Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rant with a side of rant

From "Politics with Jared and Dave" on the Facebook: "The following was posted on a conservative's page. The page admin posts here from time to time under a couple different names, so she (yes, she) will no doubt see your responses. Here it is:I am curious to know why so many liberals are so jacked up on the so-called "war on woman" just because they might lose their right to abort an innocent baby, when the laws are actually help them open up their minds to how developed this unborn human is. Also complaining about their precious BC and insisting on someone else pay for their choice to use it? These complaints go on while we have the NDAA signed and other freedoms taken away. Our Gas prices going higher than they ever have been etc. So womans right to kill and take BC is the most important issue to them?"

****Takes in deep breath*****

Gas prices are high and will continue to go higher with inflation and a OPEC cartel-induced shortage of supply. This combined with members of your Randian-Objectivist Corporatist Death Cult on Wall Street hav...e using free license gained through deregulation to mess with the market using commodity short sells to jack the price up based on subjective assumptions about world socio-political climate. Not to mention we have reached peak oil and the oil we can get to now is so hard to get to that they have to raise the cost of the product because the cost of production has increased. So, gas prices, not much we can do about that.

Second, the NDAA doesn't directly effect peoples everyday lives but having babies they can't afford to care for will effect them, you and me directly and indirectly, personally and as a society. So, we have this great preventive medication that PREVENTS people from 1) having kids they can't afford so they have to go on welfare and 2) PREVENTS fucking abortions you jackanape. And you aren't paying for anybody's contraception, even the little bit of federal tax that does go to birth control. So, what? Taxes go to pay for shit that people don't want to pay for everyday. I don't like my tax dollars to go to religious institutions but yay varily they find a way to get that money by running deficient day cares and prostelyzation centers disguised as soup kitchens. And how has the NDAA limited your freedom's practically?

Besides the fact that it allows woment to not be boodmares BC is also important because it is about a personal freedom and a personal choice besides the fiscal and social ramifications. And more of a threat to personal freedom than the NDAA, don't you think? You're worried about the government using NDAA to know what bestiality, bondage and rent-boy sites your husband searches while you're protesting Planned Parenthood clinics but have no problem with the government stepping directly between a patient, their doctor and their personal choice of what medication to take. And then if they do get pregnant because you didn't want them to take a pill once a day because your book of magic fucking cock sucking fairy tales says they shouldn't you want to step between them, their doctor and a personal and emotionally painful choice to have an abortion. So, fuck off with your bullshit about the NDAA and limiting freedom blah, blah, blah. You only care because it's not limiting people's freedoms based on your book of Aesop's fables.

*****And breathe*****

Monday, March 12, 2012

Snitches get stitches

“Can't blame the dude for having a breakdown, it's been a rough few weeks over there. Can't say I don't condone the method either if w'ere going to stay there. But let this be a lesson on the toll we could exert if we wanted. One dude can walk off the base and kill 16, we could kill every motherfucker in that country if we had the inclination.”

There has been some outcry about my commentary concerning the soldier who ran off base and killed 16 civilians in Afghanistan. Well, first don’t say you’re for free speech and then complain to someone in the Army because you don’t like what I said. Second, this is my personal page which implies my personal opinions based on my experience not the my official Army page. If you want the official Army opinion go to their official page. My page represents my personal views not the views of the DOD, the Army or my unit.

Third let’s dissect the comment above for those that need more explaining.

“Can't blame the dude for having a breakdown, it's been a rough few weeks over there.”
It has been a rough few weeks over there. I have been in the middle of a country and war with increasing hostility. To put it into context the time I was in Iraq we were averaging 100 troop deaths per month. So, I know the mental and emotional toll that being in the middle of that situation can create. Oh yeah, and I’ve done that for 30 months and I am about to add 12 more. So, I don’t need some weekend warrior lecturing me on how I should be more restrained.

“Can't say I don't condone the method either if w'ere going to stay there. But let this be a lesson on the toll we could exert if we wanted. One dude can walk off the base and kill 16, we could kill every motherfucker in that country if we had the inclination.”
I said that to make a point. Either we are there to win or we are not. The only way to win with these people, who are one step above cave-dwellers, is to kill them all and if we don’t have the guts or the sociopathy (which, I hope we don’t) as a country to do that then we need to leave. Immediately. So, essentially I was making the point that this war is over and we need to wrap it up because we are not there to win by military means. The second part was meant to demonstrate the lethality of a single American soldier. That statement is two points, we are a lethal force if you don’t want us to kill people then don’t send us to foreign countries in a war, and to demonstrate even with that amount of lethality in a single soldier we have been fairly restrained and disciplined in the engagement of these two alleged wars.

And whether you like to believe it or not this guy will be a hero to some soldiers because he did what they all think about and talk about doing, “just going out and killing everyone.” Shit, he did what I have fantasized about doing during the darkest times of war but I was able to obviously realize that was wrong. Because when you lose a buddy, a friend, all you can think about is vengeance because war isn’t about justice it’s about winning at all costs because winning means you come back alive. After all it’s what we do, it’s what we’re trained to do and if you have a problem with that then you should look into something other than the Army or Marine Corps. And if you want to deny the reality of what we actually are trained to do then you need to get a good dose of reality. Are we trained to run off base alone and just start randomly killing people? Of course not. But if you think we’re petting puppies and crocheting then you need to have your head examined, not me. I’ve been examined and certified. So, what’s your excuse for denying reality? And if you don’t appreciate my honesty then unfriend me, don’t talk to me, if you have a problem with something I said please let me know not my NCOIC via my official FB page.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Africa? I don't give a fuck! *WARNING EXPLICIT RANT AHEAD* Now with 26% more Hippie bashing…

I'm going to take an unpopular stance here, I don't give a fuck how many people some religious nut job has killed in Africa. It all comes down to natural selection. If they want to naturally select themselves out of the world that's on them. Fuck 'em. Not my problem. I'm not heartless I'm practical. If the Ugandans, Congoans and others can't team up to stop this Kony guy, that's on them. Not me, not America.

And here’s the other thing, you pacifist bleeding-heart hippies. “Liking” a Facebook status isn't going to stop a blood thirsty mad man. Blood begets blood, my friends. Much more killing will have to be done to stop this guy. Are you willing to get bloody? Are you willing to get dirty? Because that is what it’s going to take. Good I’ll see you on the battlefield. If you think sending pretty notes with rainbow pictures and unicorn stickers is going to stop this guy you are delirious and you need to check yourself into an institution.

Let's work on America first then we can start worrying about people that have been killing each other, literally, since the birth of Homo erectus 2 million years ago. So, change 2 million years of that bullshit then we can start talking about how capturing one fucking fuck-twat, doing what they've done since the dawn of time in that area, is going to change anything on that whole goddamned continent.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Free-Market Capitalism: Threat to Freedom

Which do you love more Republicans? Free speech or the free-market because you have created a world with your policies where the latter controls the former.

So which will you defend, free-speech to keep Rush on the air? Or will you defend the free-market capitalism that is silencing him and could possibly force him off the air? I thought corporations could do no wrong. They are people, my friend, as the front-runner for the Republican Presidential nomination reminded a person at one of his events.

And to be honest this isn’t about free-speech because Rush still has the right to say whatever he wants, and I agree with Rush having the right to call people names whenever he wants. But you don’t have a right to say whatever you want on the public-owned, corporate-leased airwaves. The corporations are concerned with keeping that license.

Many of you may lay-people not realize that even with the PICAN standard abolished by Reagan and annihilated by Clinton in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 it only takes one substantiated complaint at the right time for a corporation to lose its broadcast license. These corporations rely on the lease they have for the public airwaves to run their stations that run the commercials that give them the money. The shows are simply filler, the shows don’t make money, but the commercials do. That is why it is a big deal when a show starts losing advertisers.

So, if it seems there is cognitive dissonance coming out of the conservatives/Republicans/right-wing (really, nothing new there) it’s because they are trying to defend two ideas that are incompatible with each other. They are trying to defend Rush’s right to slander and libel while cursing free-market capitalist ideology that has kept him on the air this many years. You can’t have both for Rush in this case. He is going to be relegated to the status of the Westboro Baptist Church just yelling “slut” at passing cars on your local highway because that’s the way the corporations and free market want it.

Capitalism, the continuous work of concentrating wealth and power, is the true enemy of democracy and free speech. You can’t have free speech in a country where speech can be bought by the highest bidder because if you have to buy it or access to it then it is not free.