Friday, April 15, 2005

Party Whores

You would think I'm talking about loose women at alocohol induced social gatherings. I am, however, talking about the Republican Party. In the vote for roll call 108 for the passage of Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act in the House.
73 Democrats saw fit to vote for the Act while a majority of Democrats, 125, voted against it.
However not one Republican saw fit to weigh the merits of this bill and vote against it, all 229 who voted, voted for the bill. Is it because they all read and liked what the bill had to offer their constituents. I'm guessing out of 229 Republicans, you know the laissez faire party, at least 1 had to disagree with the bill and it's provisions. But Republicans are whores to their party. Party first constituents dont matter. This vote only proves it. Those who vote for them a merely a formality. "Those who vote decide nothing, the man who counts the votes decides everything." ---STALIN.
I mean even some of the Democrats at least had the balls to go against their party line and vote for the act whether I disagree with them or not. The Repugs however need the blessing from the "Bug-Killing-Dwarf-King of the Bush Cheney NeoCon Death Cult's Legislative Pig Pack." (Marc Maron AAR's "Morning Sedition") It's sickening when politics befrore people is this blatant and noone cares, and someone is going to find a way to defend it or praise it.

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