboozapalooza took alot of time and energy from the all spin team. The Reich is saying the memo is all wrong, and the planning for the Iraq war was completely open. OK those in power say it's wrong so it must be so. Except, when questions are raised about the "intelligence" leading to the Iraq War the Reich points their finger at the British saying hey we got our intelligence from them. So, their intelligence is good enough to start a war but not to refute it. Make up your mind Bush Reich...can we use British intelligence or not??? Can we trust them? Now you're saying they're all fucked up, but they weren't before. Well we must go with the current party line, I guess. Because dissent to 'the party' is treason, and you will be reported.
And of course every red state idiot is just going to say this is another assault on the Jesus Reich by the Liberal Media, which exists only in the paranoid mind of those who wish to control you. There is no liberal media, but that's a different topic for a different time.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Pictures Because I dont feel like writing...I just had a baby...well not me my wife had it. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 06, 2005

Fuck!!! "You wont like me when I'm angry."

Okay so now we have a memo demonstrating the FACT that Bush and Blair plotted to fix the facts to create a war with Iraq. Where is the fucking outrage? This is at the least conspiracy worthy of impeachment and maybe even conspiracy worthy of TREASON!!! He was cooperating with other intelligence agencies to fix the facts to create a war. Why? Who the fuck really knows? I sure as hell dont. Jesus Christ would you braindead, red state, party line, fascist, fucktards (my new favorite word) wake up long enough to realize you have been fucking duped by a man that has his own agenda and will do whatever it takes to insure its implementation. He lied, he lied, he lied and people died, and died, and are still dying and you dont care. You are apathetic and ignorant and you are stupid enough to believe everything the people in power tell you to believe, when this country was CREATED on the back of DISSENT. Dissent that I might add is squashed at every turn and event by this administration and party. I guess it's not your fault I mean afterall how many major news outlets have covered this story. It's not even a story it's a GODDAMN indictment of this administrations sleazy slimy ways and it is IGNORED. I guess since he didnt get a goddamn blowjob, or headjob while he was LYING it really isnt that big of a deal to the moral authority republicans.
This is enough for a revolution. Our forefathers would ask us what the hell we are doing sitting on our duffs while these people, hungry with power, continue to destroy and undermine our democracy? Well how fucking long? Do we still have to the RIGHT to protest and and ask for a redress of grievances? This is a huge fucking grievance...and someone better get on it.
Anger building...rage is growing...

Fucking Retards or Cheerio Fucktards!!!

Labour Party Reelected...
This just goes to show the British are just as big fucktards as the US. Now you have absolutely nothing to hold over us. And it's not a fucking Mandate you lying snakeshit eating foreskin on the prick of a toad.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Obnoxious Evangelical Christians???

Air Force Academy Rocked by Religious Scandal.
Apparently a bunch of Evangelical Christians at the AF Academy have been intolerant towards other religions. Noooo, certainly not level headed Evangelical Christians that we all know and love. They certainly wouldnt violate the Constitution to suit their agenda, we dont see that happening everyday.