Thursday, April 28, 2005

"Seig Heil...Gerald Allen Rep. and dumbass"

To the member of the Christo Fascist Zombie Brigada Gerald Allen of the Alabama State Legislator:
Whatever your illiterate backward ass state decides to do I guess is good for your state. It's not like you or anyone who would legislate BANNING BOOKS like the Nazi you are would have the ability to Read and comprehend authors like Truman Capote or Tennesee Williams. It's not like your state consistently rates at the bottom of every list as far as poverty and education and maybe you could be doing something about that. No you're too worried about the Queer agenda. YOUR PEOPLE HAVE TO HAVE THE ABILITY TO READ THE FUCKING BOOKS BEFORE YOU SHOULD WORRY ABOUT BANNING OR BURNING THEM, you ignorant, backward ass, Nazi, Fascist. You apparently had time to read Mein Kampf and not 1984. Since when does the sexual preference have anything to do with validity of the text. How did you get your Bachelors Degree? I guess in Alabama all you have to do is show up and you get your fucking degree. No reading required huh. You fat, inbred, dumbass. Here's a hint for you and your family tree line spread the genes apart. In that case, and you and the fellow member of the Christo Fascist Zombie Brigade would probably like this, we should probably also ignore the teachings of Greek philosophers.

Is adultery as big a sin as being a queer? I cant remember I haven't read the King Jame's Book of Fairy Tales in awhile. Then maybe we should ban books by adulterers also. So, we would have to throw out the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence, all written in part by Thomas Jefferson the adulterer. I dont think it's good for the people of Alabama to read the works of an adulterer either. On that note noone should ever read My Life by Bill Clinton or The retarded Contract with America written by adulterous republicans like Newt Gingrich. You dumb, hillbilly, xenophobic, fuck.

And the Republican constituency doesnt like to believe they have become FASCIST. WAKE UP DUMBASSES!!!!! This is how it started in the 1920's in Germany then by 1940 the Germans were asking how the fuck did this happen. This is how, one step at a time. Keep electing these people and see where your country will be in 10 years.

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