Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's Not Conspiracy...

...It's Fucking History.

Leo Strauss started the NeoConservative movement in an attempt to bring America to it's full potential through constant war. He and his ilk felt as though Americans were going the way of the Romans, and were too enthralled in the selfish materialistic culture created by liberal democracy. You know, the "liberal" culture that gives all the Republican businessman their money. Strauss felt America needed a cause in order to keep America from falling into the hypnotic trance of living everyday life, and succmbing to the disease of...peace, I guess.

Saayid Qutb visited the US at the same time in the early '60s as an emissary from Egypt to study American schools. He found American culture repulsive. He thought Americans were too wrapped in their materialistic culture and found a philosophical ally in Strauss. When Qutb returned to Egypt he realized that they needed to renounce American culture so they did not become infected with the "disease." He felt the American way of liberal democracy which created cynicism, materialism, and questioning of authority was contrary to the teachings of Islam. He called on all Muslim nations to rise up and kill their leaders who were "infected" by these evil ideas. Anyone infected by these ideals was fair game to be killed. Civilians included. He was captured by the Egyptian government and tortured and realized this disease wasnt benign, it brought out the worst of mankind. He came to this conclusion based on the fact his torturers were trained by the Americans. Qutb is eventually tried for treason and killed, but there is student of Qutb's that picks up his cause where he left off. A future doctor by the name of Ayman al Zawahiri. Yes that's right...the first number 2 man in Al Qaeda. The guy that has more videos than Puff Daddy.

So, a Muslim that found an ally in the man that created the political movement that is being followed by the current leaders of the US based on the assumption Americans are stupid, and people being able to make their own choices and decisions is wrong, and liberal democracy is a disease that needs to be stamped out, creates the fundementalist Islamic movement and engages a young student that continues his cause who becomes a Co creator of a group that supposedly perpetrates an attack that furthers the agenda of both factions of the same ideology.

So, Leo Strauss' thoughts destroyed the WTC Towers and created fundemenatlist Islam.

Those are some Hardcore fucking thoughts.


Lydia Cornell said...

Hey Marcus, I love your post. This is so weird, I just heard all this the other day, about Leo Strauss.

Visit my blog when you have time. WE all miss you -- Clif, Mike, Worf and everyone misses you. Where are you --
are you in Germany with your wife and son?

Hope you're well.

Human said...

Our genuine enemies really do hate us for our Freedoms. Bush doesn't really lie.


supergirlest said...

takin' it all back a bit further - had hannah arendt not shunned strauss, none of this may ever have been. i'm just saying.

hardcore, indeed.

clif said...

Marcus interesting two different branches of the Strauss School (of world domination)are fighting with each other to dominate the world with his ideas, but their own perversions of it.

But then again every other time some "holyman" starts a movement eventually his followers start fighting amongst themselves who is the authentic real "ordained" branch and who is a heretic.....

BTW hope the ETS move goes well they can be a bitch, and remember to check out the time line for damages and looses due to the move, (I learned the hard way)