Sunday, April 01, 2007

Operation Disney Part 2

Let me start by saying Disney is not a vacation alright. It's expensive as hell and you have to make every moment count. I didnt know this before enlisting on this adventure. Disney is like boot camp for parents. And for parents that have been away from their 2 year old child for 14 months it is a wake up call. You cant waste a moment. Every day has to be planned with military precision, and executed accordingly. There is no time to rest and relax. There are 5 theme parks and you have to see every show and ride every ride inside of them. That means you're up at dawn and dont get to bed until hours after the park closes. You really dont have the money to waste time. Adding Univerals Studios to the lineup for first timer like me probably wasnt a good idea either. But there were chances to drink margaritas as we were walking, and all and all I think Hunter enjoyed it as much as I did. I think he's a sadist like that.

Day 2-Disney MGM

We got there as Mater was about to drive away. You dont understand he watches Cars on a loop and loves Mater. Everytime we saw him drive by that day it was a temper tantrum.
Day 3- Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Day 4-Magic Kingdom Part I
Day 5-Universal Studios

After the Barney show. We had to drag him away kicking and screaming.

Blues Brothers just performed and are driving off.

Day 6-Magic Kingdom Part II

I think the look says it all. It's night six of Operation Disney, the fireworks are going off, the Baby is asleep, and we still have the last ride to go: Space Mountain.

Seeing how we had the money we stayed in Carribbean Beach Resort. It was nice but food ran us at least $100 per day. After six days with two adults and a kid in the same Hotel room with no time to clean up because you are always on the go it doesnt look too good.

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Human said...

Glad you all had a good time. Even if a bit exhausting.

Lil Joe loves Cars too.

We just went down to Chattanooga TN. and Erie Pa. I'll post pics soon.