Sunday, July 03, 2005

Damned Media

It's all the media's fault that we cant get anyone to go sign up to fight a war that isnt ours to fight. If they wouldnt do such a half assed job of showing what war was like maybe we could just keep people completely in the dark so they would have no idea what they were getting into by joining the Armed Forces. I dont know who it was in the Senate or Congress that made that comment, but I think he's damn lucky that he still has enough brain function to continue breathing. War is negative dumbass. War is the greatest failure of leadership and diplomacy. Little kids, men, women, and babies dying in a fight they didnt pick or want. What do you want the media to show. Maybe they should just show the footage of us finding the WMD's, or maybe they should show the footage of Saddam meeting with OBL to plan 9/11, or maybe they should show us being greeted as "liberators" with "flowers and sweets," or maybe they should show the President, VP, and SOD planning for the post invasion. Oh wait none of that happened did it. So, all that's left to show is the end result of the botched planning based on false pretenses and fairy tales believed only by the few who ran this show.

I dont think the media shows enough. Like the pictures I've seen where children have been decapitated by bullets, or the days rotted corpses of men and teenagers, or American soldiers laying in pools of their own blood while their buddies fight a battle around them. I think the media should show more of these images, not as a deterrent to service, but as a deterrent to those populists who think war is glorious and armchair quarterback and cheerlead for war at the drop of a hat, especially while never having FOUGHT in one. I think the media has covered the nitty gritty just enough to dissuade people from going to fight.

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