Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? OVER.

What the Hell is wrong with my country? How can people in America stand by while their government propagandizes them? What ignorant brain dead white trash can stand by while the civil liberties we boast, the civil liberties we want to spread all over the world by force if neccessary, are stripped away? Maybe if you Americans would stay out of Wal-Mart, turn off the Fear Factor, and drop the cheeseburgers long enough to read a book or a newspaper they would see what is going on in our country. What fucking hippocrites (sp?) we are? We desert our own liberties for a false sense of comfort and safety. I only hope the maybe the false security blanket will wear off and we will see the actual shape we are in. We are not a beacon hope and freedom we are a beacon of an ignorant easily persuaded public that does whatever and believes whatever, and buys whatever, those people payed for by the government that is working against them wants them to. This isn't the end of this rant this all I could think of right now more to come...


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Anonymous said...

if something is wrong with your country and not YOU, then maybe you should leave it for good.