Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Oh no they didnt!!!

From the administration that brought you a war built "on a pack of lies," comes Newsweek-gate. We have Scott McClelland, the mouthpiece for the administration that's "Worse than Watergate" (according to ex-Nixon officials) lecturing reporters on good journalism. All this stems from a supposed lapse of source from Newsweek on their Koran toilet story that has been reported since 2003, but supposedly caused riots in Afghanistan that killed 15 people, but according to the top brass ON THE GROUND was caused by the political turmoil and had nothing to do with it.
The administration that used secret source "Curveball" and convicted criminal Chalabi to collect lies to FEAR people into a war is now lecturing the press on using secret sources. This is all a diversion tactic. Maybe the fact that we've invaded two muslim coutries has something to do with why the Muslim world is mad at us. But no everything is newsweeks fault. And now another diversion the grenade in Tbilsi was live what is this the third change to the story and just when the world is about to come falling down around this administration. I dont think Rove has enough diversionary stories to cover all their lies that are coming to bare right now.

Ha Ha suckers....the Bush CHeney NeoCon death Cult and their Christo fascist zombi brigade is about to fall and hard...

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