Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy lunch for you.

Well, the Republicons have made the payback for all the money that got them elected. In usual form Republicons in a money laundering scheme on the highest order have shuffled money from those who need it to those who dont. They were able to pass 4 tax cuts worth $100 billion dollars, which will primarily go to the top 0.5% of all people in the nation. No free or reduced lunches, which I used growing up. Cutting of federal loans and grants for higher education, which I used to get through college. Cutting of programs like WIC and welfare programs that help feed kids, and my parents used sparingly when I was a child.
These fucking CRIMINALS are stealing food from the mouths of babes in their very literal FAUSTIAN bargain with the rich that got them elected. FUCK YOU ALL. Conservative, Republican, NeoCon, TheoCon, ChristoFascists whatever you call yourself, you're fucking criminals.
For all of you Christians, that for some odd reason, in fit of hypocrisy, maybe, agree with this administration stealing from the poor to give to the rich. What the fuck are you thinking? You are a disgrace to your religion, and Jesus will most certainly send you to your Hell. You are not Chrisitians...if that is the bargain you want your religious leaders to make to institute a theocracy in America. You'll let them make the bargain that goes against all of Jesus' teachings. Did Jesus say to forsake the lepers and kill the beggars? "As I have loved you love one another." I'm confused you must be following the other Jesus' teachings. Admit it your not Christians, your fascsists using religion as a diguise for your digusting antiAmerican antiChristian agenda. You may win the fight to keep gays from getting married, but, by your own beliefs, you will lose the war to save your own souls. Any time a child goes hungry while a CEO uses a tax cut to buy a $16,000 umbrella stand, you people who support this robbery should feel disgusted and ashamed.
You "Christians" want to stop all these abortions, but you'll let the children starve after you force women to have children they cant afford.
On a more cynical note, we are the only country or civilization EVER to cut taxes in a time of war. How is it the Army and Marines have equipment that is pushed to the breaking point, but the "pro-military" Republicons vote to cut taxes before they fix our equipment. Republicons arent pro military they're pro war there is a difference.


Human said...

Here is a real Church you might consider joining -
It is a officially sanctioned and has tax-exempt status.

Also to see what happens when the Government spends millions on a campaign and forgets to secure the Domain name go to -

Pixie said...

Guess what?

I'm a single mom.

I GROSSED a whopping $19,000 (rounded UP, mind you) last year.

I put my daughter in daycare all day so I can work 40 hours or more a week.

I can not get dependant assistance (for daycare), I cannot get food assistance, I cannot get INSURANCE through the state for my child because I MADE TOO MUCH MONEY.

Good thing my girl is a self-proclaimed vegan or she'd starve...and the church up the street? They've been very helpful - I can receive a food box consisting of one gallon of milk or juice(OR juice), 1 box of cereal and a canned meat product once a month... if I prove I pay for electricity... Here vegan daughter - here is your box of cereal... eat it verrrrrry slowly while mommy enjoys her can of tuna and a glass of meat-by-product (milk)...

Oh god. Stop me now...