Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's all Rosie

First of all in the words of a true poet and artist, Mr. Snoop Dogg: "Fuck Bill O'Reilly...he can suck my cock."

Second Bill O'Reilly, apparently with the number one news show on cable TV (as I'm reminded at every possible opportunity on his show) can't afford a research staff, as Al Franken has pointed out time and time again and I will point out one more time. He must be spending all of the money on loofahs, long distance phone calls, lawyers, and settlements.

Bill, Rosie is right. Building 7 was blown up by admission of Mr. Silverstein the property owner on a PBS documentary Why the Towers Fell. He says in the documentary in order to prevent more loss of life, after talking to fire fighters and structural engineers he decided to "pull building 7." 'Pull' is construction speak for the organized demolition of a building by means of explosives. Mr. Silverstein very clearly states in the documentary that he decided to pull it, and explains what that means to pull a building. Mr. O'Reilly watch something other than your own show, or your own reflection, or the clips and sound bites fed to you by your obviously worthless producers.

I believe this morning's Rosie segment started with a coyfully indignant "Oh no, not again." Please. Like you're really upset that you have to spend a few more minutes on fake news Matt Lauer. Because if you actually had to cover what was going on in the world, your masters as GE might not be too happy with you. We're losing people at a significantly high rate every day, Iraqis are dropping like flies an what's imporatant is an arrogant fake news man commenting on something some TV personality said. Give me a break why dont you do the right thing, do the research that Bill cant afford and prove one side right or wrong. That would require your show to some sort of standard for what is news.

Your 'glib' coverage of the JibJab video pointing out the idiocy of the 24 hour news cycle and the punditocracy was about all I could stomach. Did you not get it? They were pointing out that you dont do your job any more. The fourth estate has fallen.


Human said...

In my reply to you at my place i mention Rosie.


Clif said...

Marcus, Bill O is not interested in facts, just like the delusional monster we are forced to endure as the VP of this country facts and dead soldiers are nothing to them, they just want more power and wealth, and will continue to do what got them where they are until they are stopped.

supergirlest said...

bye bye, fourth estate...

i hadn't heard of that documentary, somehow. ? or that silverman decided to pull the building. how'd that get past me?