Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Seig Heil...Gerald Allen Rep. and dumbass," PT II

You want to go around banning smutty books why dont you ban the bible. I mean after all I can't think of any other book that has more smut and crap in it. As a matter of fact I cant think of any other book that has caused more death and destruction upon humanity. The Bible has scenes of rape, incest, stoning people to death, and murderous butchering. I think this book of fairy tales could seriously screw someone up, more than reading Vidal, Williams, or Capote. I mean the bible has to be one of the goriest most sex laden books ever written. Go ahead ban the Bible...the most disguting book ever written. You dumb hillbilly, Nazi fuck...

Are we oppressed?

Hugo Chavez Will Not Visit U.S. Until Liberation
I really dont know how to feel about this. I mean afterall who would know better about oppression than someone who runs a rich South American country. I mean if we have someone on the outside looking in saying we are oppressed, we might want to at least take it under advisement.
Well you may say that's insane we're not oppressed. We are America the greatest, most free nation on Earth. Are we? Let's look at some examples of how oppressed have become without knowing it thanks to a "regime" that is becoming ever more fascist as it tries to play more to the Religious right aka the American Taliban.
1. We have people getting kicked out of taxpayer sponsored, public events because the people that run the events (REPUBLICANS) think their OPPOSING viewpoint will disrupt the event. What, the "boy king" cant think for himself to take on a lowly, supposedly brainless, liberal peon UNSCRIPTED in the open.
2. We have American citizens sitting in prison since 2001 without access to legal representation or any description of their charges.
3. I dont know if 2 is a result of the Patriot Act, but either way we no longer have a complete Bill of Rights. The 4th and 6th Amendments to the constitution are null and void under the guise of protecting the "motherland" from terrorists.
4. We have a power hungry majority in congress, senate, and executive wanting to abolish the checks and balances put forth by men much wiser than them. Not only that, but they are consistently passing legislation that the American public is against or works against the American public to suit THEIR own best interests.
So how are we oppressed by the media???
We have a media that, at the threat of being labeled unpatriotic or the enemy (thanks Goebbels), has rolled teets up to this administration. The Fourth Estate is consistently failing. Because all media is owned by large corporations which benefit from the current agenda, at the cost of the PEOPLE, they are playing the lackey and doing the job of convincing the public to vote against their own best interest. That is how we are oppressed by our media. There is no liberal MEDIA there is no independent media, there is no check on the government. They are doing whatever they want, with no recourse for their action. We dont even know what the fuck they're doing because we have noone watching them.

But no we're not oppressed. No not at all.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

"Seig Heil...Gerald Allen Rep. and dumbass"

To the member of the Christo Fascist Zombie Brigada Gerald Allen of the Alabama State Legislator:
Whatever your illiterate backward ass state decides to do I guess is good for your state. It's not like you or anyone who would legislate BANNING BOOKS like the Nazi you are would have the ability to Read and comprehend authors like Truman Capote or Tennesee Williams. It's not like your state consistently rates at the bottom of every list as far as poverty and education and maybe you could be doing something about that. No you're too worried about the Queer agenda. YOUR PEOPLE HAVE TO HAVE THE ABILITY TO READ THE FUCKING BOOKS BEFORE YOU SHOULD WORRY ABOUT BANNING OR BURNING THEM, you ignorant, backward ass, Nazi, Fascist. You apparently had time to read Mein Kampf and not 1984. Since when does the sexual preference have anything to do with validity of the text. How did you get your Bachelors Degree? I guess in Alabama all you have to do is show up and you get your fucking degree. No reading required huh. You fat, inbred, dumbass. Here's a hint for you and your family tree line spread the genes apart. In that case, and you and the fellow member of the Christo Fascist Zombie Brigade would probably like this, we should probably also ignore the teachings of Greek philosophers.

Is adultery as big a sin as being a queer? I cant remember I haven't read the King Jame's Book of Fairy Tales in awhile. Then maybe we should ban books by adulterers also. So, we would have to throw out the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence, all written in part by Thomas Jefferson the adulterer. I dont think it's good for the people of Alabama to read the works of an adulterer either. On that note noone should ever read My Life by Bill Clinton or The retarded Contract with America written by adulterous republicans like Newt Gingrich. You dumb, hillbilly, xenophobic, fuck.

And the Republican constituency doesnt like to believe they have become FASCIST. WAKE UP DUMBASSES!!!!! This is how it started in the 1920's in Germany then by 1940 the Germans were asking how the fuck did this happen. This is how, one step at a time. Keep electing these people and see where your country will be in 10 years.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nuh uh I support our troops more than you do...FUCKERS!!!!!!

I just felt I needed to write that...

Monday, April 25, 2005

Hate a Liberal...

For all of you vitrolic, Limbaugh listening, Coulter reading, CHICKENHAWK, "Bush-Cheney Death Cult Neo-Cons," especially of the "Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade," type I have something for you.

You bitch and complain all the time about liberals bitching and complaining, about how liberals have accomplished nothing in our history, how they are useless.
If Liberals are useless give back your health insurance and tell your employer you want to opt out of minimum wage. If you're in a Labor union quit the union and give up all of your benefits and great pay. Believe me I know how much people make union versus nonunion and it's a bit disgusting.
Start allowing the government and corporations to dump their pollutants in your backyard. Resegregate your schools, of course you would probably like that. Open up all your records, because you have no privacy; which means you also Rush. Take the seatbelts and airbags out of your car, and put the gas tank right behind the rear bumper. OSHA let's get rid of that, along with Worker's Compensation. Lets do away with welfare also. That way we just have a bunch of homeless people running around like a bad scene from Beyond the Thunderdome raiding your homes for goods to sell.
Social security we dont need that either. Women dont need the right to vote, they should be in the kitchen anyway. We should all be ashamed that it has only been since 1964 that people of a different skin tone have had officially had equal rights of the "paler race."
As a matter of fact let's do away with the teachings of a really famous liberal, Jesus. Lets go back to the beginning and do away with the constitution because it was pretty radical and liberal to break away from the Monarchy that owns you and to dissent. After all dissent is bad isn't it.
So go ahead a hate the liberals because they havent done anything good in the history of this nation, or the world.

Republican Party Oath

Taken from

The Republican Party Loyalty Oath, Courtesy of Kim Jong Il of North Korea
April 25, 2005A BuzzFlash EditorialBuzzFlash recently came upon what appears to be the Bushevik Republican Party loyalty oath in the most unlikely of places (but we'll get to that in a minute).Here is what BuzzFlash believes Republicans at the highest levels must swear to:"All Republican Party members have to:
1. Dedicate ourselves to struggle to arouse the whole society in pursuing the theocracy implemented by the great President chosen by God, George W. Bush.
2. To offer our highest loyalty to the anointed President, George W. Bush.
3. To make absolute the authority of the wartime leader, George W. Bush.
4. To believe in the Biblical one-party state thought of the great President, George W. Bush, and to maintain the uniformity of the messages of the President.Each Republican Party member must also observe the following principles:
5. A Party member only recognizes the authority of President George W. Bush and the Republican Congress -- and Judicial appointees handpicked to carry out the orders of the great President.
6. A Party member accepts unconditionally the teachings of the President and regards them as a yardstick for making all decisions.
7. When making reports, discussing a topic, giving a lecture, or quoting from documents, one has to refer to the President's message of the day and Biblical worldview and never speak or write about something inconsistent with the President's views."Sounds pretty accurate to us, doesn't it to you?Well, we have a confession to make. We were reading a Neo-Connish account of North Korea that we received from a publisher who obviously doesn't read BuzzFlash. (You know the book's got a Neo-Con orientation when the first book jacket quotation of praise is from the American Enterprise Institute and the second from an organization whose board of directors includes the former Executive Director of GOPAC, Newt Gingrich's controversial political fund.) The information in the book is actually interesting, because Kim Jong Il is kind of like George W. Bush without voting booths. They both inherited power -- and they both think that they are in their positions because of higher forces.We admit Kim Jong II has had more time to wreak havoc in North Korea, including an estimated 3 million people starved to death, and is almost a cartoonish villain out of "Austin Powers." Jong really is a bad boy and threat to the world. He lives in a bubble, you know, like some other people we know -- and always thinks he's right. Civil rights have been permanently suspended in North Korea because of threats to the "homeland," but George is working on catching up.Well, you get the picture. Sometimes it doesn't seem too far from here to there.And this is one reason why. The Bushevik Republican Party loyalty oath BuzzFlash posted above is actually adapted (by BuzzFlash) from the loyalty oath to Kim Jong Il (originally written for his father, Kim Il Sung) as excerpted on pages 70-71 of "Rogue Regime: Kim Jong Il and the Looming Threat of North Korea," by Jasper Becker:All [North Korean Communist] party members have to: "
1. Dedicate ourselves to struggle to arouse the whole society in pursuing the revolutionary thought of the great Chairman, Comrade Kim Il Sung.
2. To offer our highest loyalty to the great Chairman, Comrade Kim Il Sung.
3. To make absolute the authority of the great Chairman, Comrade Kim Il Sung.
4. To believe in the revolutionary thought of the great Chairman, Comrade Kim Il Sung and to maintain the uniformity of the teachings of the Chairman.And so forth. Each [North Korean Communist] member must also observe the following principles:
5. A Party member only recognizes the authority of Comrade Kim Il Sung.
6. A Party member accepts unconditionally the teachings of the Chairman and regards them as a yardstick for making all decisions.
7. When making reports, discussing a topic, giving a lecture, or quoting from documents, one has to refer to the Chairman's teachings and never speak or write about something inconsistent with the Chairman's views."This ironic similarity in loyalty oaths between a nascent totalitarian regime (Bush's) with a member of the "Axis of Evil" (Kim Jong Il of North Korea) takes on more ominous -- and less laughable -- implications, when you consider that the American national government is now a one-party state. In this one-party state, everyone from Tom DeLay, to Karl Rove, to George W. Bush, to Dick Cheney, have instituted processes and placed people in positions (e.g., Alberto Gonzales) where they will not be prosecuted or seriously investigated for violations of American law.Furthermore, we are about to embark on the final stage of Bush's "Biblicalization" of the Federal Courts through the appointment of incompetent hacks, whose only loyalty is to the oath of "Bushism" cited above. They will be consistently and unhesitatingly loyal to Bush because they would have never merited the honor of being on the Federal bench except that they are lackies for the Busheviks. Putting incompetents on the Federal courts will buy you a lot of loyalty in the effort to turn America into a Biblically run nation.As the "Lexington Herald-Leader" of Kentucky noted on Sunday, April 24, 2005:
Today, if all goes as planned, Kentucky will play host to a well-scripted immorality play in which political and religious extremists pummel truth beyond recognition and twist Christianity into an ugly caricature of itself in their crusade to give Dubya the opportunity to perform an extreme makeover on the federal courts, packing their benches with enough "faith first, law last" judges to tilt our legal system dangerously toward the model of the Spanish Inquisition.….But one defining trait of the political and religious extremists who lead the radical right is an arrogance so strong that it does not allow for the possibility that their current reign will ever end. It is this arrogance that leads them to ignore negative poll numbers and continue their quest to eliminate the filibuster for judicial nominations so that Dubya will be free to do his extreme makeover of the federal judiciary.[LINK]We have gone through a period of weeks when judges have been verbally assaulted and physically threatened by the likes of Tom DeLay and religious extremists who form the base of Bush's Party (with the corporate prostitutes providing the seed money to spread the faith in return for contracts and tax deductions). Everything that the Busheviks have treasonously uttered could have been said about purging the ranks of dissenters from the "pure" Communist ideology of Bush's evil "mini-me," Kim Jong II. One recent Bushevik fundamentalist with criminal intent said that non-Christian thinking judges should be put to death as Stalin dealt with his foes: "He had a slogan, and it worked very well for him, whenever he ran into difficulty: 'no man, no problem.' " Shouldn't the Secret Service or FBI have had a little conversation with this Bushevik implying that judges should be killed if they don't follow "orders"? [LINK]Totalitarian regimes aren't built overnight. The Busheviks are still putting their people in place.But know this, these appointees may swear allegiance to the Constitution -- and lie their way through confirmation hearings -- but their only loyalty is to the phone call from the White House when a crucial decision comes up.Kim Jong Il knows the routine.A BuzzFlash EditorialBuzzFlash Afternote: In the front leaf of "Rogue Regime," it notes "North Korea's Kim Jong Il made himself into a living god, surrounded by lies, flattery and beyond criticism." Imagine that happening to someone in the United States! Hey, George, we are talking about you, listen up.
According to sources, Bell will announce his resignation tonight (Friday) and will officially leave the air next Wednesday. The announcement is bound to throw the radio industry upside down, Bell is heard in over 400 markets.
"Family Concerns" have convinced Bell to leave radio. PREMIERE is considering Ian Punnett of Atlanta as a replacement host to Bell, According to insiders.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Party Whores

You would think I'm talking about loose women at alocohol induced social gatherings. I am, however, talking about the Republican Party. In the vote for roll call 108 for the passage of Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act in the House.
73 Democrats saw fit to vote for the Act while a majority of Democrats, 125, voted against it.
However not one Republican saw fit to weigh the merits of this bill and vote against it, all 229 who voted, voted for the bill. Is it because they all read and liked what the bill had to offer their constituents. I'm guessing out of 229 Republicans, you know the laissez faire party, at least 1 had to disagree with the bill and it's provisions. But Republicans are whores to their party. Party first constituents dont matter. This vote only proves it. Those who vote for them a merely a formality. "Those who vote decide nothing, the man who counts the votes decides everything." ---STALIN.
I mean even some of the Democrats at least had the balls to go against their party line and vote for the act whether I disagree with them or not. The Repugs however need the blessing from the "Bug-Killing-Dwarf-King of the Bush Cheney NeoCon Death Cult's Legislative Pig Pack." (Marc Maron AAR's "Morning Sedition") It's sickening when politics befrore people is this blatant and noone cares, and someone is going to find a way to defend it or praise it.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Why do they fight?

As a perceived despot encroaches on your homeland you would fight the same way we did during the Revolution. Perceived imperialism is just as dangerous as the actual imperial ownership of a region. This is especially true in a place where the only way the know how to make a statement is with a bomb and not through the freedom of expression provided by "democracy." So, we have brought them "freedom" why dont they use it to express how they feel? Because they dont know how and they dont trust that it will work. The President says that we have brought them freedom and democracy and it will be a beacon of light shining into the rest of the Middle East. Well the light has started to shine in Egypt and now people are getting bombed. If the US is the example of freedom for others to follow then we should be just that the example, not freedoms discriminate handy man, fixing only the problems we want to fix and leaving all the other to build until they explode. As our despotic beacon encroaches on foreign shores they will fight to keep it at bay.
We have spent all of our "political capital" in the worlds systems. The world has discovered the dirty secret of our democracy, it can be hijacked easily and the people once complacent can be easily manipulated to support any cause with shoddy evidence, and out of fear for their own safety can be made hypocrites.
Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety. Ben Franklin
Out of false paranoia, ignorance, aarogance, and FEAR we can be made to choose the way of the coward instead of taking the path of bravery.
More to come...

Friday, April 08, 2005

Greetings from Hohenfels, GE

It's been over a month since my last post because I have been "deployed" for a month to Hohenfels coming back for a weeks R and R then out to Grafenwohr. We put the field in Field Artillery.