Friday, September 02, 2005

Did the Government of Free Market Fail???

Who is to blame for the decrepit levees that have led to the disaster in New Orleans? They say it's too early to "play politics" or the "blame game." The politics have already been played and its cost many people including, small children and babies, their lives.
Bush has paraded people out, who, knowing their careers on the line, are covering for the Bush Cartel by saying that the funding cuts did not have any effect on the safety of the levees that broke. So, under duress, these "experts" are "testifying" on the news media to the same.
There is only one problem with this argument for the Bush-Cheney-Straussian-Free Market-Neo-Con Death Cult. If the government didn't do the repairs or pay for them, then it was left to the free market system the Neo Cons pledge allegiance to. So, the Neo Con Death Cult government failed to react in a timely manner to a crisis created by their passing the buck to the free market system.
So which failed the government they control or the system of government the swear to???

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