Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pissed off Gun Owner...That Can't be Good.

My career requires me to live great distances from my family. This career has put in the line of fire from enemy bullets and put me in combat situations where I have had to discharge my weapon. When traveling the supposed 'land of the free' in my vehicle when carrying a firearm is a giant pain in the ass thanks to hypersensitive, ignorant, whining, liberal assholes. That's right I said it, liberal assholes.
It would be great if we lived in a utopia with no crime but we don't. When I'm at home I have multiple firearms to use for defense of my person, family, and property. I am a law abiding citizen with no criminal record or intentions, why do I not have the right in the course of my travels to carry my firearm for protection? I have CHL from 2 states and I am about to get my 3rd from Texas. But even with the combat experience, classes, and training I am still not allowed to carry a weapon for defense in most of the East coast and a few midwestern states.
I am prevented from using my freedoms in defense of potential felon and criminal right to rob or kill me.

Good job Congress! Democrats should keep up the good work in preventing law abiding citizens from Constitutional rights and I will keep giving the money I could give to them to the NRA.

However, the NRA isn't innocent either as they stretch the 2nd Amendment to absurdity for people to carry everything from armor piercing ammo and fully automatic weapons to anything short of a rocket launcher. I just don't see what the logical argument is law abiding citizens from carrying firearms. Are they afraid I'm going to trip, fall, and drop my gun and accidentally kill someone. Their only arguments are absurd and contrary to all evidence.