Monday, April 30, 2007

It's a Plan

Something that seems to be fundementally lacking for almost this half decade of war is a plan linked to a fundemental goal for termination of our involvement in Iraq. So, what does the president want before we leave Iraq? Does he want to waste another 37billion taxpayer dollars on recontruction projects that are inundated with sewage, waste, and looting? Does he want us to stay there another year, four years, or 10 years in order to make his "base" another large fortune credited by the blood of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, and not to mention the countless number of Iraqis? The problem is getting so bad that recently a LT COL, a career officer on their way to a full bird, or even a star, just said he's had enough and wrote a scathing piece on the failure of generalship in the military. The failure of the Generals and the Secretaries of the forces to look forward to the threat we would be facing and not preparing the forces for it. The forces are too small and overburdened, as we and our families are the only ones paying the toll on this war. Literally. The only country in recorded history to give tax cuts in a time of war. It seems the Democrats are trying to give him a way out and take the punishment for the "failure" of the "mission," but that's just not good enough. I'm sorry the first lady and the President are so affected by seeing in pictures what my wife and I saw up close, and smelled for 14 months. Our deployments have already been extended to 15 months and there is talk in the Pentagon of extending our deployments to 18 months. If this is not enough cause to reinstate the draft, I dont know what is. Soldiers and young officer are getting out at alarmingly high rates, and the 1 billion dollars of incentives was just enough to cover the gaping wound. They have already lowered the standards for promotion in both the NCO and Officer ranks, we are already crumbling why not at least lessen the burden with a draft. If we are going to be an imperialist army then we need to star acting like it. An all volunteer force will not hold up for long under this kind of pressure and stress. People on their 3rd or 4th deployments for 15 months I'm sure would agree.

As of 29April2007 we had lost 99 military personnel in Iraq. That's 3 VA Tech massacres of just American servicemembers every month for four years. That doesnt count Iraqis where a good day is 33 dead, or military contractors. So, if we're outraged about the deaths of 33 college students why aren't we just as outraged about the 100 deaths of mostly college aged kids fighting a war that has been fought, won and lost. Why isn't America outraged over the futility of death in Iraq, especially of our own? And to those that aren't at least somewhat perturbed, I ask, what are we there dying for?

Every reason for this war has been debunked. So, why arent we outraged that we have men an women dying to make someone an extra buck.

The bloodletting has already started. The genocide/civil war that the defenders of the "stay the course" mentality are afraid of has been going on for four years. We opened a Pandora's Box. Of all times, we are supposed to trust that now...this time, you will know what happens after all your crystal ball told us that: Saddam had links to Al Qaeda...Saddam had weapons of mass destruction...we would be greeted as liberators with flowers and candy...the reconstruction would be paid for with Iraq's oil defenders of this war have been wrong at every turn...but now you're right. Now we're supposed to believe that you know what is best to be done to solve the mess you got us into by lying or at best being completely ignorant of every known fact about Iraq, Al Qaeda, and the whole mess of the war on Terror.

Why dont you Neo Con, chicken hawk, chickenshit, AWOL, draft dodging, war mongers go slink into your lair and "plan" the next big debacle, go to Bohemian Grove and do your Pagan rituals and have your gay orgies, or call up your local escort service and spend time with the mistress. Spend all the time you want doing those things. Let the grown ups with attached brain stems and frontal lobes clean up your mess? The next time you come out with an idea this stupid, I can only hope that there is someone with the decency and patriotism near you willing to let you know what it feels like to be shot or shot at.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's Not Conspiracy...

...It's Fucking History.

Leo Strauss started the NeoConservative movement in an attempt to bring America to it's full potential through constant war. He and his ilk felt as though Americans were going the way of the Romans, and were too enthralled in the selfish materialistic culture created by liberal democracy. You know, the "liberal" culture that gives all the Republican businessman their money. Strauss felt America needed a cause in order to keep America from falling into the hypnotic trance of living everyday life, and succmbing to the disease of...peace, I guess.

Saayid Qutb visited the US at the same time in the early '60s as an emissary from Egypt to study American schools. He found American culture repulsive. He thought Americans were too wrapped in their materialistic culture and found a philosophical ally in Strauss. When Qutb returned to Egypt he realized that they needed to renounce American culture so they did not become infected with the "disease." He felt the American way of liberal democracy which created cynicism, materialism, and questioning of authority was contrary to the teachings of Islam. He called on all Muslim nations to rise up and kill their leaders who were "infected" by these evil ideas. Anyone infected by these ideals was fair game to be killed. Civilians included. He was captured by the Egyptian government and tortured and realized this disease wasnt benign, it brought out the worst of mankind. He came to this conclusion based on the fact his torturers were trained by the Americans. Qutb is eventually tried for treason and killed, but there is student of Qutb's that picks up his cause where he left off. A future doctor by the name of Ayman al Zawahiri. Yes that's right...the first number 2 man in Al Qaeda. The guy that has more videos than Puff Daddy.

So, a Muslim that found an ally in the man that created the political movement that is being followed by the current leaders of the US based on the assumption Americans are stupid, and people being able to make their own choices and decisions is wrong, and liberal democracy is a disease that needs to be stamped out, creates the fundementalist Islamic movement and engages a young student that continues his cause who becomes a Co creator of a group that supposedly perpetrates an attack that furthers the agenda of both factions of the same ideology.

So, Leo Strauss' thoughts destroyed the WTC Towers and created fundemenatlist Islam.

Those are some Hardcore fucking thoughts.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Pashtun Pelosi???

I think not.
SOTH Pelosi is just doing what any good leader would do in a time of crisis. When the shit starts to hit the fan and you realize it doesn't seem like anyone is in charge or has any plan to fix what is going, or the person in charge just seems lost and doesn't know what to do, a good leader will step up and do what needs to be done. SOTH Pelosi is doing just that. She is the leader of the peoples house and Constitutionally equal to the President and has the right, even the obligation to start fixing things she sees are broken. Such as when SOTH Hastert went to Colombia, and SOTH Gingrich basically promised our unfettered protection of an Asian Island Nation without consulting the president. Is SOTH Pelosi a "traitor" as the news and right wing echo chamber would paint her to be for being respectful of another culture and wearing a headscarf just as the first lady did when she visited Arab countries. No. SOTH Pelosi is acting like a true leader, stepping up in a time of crisis to find a solution to a problem created by the same unintelligent, ignorant, assholes that would call her a traitor.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Around Germany and back Again

Berg Rheifels

Berg Katze

Schloss Neuschwanstein

Out the Window of Neuschwanstein
Outside Neuschwanstein
I told you...just beautiful.

Made our way around Germany this weekend. From Hessen to Bavaria/Alps in Germany to see Neuschwanstein Castle that was the inspiration for the Disney Castle. Absolutely beautiful area of the world, and the weather was absolutely perfect. After spending a couple of days down there we drove up to the Rheinland-Hessen area to visit our favorite wine ship and pick up some gifts from Stefan the shop owner, who has the be Eiswein in the world. And I'm not just saying that, he really wins the wine competition year after year for his Eiswein. If you have an extra $200 he'll ship you some. Just contact him at: Stefan's Wine Paradise. Of course the Rhein area is where all the Castles are: Katz, Mause, Rheinstein, Rheinfels, Eltz, etc.

Hohenschwangau, Germany

View from the Hotel

Hunter at the Aktiv Hotel Schweiger, Fussen, Germany (in the Alps).

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's all Rosie

First of all in the words of a true poet and artist, Mr. Snoop Dogg: "Fuck Bill O'Reilly...he can suck my cock."

Second Bill O'Reilly, apparently with the number one news show on cable TV (as I'm reminded at every possible opportunity on his show) can't afford a research staff, as Al Franken has pointed out time and time again and I will point out one more time. He must be spending all of the money on loofahs, long distance phone calls, lawyers, and settlements.

Bill, Rosie is right. Building 7 was blown up by admission of Mr. Silverstein the property owner on a PBS documentary Why the Towers Fell. He says in the documentary in order to prevent more loss of life, after talking to fire fighters and structural engineers he decided to "pull building 7." 'Pull' is construction speak for the organized demolition of a building by means of explosives. Mr. Silverstein very clearly states in the documentary that he decided to pull it, and explains what that means to pull a building. Mr. O'Reilly watch something other than your own show, or your own reflection, or the clips and sound bites fed to you by your obviously worthless producers.

I believe this morning's Rosie segment started with a coyfully indignant "Oh no, not again." Please. Like you're really upset that you have to spend a few more minutes on fake news Matt Lauer. Because if you actually had to cover what was going on in the world, your masters as GE might not be too happy with you. We're losing people at a significantly high rate every day, Iraqis are dropping like flies an what's imporatant is an arrogant fake news man commenting on something some TV personality said. Give me a break why dont you do the right thing, do the research that Bill cant afford and prove one side right or wrong. That would require your show to some sort of standard for what is news.

Your 'glib' coverage of the JibJab video pointing out the idiocy of the 24 hour news cycle and the punditocracy was about all I could stomach. Did you not get it? They were pointing out that you dont do your job any more. The fourth estate has fallen.

Cheney: 'Self-appointed strategists' forcing withdrawal

The Penguin Strikes Again.
Hey Mr. Vice President, Darth Maul, Death-Monger in Chief, supereme sith of the Bush-Cheney Neo-Con Death Cult why don't you take a look at the constitution. The Congress isn't self appointed, they are the people's appointed watch dogs. Why dont you try reading a book or two. Congress controlled the purse of the Continental army also. GEN George Washington had to write Senators and Governors to receive more soldiers, money, and equipment.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


It seems hopeless over there. I hate to say it but it doesnt seem winnable as the places where my brigade operated and made great strides seem to be slipping backwards to their state prior to our blood, sweat, and hardwork went into making the areas more secure. It seems since we left Tall Afar almost a year ago I've read once a week of a car bomb that kills at least 30 in that medium sized city of Sunnis, Shia, Kurds, and Turkomen. As today I read about the largest attack since the war began killing 160 and wounding 350 in the city that the President touted as the example for all the other cities to follow in his 2006 SOTU address, as my brigade was entering the country and specifically that city. Now that we have done a 14 month tour, 5 months of it there, and are now back home. I look at the news in disgust. Disgust at our leaders for being so ignorant and naive in starting this preventetive illegal invasion and occupation, and disgust at the Iraqis for being so ignorant and ungrateful. In Ramadi, Fallujah, and Anbar Province it seems to be more of the same. All of our hardwork means nothing, because they are back to where they were before we arrived. They want to be in the 7th Century, so pull out and leave them there. Our time, lives, and treasure there, wasted.

Post Operation Disney Leave

We only had a few days of leave after Disney so we drove to Memphis so Hunter could meet his Great Grandparents and Alissa's Uncle and his two babies:

On the way back from Memphis Hunter got really ill. Throwing up every couple of hours or so. By the time we hit Kentucky we decided to take him to the ER where they told us it would be a 2 hour wait before they could see him because they had a trauma coming in. Seeing how it was Kentucky it was probably some dumb hillbilly last heard uttering the phrase "Hey yall watch this," after downing a 12 pack of PBR. So we decided to go 30 minutes up the road to Ft. Knox and then decided to nix the ER plan altogether and just drive straight through to Northern Indiana and get him an appt with his doctor. Everytime we thought it was over he would throw up again. We decided it would be best for him to rest so we stopped in a hotel in Indy overnight. We thought all was clear and were on the phone about to cancel the appt. when we heard the familiar cry of pain from the rocket seat in the pack and then the all too familiar smell of curdled milk. It turned out to be some kind of stomach virus or something because he was all better that night, and the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him. But it was scary to say the least.

And then I got a tatoo

And finally we are all back "home" in Germany...for now.

Operation Disney Part 2

Let me start by saying Disney is not a vacation alright. It's expensive as hell and you have to make every moment count. I didnt know this before enlisting on this adventure. Disney is like boot camp for parents. And for parents that have been away from their 2 year old child for 14 months it is a wake up call. You cant waste a moment. Every day has to be planned with military precision, and executed accordingly. There is no time to rest and relax. There are 5 theme parks and you have to see every show and ride every ride inside of them. That means you're up at dawn and dont get to bed until hours after the park closes. You really dont have the money to waste time. Adding Univerals Studios to the lineup for first timer like me probably wasnt a good idea either. But there were chances to drink margaritas as we were walking, and all and all I think Hunter enjoyed it as much as I did. I think he's a sadist like that.

Day 2-Disney MGM

We got there as Mater was about to drive away. You dont understand he watches Cars on a loop and loves Mater. Everytime we saw him drive by that day it was a temper tantrum.
Day 3- Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Day 4-Magic Kingdom Part I
Day 5-Universal Studios

After the Barney show. We had to drag him away kicking and screaming.

Blues Brothers just performed and are driving off.

Day 6-Magic Kingdom Part II

I think the look says it all. It's night six of Operation Disney, the fireworks are going off, the Baby is asleep, and we still have the last ride to go: Space Mountain.

Seeing how we had the money we stayed in Carribbean Beach Resort. It was nice but food ran us at least $100 per day. After six days with two adults and a kid in the same Hotel room with no time to clean up because you are always on the go it doesnt look too good.