Sunday, April 01, 2007

Post Operation Disney Leave

We only had a few days of leave after Disney so we drove to Memphis so Hunter could meet his Great Grandparents and Alissa's Uncle and his two babies:

On the way back from Memphis Hunter got really ill. Throwing up every couple of hours or so. By the time we hit Kentucky we decided to take him to the ER where they told us it would be a 2 hour wait before they could see him because they had a trauma coming in. Seeing how it was Kentucky it was probably some dumb hillbilly last heard uttering the phrase "Hey yall watch this," after downing a 12 pack of PBR. So we decided to go 30 minutes up the road to Ft. Knox and then decided to nix the ER plan altogether and just drive straight through to Northern Indiana and get him an appt with his doctor. Everytime we thought it was over he would throw up again. We decided it would be best for him to rest so we stopped in a hotel in Indy overnight. We thought all was clear and were on the phone about to cancel the appt. when we heard the familiar cry of pain from the rocket seat in the pack and then the all too familiar smell of curdled milk. It turned out to be some kind of stomach virus or something because he was all better that night, and the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him. But it was scary to say the least.

And then I got a tatoo

And finally we are all back "home" in Germany...for now.


Human said...

Geez, you all sure traveled a lot in your limited time. Love the pics.
Now you all can take it slower. Cool Tat.

Hugs to Hunter.

supergirlest said...

those seemingly random sickies scare the CRAP out me! glad he's all well!

what adventures the three of you have had! makes me so happy inside.