Sunday, May 26, 2013

Watching "American Winter" Homeless and Hopeless

What kind of freedom do you possess when there are people below you who suffer for your success? They don’t need your judgment they need your help. They judge themselves enough. They hate themselves enough. They are down on themselves enough. Why don’t you become the hero and give them a reason to believe in the system you espouse? Reach your hand down and lift people up instead of pushing your foot down on their necks. You vampires of the poor and middle class, harbingers of poverty and cannibals of the workers.      

You make it impossible for them to get by, for them to live. Decent hardworking people can’t afford meals for their kids, electricity for them to do homework, heat to keep them warm. What some would call the basics. You are failing a generation. You have forsaken at least two generations if not three. As the wealthy, the businesses, the corporations make more, the workers work harder and make less and less. The growth in our economy and prosperity has not hit the middle class over the last 30 years. Trickle down has failed, it has failed the people it has failed our country. It is the most selfish, unAmerican and unpatriotic of policies. It lacks compassion, it lacks foresight. It has forsaken two generations and cast them to joblessness and poverty.
You alleged titans of industry, you vampires have sucked all of the blood from the middle that you can. You are starting to see what happens when there is no more blood to be wrought from the stone. You have consumed them, while tricking them into believing myths of upward mobility for them and their children that never can or will come to fruition, both by design and by construct. By hook and by crook you have taken everything from America and put it into your Cayman Island bank accounts, your mansions and your yachts.
While a child pushes away the pangs of hunger to try and study under the dim light of a candle you push the bill for your failures onto the American people with bailouts, corporate welfare, tax breaks for the wealthy. Your failures are socialized and your profits privatized like a bad poker game in a bizarre world. You then have the audacity to blame them for the carnage you created. All of that then paid for by the people you have cast to the wild, libertarian dystopia you have gradually built around them while you placated them with lies just long enough to take everything from them while they weren’t looking. You took their jobs, their futures and their children’s futures in the name of greed to make 5 cents more off a product, in the name of empire by creating fictional investments worth 4 times the GDP that tanked retirement accounts.

You are the captain’s of industry that have swiftly piloted the boat into the rocks every 10 years and made off with the booty unseen and unheard. Every time you have crashed the ship you have slapped the hands away of those looking for rescue because of your bad piloting, sticking your hand in their place. Ridiculing and deriding them for having the audacity to ask for help as they drowned in the mess you created, while you hypocritically wait for your subsidies hand outs. You wait for the tax payer to give you welfare to survive, to re-mast your ship to pilot it again into the rocks. Corporations, the rich…they are the welfare queens.      

You’re sick. You’re disgusting. I don’t believe in capitalism anymore. I should say I don’t trust it. It has done what it was designed to do. It has consumed. It has consumed our economy our ecology our workers our infrastructure and didn’t produce anything in return except an oligarchy. Capitalism is “the nothing” of “The Neverending Story.” Consumes everything and produces nil in the end. It has produced the elite few 400 who own more of America than all of those below them. The 400 people who make our decisions and run our government to further concentrate wealth and power.