Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Government Did it...

After watching 9/11 The Rise of the Police State by Alex Jones I have succumbed to the fact that the government, if it didn't contract the hit on the twin towers, they at least knew and didnt do anything about it.
+Marvin Bush (younger brother of George W. Bush) was in charge of security on the WTC and his two-year contract expired 9/11/2001.
+Cheney took control of NORAD on 9/11 and effectively took the power out of the hands of the Generals to act to defend the Republic. He had NORAD stand down in a "coincidental" series of exercises in the days before practicing reaction to attacks on WTC and Pentagon. When NORAD realized there was something wrong he limited the reacting jet aircraft to a flight speed of 350mph. Why would he not want them to get to the scene as fast as they could?
+The Joint Chiefs of Staff were supposed to be in New York on 9/11 but were called and told not to go by the WHITE HOUSE.
+San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown also was warned as were many other individuals, including an IM on a Jewish IM. These are not urban myths.
+No skyscraper has ever fallen from fire. If you watch the video you can see the secondary explosions, those that would be used to "pull" a building. The building just happens to fall in the same manner. Only buildings owned by Silverstein are destroyed.
There is so much more evidence you just have to watch the video to see it and how the NWO is taking over...or I guess has taken over our government.

Dismiss it as conspiracy theory...until you're living under the opressive thumb of FASCIST hegemony. Prescott Bush was a Nazi supporter and helped Hitler.

This is sick....

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

As you travel overseas you find that people generally dislike U.S. policy, its leaders, and have lost respect for the U.S. Some would argue that the loss of respect stems from our policy of preventative war, but I think that is just a symptom of a larger reason why we have lost our standing in the eye's of the world.

For more than two centuries America has been a beacon of hope for countries living in tyranny at the rule of despots around the world. People living under opressive regimes looked up the U.S. Why did they look at us as a sign of hope? They did not look for us to free them but we provided them the example of what could be done.

More than two hundred years ago we did somthing that had not been done up to the point of the American Revolution. All over the world people were living under the opressive thumb of despots who ruled Empires from many thousands of miles away. Americans finally took a stand against imperialism and displaced despotism, stood their ground, and chased the evil Empire from there shores. We then instituted a government ruled by the farmers, bankers, lawyers, and blacksmiths, because they suffer the plight of everyday existance, they would know the better policies by which to govern. The rest of the world looked to us as we expelled evil from our soil and claimed it as our own. The empirial slaves of Spain, England, and France looked to us as a big brother, and hoped one day for their own uprising that would cleanse the despot from their shores; allow them to live their life as they wanted, not as slaves to an unfeeling beast on a distant shore, but with every man as equals.

So, back to the question of why we have lost our standing. We are once again threatened by a new imperial menace and a new despotism. We have lost our standing in the eyes of the world because they watched us succeed and they are now watching our experiment fail to the fear that they will succumb the same fate. As the liberties we established are washed away one by one by the new despots who are above our own laws. The ruling elite have returned in the form of corporations, their owners, and rich heirs who have the money to purchase legislation in their favor. The ruling elite have also formed a new despotism through their purchasing of "elected" officials. The new despots rule in secret, and are usually members of the same secret elitist organizations. The Bush's, for example, are all members of Skull and Bones which was created in 1832 to overthrow the rightful government of the U.S. and replace in with a dictatorship, and they and their members of the new despotism have been doing it gradually and subversively.

So, instead of being slaves a king that rules by divine right, America is fast becoming and is the slave of, king money which rules by fear, greed, lies. The same nations that watched us conquer the demon of despotism two hundred years ago, now watch us succumb to its rule, in a different fashion but on all the same, gradually and unconsciously. That is why they dont respect us, because we have lost the will to fight. We are not we once stood for, and we do not stand up for what we once stood up for. Our own freedom.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Right to life???

I love the hypocrites encircled on the right to life side. These people are saving embryos by adopting them. Well, the only way to "save" these embryos is to plant them in a woman and then perform in vitro fertilization to make them a viable being, which the Catholic church is still anti-invitro fertilization. The ChristoFascists are saving the embryos because they dont want them destroyed by "crazy scientists" who want to find cures for diseases like Alzheimers, MS, and paralysis. You know, diseases if they were cured, would improve and save many lives, including the lives of those vets that these CHICKENHAWKS sent to war. Seeing how embryos, used in stem cell research are blastocysts, a group of cells, and are not viable beings. But I guess the problem is they could have been babies. Which makes no sense.

Of course, if these people spent more time reading Biology text books instead of banning them they might know that. Well back to in vitro fertilization, in order for this process to work normally many embryos have to be SACRIFICED, I heard one of these Christ-Fascist Zombies on the radio talking about she had 13 tries. Well, by your logic, you moron, that's 13 deaths all in an EXPERIMENTAL attempt at a unnatural way of having a child. You will certainly burn in HELL. Where is the outrage from the Zombie Brigade?

I am for individual rights so, I'm in no way against in vitro fertilization, or abortion, or stem cell research, the problem is these people run around yelling and screaming and spitting and wailing, "Save the Embryos," and by their own admission and complicit to their own logic are no better than abortionists. It is certainly no better to sacrifice an embryo, or 13, in an experiment, for the selfish purpose of having a child out of righteous indignation than it is to sacrifice and embryonic blastocyst, for the common good in having researchers find cures for diseases the kill LIVE people and destroy their lives.

These same people are they same anti-science, anti-academic, meat heads running around turning America piece by piece into a THEOCRACY. This was the idea of the Pilgrims. They didnt leave England to escape persecuction, the lie perpetrated by historians to give WASP's this identification with being a victim, they left England so they could persecute people as they pleased (witch burnings, the Natives). You see the Pilgrims were too uptight for the English. The forefathers thought that they had reversed this evil trap by guaranteeing the separation of church and state, little did they know that the power hungry CHRISTO FASCISTS would always find a way to usurp freedom to press their agenda upon a population in the form of THEOCRACY.

Then "President" Bush said he wouldn't use tax dollars to fund the taking of life. Well, even though I agree with the death penalty, it is the use of tax dollars to kill people. I know the argument for this one is that, "well embryos are innocent lives." First, embryos are eggs and are not a form of life technically until they become a FETUS medically at eight weeks and really not until they are born.
Well, if he is against taking innocent life then why did he lie to get us into a war where an estimated 100,000 innocent people have died. Not only at the hands of crazy IslamoFascist (the cousin of the Christo-Fascist), but also at the hands of American Soldiers put in a chaotic situtation similar to Vietnam. INNOCENT CHILDREN are dying everyday over there. Where is the outrage CHRISTO FASCIST ZOMBIE BRIGADE???

These people parade on a platform of pro-life, they want to save all the embryos, fetuses, blastocysts, tumors, and ovarian cysts, so they can make babies out of them. Well, what about the Bush twins they are of child bearing age why dont they adopt a couple of those embryos since this apparently so important. So, the wacky "flying-monkey" right wants all these babies, but they dont want to fund the SOCIAL programs to deal with all the babies that will be around when we force women in already decrepit situations, financially and socially, to have children they cant afford. Especially since they havent been taught SAFE SEX in school but been told to not have sex because the devil will make them barren or whatever right wing bull shit is being taught.

They want to save the embryos and fetuses but forsake the children that are the end result.

If these people are so anti-science, and dont want to be complicit in any RESEARCH that has taken human life, I dont expect to see them taking any prescription medications or using any medical advancement that has come as a result of human experimentation, or cellualar experimentation. After all, what's fair is fair. It's bad enough that it took their Ronald Regan having Alzheimer's to turn some of them onto the benefit of stem cell research. Yeah you know that LIVING BEINGS had to die to test that VIAGRA and VIOXX and LIPITOR and LITHIUM.

I think the only thing in real danger of dying is science. With the CHRISTO FASCIST ZOMBIE BRIGADE'S completely anti-science platform of no research and no teaching BIOLOGY, but instead teaching intelligent design, a PHILOSOPHY NOT a SCIENTIFIC theory, the only real thing that is dying is the spirit of research and experimentation. Once we fall prey to the realm of anti-progress we will slip too far behind to catch up. Because I don't think intelligent design is going to lead to as many MEDICAL and SCIENTIFIC breakthroughs as BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, and PHYSICS.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Jes-had (gees-had)

The term jihad is well known as the Arab term for war, when it actually means struggles more of a spiritual nature. It has been misconstrued by Radical Muslims and ignorant Americans to mean war or a fight against something physical. What's not a well known term is a Jeshad, or the Christian Jihad. The Christian struggle against outside influences to stay true for their religion. Because these are people so doubtful and insecure of their own religious beliefs that they have to create a world in which it is safe for them to live without any temptation.
An example of a Jeshad would be the boycott of Disney by those kooky Christians because of their Gay Day. Jeshads are meant to bring to bear the full might of the radical wing of Christianity to bring war, usually economical, to any business that does things like support equal rights. Another example, and very recent, is the American Family Associations boycott of Ford for donating 1000 dollars to Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination for every Jaguar or Land Rover purchased by a homosexual. These people boycott on the premise that these corporations are destroying "traditional" American values. I hate to say this, but I think I agree with them, these corporations like Ford are destroying a traditional American value like DISCRIMINATION. I mean we always have to someone to ostracize and discriminate against in America. I mean what would America have been without the Natives, the slaves, the Irish immigrants, the Japanese, the Chinese, again the Blacks, Mexicans, and now Arabs and Homosexuals for the White Anglo Saxon Protestant right wing fascist xenophobes to stir irrational fear around.
Jeshads also work in politics. It's sort of the combination of the Muslim Jihad and Fatwah all in one.
The leaders of the "Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade" will occasionally give out the orders for a Jeshad and usually have a new one every week. Now when I think about the people who sign these petitions I think of two types of people 1) really old people who lose all their money to tele evangelists to heal people by slapping them on the forehead, and 2) And weird redneck dumbasses insecure with their own sexuality who also lose all their money to tele evangelists and have a great number of weapons and guns to make up for shortcomings in certain nether regions, and are usually guys who claim to be talking to Jesus on their 15th child's baby monitor.

Jeshads have been put on politicians. For instance, after the recent Senate "compromise" that allowed three ACTIVIST hack judges into the federal court system, Dr. James "I Love Fascist Theocracy" Dobson was telling the Repugs to kiss their bids for office in the future goodbye. Because "they," the Christo Fascist Zombie Brigade, were disappointed that they did not have total control of everything. Their ultimate goal through use of the Jeshad is to turn America into a Corporate Fascist Theocracy based on the misguided "followers" interpretations of the King James or NIV Books of Fables and Fairy Tales.

They are the same exact thing as the Jihadists in the Muslim world except in America they are "Christian" so they should be called Jeshadists.