Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Melancholly Joy

I cant help but be happy as every republican goes down in a blazing ball of fire and the "minority" of the US pounces on them to attack the wounded animal. I mean who in their right mind still believes these subhuman vermin. These people that lie, cheat, and steal at every turn. Put their own personal interests before the welfare of the country, or fellow countrymen.

It's happiness followed by sadness as I think they damage they've done in 6 years to our Republic may be irrepairable.

People touting the power of the "free market" as GM and Ford lay of thousands of workers in order to pad the pockets of already too wealthy CEO's. The final steps in the institution of a fascist, corporate-friendly economy devoid of worker's rights taking us back to the "Gilded Age" of the 1890's when robber-barons ruled the US and were given a free pass.

We should be ashamed as we are the only industrialized nation that doesnt GUARANTEE healthcare to the our citizens. Noone's going to last forever, but this is a benchmark to measure the evolution of a society or culture, how well they treat their own.

What is it these people have against progress? Why do they want to take us back to the dark annals of American history when women were second class citizens and workers slaves to the owners of corporations? Only fascists would wish to enslave their own people.


Human said...
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Human said...

Peace to you and yours and May this be the bestest Thanksgiving ever for you and your family. I'm so glad that your wife and child are by your side. I truly wish that all the men and women in Iraq and around the world had the same.
Maybe by this time next year many others will be with their families.
your fellow Human

Pixie said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving... I started reading Our Endangered Values by Jimmy Carter at my mom's house... I wonder how long it will take her to notice it is gone...;)

Check it out:

I adore this Army Girl.

Peace and happiness to all.

And just love.

Pixie said...

Having Anger Management withdrawls.

TomPaine said...

Couldnt sleep last night and I have no internet at home so I took some mental notes during my fit of insomnia and produced a few this morning.
It's always good to wanted.