Tuesday, August 01, 2006

NeoConservative Middle East Peace Plan:
Step 1. Incite as many Arabs in fighting in Israel and Lebanon as possible.
Setp 2. Get involved in as many wars as possible with those Arab countries.
Step 3. Kill all the Arabs and take all their oil.
Step 4. Return all of Israel and ME over to the Israelis
Step 5. Wait for the second coming of Jesus.
Step 6. Use oil for war with China and Iran.

The Angry Middle East Peace Plan
Step 1. Kill all the Arabs/Palestinians
Step 2. Kill all the Israelis
Step 3. Claim all the land in the ME in the name of the US
Step 4. Kill anyone who has a problem with that.
Step 5. Wait for the second coming of Jesus (or first coming of Jesus if you're Jewish).

The Common Sense ME Peace Plan
There isn't one. You might as well face it these people will be fighting until one side or the other is completely annhilated. Hahahahaha. And we can't tell Israel to stop a preventative war because we have no moral ground to stand on in that arena as we are embroiled in the aftermath of a preventative war in Iraq. So all we can say is..."Well, uhhhh be nice and try not to kill innocent people." We've lost our moral standing. We have created a new monster in foreign policy that we can't control. The preventative war. I just wonder when the first preventative war is going to be launched on the U.S.?

In all seriousness I see no peaceful conclusion to this mess I'm in or that one over there and they are both connected.


Human said...

The only answer It can think of is if we had a genuine Democracy. Then the Government will act in the people's interests.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that most plans include waiting for Jesus.
Fcuk Jesus, That ashsole was born again in the 70's or early 80's and decided that getting high cholesterol from McDonalds and US made movies were more important than his worldly charge.
Anyone who includes religion in a discussion about reality should not be trusted, maybe put away for being physco.