Saturday, September 03, 2005

Tired of Hearing about New Orleans Yet...

...Not as tired as Bush is going to be, come the impeachment hearings for gross and embarrassing incompetence.

So, all you red state fucktards this is the guy that's going to protect you from a terrorist attack? Can't even put food and water into the mouths of Americans on American soil. It's fucking pathetic. Consider this rescue effort a dry run for what's going to happen when a bomb goes off in an American city, especially one containing any sort of BioChem weapons. This is something I dont actually consider a threat beacuse "we're fighting them over there." But just something for all you xenophobic, dillusional, fear-mongers to snack on. Any sort of BioChem would delay aid even longer and result in even more casualties. Only people in proper equipment would be able to go in to rescue survivors.

Every report I hear just makes me sadder and sicker. Here I am in Germany and I cant do anything. People getting shot, dying from lack of food, water, and medication. The diseases havent even begun to spread yet. We still have Hepatitis and other outbreaks that could occur due to people walking through sewage. Standing water creating hatching pools for mosqitoes spreading disease. This disaster is just beginning. The elderly, children, and babies just sitting out in the heat and dying. It's very very sad.

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