Monday, April 25, 2005

Hate a Liberal...

For all of you vitrolic, Limbaugh listening, Coulter reading, CHICKENHAWK, "Bush-Cheney Death Cult Neo-Cons," especially of the "Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade," type I have something for you.

You bitch and complain all the time about liberals bitching and complaining, about how liberals have accomplished nothing in our history, how they are useless.
If Liberals are useless give back your health insurance and tell your employer you want to opt out of minimum wage. If you're in a Labor union quit the union and give up all of your benefits and great pay. Believe me I know how much people make union versus nonunion and it's a bit disgusting.
Start allowing the government and corporations to dump their pollutants in your backyard. Resegregate your schools, of course you would probably like that. Open up all your records, because you have no privacy; which means you also Rush. Take the seatbelts and airbags out of your car, and put the gas tank right behind the rear bumper. OSHA let's get rid of that, along with Worker's Compensation. Lets do away with welfare also. That way we just have a bunch of homeless people running around like a bad scene from Beyond the Thunderdome raiding your homes for goods to sell.
Social security we dont need that either. Women dont need the right to vote, they should be in the kitchen anyway. We should all be ashamed that it has only been since 1964 that people of a different skin tone have had officially had equal rights of the "paler race."
As a matter of fact let's do away with the teachings of a really famous liberal, Jesus. Lets go back to the beginning and do away with the constitution because it was pretty radical and liberal to break away from the Monarchy that owns you and to dissent. After all dissent is bad isn't it.
So go ahead a hate the liberals because they havent done anything good in the history of this nation, or the world.

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Emily D. said...

good, good points.

the neo-cons don't really understand what it means to be a "liberal." a liberal is someone who would make choices with the most good for the most people in mind. the neo-cons just call anyone a "liberal" who doesn't agree that profit driven, humanity sapping, planet destroying corporations and their oil loving, war mongering friends are doing great things for America and the world.

i also want to say thanks for your perspective. you have military experience, but that does not mean that you blindly accept that all military action ordered by the top commanders of this nation has been a good thing for america's stability or for global stability. it's really shitty that this war has to divide our country. i don't believe it is unpatriotic to believe this war is wrong. i don't hate america, i live here. i don't hate the soldiers, they're just like me only they've been put in a dangerous position by our government. I JUST HATE THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN RUNNING THE SHOW HERE FOR WAAAAAAY TOOOO LOOOOONG!!

war is not something to take lightly or glorify. to me, it signifies a total failure on humanity's part. not that the neo-cons ever give humanity a try.