Saturday, October 31, 2009

Would the Cheneys please go away

The Cheney cabal always seems to surprise me with their hypocrisy and cynicism.

Liz Cheney says that she thinks Obama used his landing and Dover and honoring the fallen from a pretty significant week of casualties in Afghanistan was a political stunt. This visit to the remains of the fallen foreshadows a pretty significant coming fortnight where the President will decide whether or not to up the ante in Afghanistan, and possibly increase the number of flag-draped coffins that would be in-transit to loved ones across the United States from that Dover airfield.

This assumption is based on the cynicism that everyone is like the Cheneys. That every move is to our own personal gain and not for the benefit of others. That's because 5-time-deferment-vice-coward-in-chief Dick Cheney and spawn would not know selfless service if it flew out of the sky and shot them in the face with bird shot. At every turn in their "public" service career they have used it for private gain, as Dick Cheney also used his lack of service in Vietnam, a war he cheered, for his own personal gain. Any time they have been put in a position of leadership or power they have used it to benefit them or their oligarchy.

So, no, they probably wouldn't believe or understand that someone could do something like President Obama did in visiting those remains and families as they flew in from a combat zone, as he makes the decision that will have to fix the mess left behind by them. The current administration is the cleaning crew that has been hired to clean up the mess left behind when Cheney and their closest friends threw a drunken frat party gone awry in administration of a country putting in collapse and two wars on the brink of loss. They disappeared like teenagers who knew they parents were coming home and knew they didn't want to be around to suffer the consequences of their power-orgy.

VP Cheney and kin, the parents are home now, and they are cleaning up your mess, you would be best to keep your mouth shut pretend you were never at the party. Everytime you open your mouth all you do is implicate yourself in the most failed administration of the Presidency in history.

You can see the pictures of the flag-draped coffins, or the dying Marine but it's completely different to experience it first-hand. It's completely different to hear the cries of agony come out of a woman who has just been told that she is a widow. President Obama showing up to see what the consequence of his future actions could be first-hand, shows me he understands the gravity of what he may or may not do in committing more forces to Afghanistan. You see, the President never served in the military and he realizes that there are experiences he has never had, he is not arrogant enough to assume that he could know what emotion those flag-draped coffins convey in person. This only makes more confident in the decision he may make, because he is taking it all in and computing all the costs his decisions could tally.