Friday, May 27, 2005

As if there isn't enough to worry about...

So, I've got friends in Iraq, buddies that have been, and I am going in the near future. As if there arent enough troubles and concerns in the middle of this chaotic war now soldiers are being charged with MURDER in the middle of a WAR zone. We have people outraged that Muslims are being unjustly put in prison, but nothing is said about soldiers and Marines being put on trial for doing the job they are trained to do.
I am not saying Iraq should be a free-for-all for American soldiers, which by all accounts it is as wel as the corporations, but now before I save my life or the life of my soldier by flipping my selector switch from safe to semi I am actually making the decision between living and going to prison or dying. I actually think that it is a shame that we have pulled out of all the World Courts because they wouldnt waste their time arguing the legality of every Iraqi shot by an American, but the legality of PREVENTIVE war in general.

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