Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Jes-had (gees-had)

The term jihad is well known as the Arab term for war, when it actually means struggles more of a spiritual nature. It has been misconstrued by Radical Muslims and ignorant Americans to mean war or a fight against something physical. What's not a well known term is a Jeshad, or the Christian Jihad. The Christian struggle against outside influences to stay true for their religion. Because these are people so doubtful and insecure of their own religious beliefs that they have to create a world in which it is safe for them to live without any temptation.
An example of a Jeshad would be the boycott of Disney by those kooky Christians because of their Gay Day. Jeshads are meant to bring to bear the full might of the radical wing of Christianity to bring war, usually economical, to any business that does things like support equal rights. Another example, and very recent, is the American Family Associations boycott of Ford for donating 1000 dollars to Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination for every Jaguar or Land Rover purchased by a homosexual. These people boycott on the premise that these corporations are destroying "traditional" American values. I hate to say this, but I think I agree with them, these corporations like Ford are destroying a traditional American value like DISCRIMINATION. I mean we always have to someone to ostracize and discriminate against in America. I mean what would America have been without the Natives, the slaves, the Irish immigrants, the Japanese, the Chinese, again the Blacks, Mexicans, and now Arabs and Homosexuals for the White Anglo Saxon Protestant right wing fascist xenophobes to stir irrational fear around.
Jeshads also work in politics. It's sort of the combination of the Muslim Jihad and Fatwah all in one.
The leaders of the "Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade" will occasionally give out the orders for a Jeshad and usually have a new one every week. Now when I think about the people who sign these petitions I think of two types of people 1) really old people who lose all their money to tele evangelists to heal people by slapping them on the forehead, and 2) And weird redneck dumbasses insecure with their own sexuality who also lose all their money to tele evangelists and have a great number of weapons and guns to make up for shortcomings in certain nether regions, and are usually guys who claim to be talking to Jesus on their 15th child's baby monitor.

Jeshads have been put on politicians. For instance, after the recent Senate "compromise" that allowed three ACTIVIST hack judges into the federal court system, Dr. James "I Love Fascist Theocracy" Dobson was telling the Repugs to kiss their bids for office in the future goodbye. Because "they," the Christo Fascist Zombie Brigade, were disappointed that they did not have total control of everything. Their ultimate goal through use of the Jeshad is to turn America into a Corporate Fascist Theocracy based on the misguided "followers" interpretations of the King James or NIV Books of Fables and Fairy Tales.

They are the same exact thing as the Jihadists in the Muslim world except in America they are "Christian" so they should be called Jeshadists.

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