Friday, May 06, 2005

Fuck!!! "You wont like me when I'm angry."

Okay so now we have a memo demonstrating the FACT that Bush and Blair plotted to fix the facts to create a war with Iraq. Where is the fucking outrage? This is at the least conspiracy worthy of impeachment and maybe even conspiracy worthy of TREASON!!! He was cooperating with other intelligence agencies to fix the facts to create a war. Why? Who the fuck really knows? I sure as hell dont. Jesus Christ would you braindead, red state, party line, fascist, fucktards (my new favorite word) wake up long enough to realize you have been fucking duped by a man that has his own agenda and will do whatever it takes to insure its implementation. He lied, he lied, he lied and people died, and died, and are still dying and you dont care. You are apathetic and ignorant and you are stupid enough to believe everything the people in power tell you to believe, when this country was CREATED on the back of DISSENT. Dissent that I might add is squashed at every turn and event by this administration and party. I guess it's not your fault I mean afterall how many major news outlets have covered this story. It's not even a story it's a GODDAMN indictment of this administrations sleazy slimy ways and it is IGNORED. I guess since he didnt get a goddamn blowjob, or headjob while he was LYING it really isnt that big of a deal to the moral authority republicans.
This is enough for a revolution. Our forefathers would ask us what the hell we are doing sitting on our duffs while these people, hungry with power, continue to destroy and undermine our democracy? Well how fucking long? Do we still have to the RIGHT to protest and and ask for a redress of grievances? This is a huge fucking grievance...and someone better get on it.
Anger building...rage is growing...

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