Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'm Baaaaack...

First of all let me start off saying I have been in the field since Sept 11th (let me tell you not the best date to go) but I had fun training. I love the training. It's when you find the weak links and can work on fixing them. But I guess alot has happened in the political world since I've been gone. I've only been able to keep track through the slightly skewed view of Stars and Stripes. Stars and Stripes doesnt do a bad job, but let's face it their audience isnt exactly the Garofalo and Franken loving types.

So we had a couple of victories for governships, and the Terminators proposals got terminated. The presidents approval rating continues to fall as he just keeps twising himself in the barbed wire that is anything his administration tries to do. This administration has just turned into a blazing ball of fire ready to implode at any moment. It isn't even just the Administration it's the entire fucking political party. Oh I think Johnny Cash said it best, "I fell into a burning ring of fire..." You know how it goes.

My internet is out at home because I havent been home to pay the bill, no telling how long that will take to fix in this country. But my wife left to go to the states to pick up my son and bring him back to us. It's only been two months but it feels like a lifetime since I've seen him. Four to 6 months they sure do grow up alot. I'm dreading neither one of us being around to watch him grow up for one whole year.
Cant wait to see the little man...only two more days...


Pixie said...

Welcome back!!! You've been missed; you know that. Great news that you get to be with your boy! Don't know what I'd do without my little bean.

Wish you could have heard Al Franken this morning (Air America Radio - maybe you can located transcripts)... I was so hysterically laughing I nearly caused an accident... His impersonation of Shrub giving a Maxima Mea Culpa for the Iraq debacle was priceless... absolutely pricesless.

Be well... will check in often.

*waving to Human*.

Happiness... and belated best wishes for Veteran's day...

TomPaine said...

I just listened to the Maxima mea culpa bit. Hilarious. Especially the part about disbanding the army. I download Air America en masse about twice a week from Air America
Morning Sedition, Ring of Fire, Al Franken, and the Majority Report and I just got an Ipod so I may actually be able to listen to them all.

Pixie said...

All wonderful 1010 AM AZ ROCKS... Randi Rhodes is my Goddess!

I swear... the Mea Culpa... everyone on the road must have thought I was losing it - wiping the tears from eyes and laughing...all alone... in my bitchin' Saturn!

Hope Human can find it.


Human said...

Thank heaven for our little boys!
Hope your having a family tickle fest!
I don't often get to listen to anything besides Sesame st. songs. I do a lot of research to back up my arguments. That and I might as well admit i. I'm a blog slut. But it has it's payoffs, like find good people like u 2! AAAAndd stuff like this -

I now Tom here is a believer, this is to be shared with others, even ahh maybe some Engineer types. Kinda dropped off lets say.

Human said...